Basketball (Invention)

James Naismith & the Invention of Basketball Senator Ben Sasse
2 years back
On this day in 1891, a group of boys at a YMCA played the first-ever game of basketball. But the story is bigger than the sport - it's about inventor James Naismith ...
Basketball Before the NBA(1891-1950): A Brief History MDJ
5 months back
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Heritage Minutes: Basketball Historica Canada
3 years back
The sport's inventor, James Naismith of Almonte, Ontario, explains the rules during one of the first experimental games (1891). For more information about ...
The Basketball Invention 💜🏀Polly Pocket | Cartoons for Children WildBrain Kids Clips
1 months back
Shani invents a basketball invention! Click to Subscribe! Polly's back and behind her computer again in the second season of Polly's ...
It Started In Springfield Dave Bates
7 years back
In the continuing saga of movies for my brother's school classes comes this moving documentary about Mr. James Naismith-the inventor of basketball. The script ...
Most Insane Alley-oops in Basketball Savage Brick Sports
2 years back
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The invention of Basketball Nathan Swaffar
2 years back
School project for History.
Handmade Fully Working Slot Machine and More Cool Inventions The Q
4 months back
In today's video I want to show you handmade slot machine that I built from cardboard and by useing some electronic components! It's qute difficult machine.
The Story of the Shammgod hoopvision68
7 years back
God Shammgod, a college basketball player for Providence and briefly with the Wizards in the NBA, is well known for his unique dribble move. The move is ...
Amazing Kid Inventions! TheEllenShow
9 years back
Ellen welcomed more brilliant kid inventors today. These two are making sure that everyone knows their bathroom manners!
How The Worst Game In NBA History Saved Basketball | UNTOLD NBA Insider
9 months back
How The Worst Game In NBA History Saved Basketball | UNTOLD Throughout NBA history there have been plenty of major changes that have altered the game.
Basketball Invention: History of the Ballin' Pin Win Medals
5 years back
William J Madden, who was a successful sports agent, basketball enthusiast and most importantly a loving father, invented the Ballin' Pin in the mid 1990's as a ...
Are you OK MARIAH?! 😭😳 & Tyson's CRAZY INVENTION! 😜 Sunshine Mafia
6 months back
Here's our homeschool report! Tyson crushes it on the basketball court, and then he invents something super fun for Jayden! Find out what happens to Mariah!
Fine Silver Coin – 125th Anniversary of the Invention of Basketball BASKETHANE
3 years back
Hoop Genius - Read-A-Loud - Invention of Basketball Barbara Thrasher
2 years back
This is a read-a-loud of the children's book Hoop Genius by John Coy. The book tells a simple account of the invention of basketball.
The invention of Basketball 1 Kristina Moore
10 years back
This piece was created in After Effects. It is based on Bill Cosby's comedy skit, "The Invention of Basketball."
James Naismith in The Invention of Basketball Bob Ster
9 years back
In this reedited version, James Naismith comes "off the Library shelf" to tell a room full of children how he invented basketball. WARNING: Several morals in this ...
Basketball Invention hooperman99
13 years back
New adjustable height basketball system you can set up around the home and also attach onto a vehicles hitch for transportation to set up your own basketball ...
James Naismith and the invention of basketball - YMCA World Challenge 2017 World YMCA
2 years back
YMCA World Challenge - 2017 - Empowering Young People through Basketball.
Pistol Pete Maravich & the Invention of Showtime Basketball Jay Sigl
13 years back
One of the greatest players in NCAA and NBA history, Pistol Pete Maravich would have turned 59 this year. Watch highlights from "The Night of Pistol Pete", ...
New Invention of Basketball MaeMae Power
6 years back
This is what we do at 1 in the morning!!!
The Neal Family: Basketball Invention by Christian Neal. The Slam Dunk Bar Crystal Neal
6 months back
For years, my son Christian has begged for a youtube channel. I am finally posting his first video! My son Christian is in the 2nd grade. His class recently finished ...
Heritage Minute: The Invention of Basketball Kevin Gao
1 years back
Heritage minute by Kevin Gao, Christian Manget and Ison Lee.
Football basketball new invention Luke 18
2 years back
via YouTube Capture.
Basketball Invention Presentation Arnav Dashaputra
4 years back
For School - Computer Applications-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated ...
Canadian Heritage Project - Basket Ball Invention - Naismith inklinkinklink
12 years back
Ad for the Canadian Heritage Project that recreates the creation and 'evolution' of the game of basketball. Basketball was invented by Canadian James ...
The Invention of Basketball DAYUM DoesYT
6 months back
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Invention basketball academy Mukesh Verma
2 years back
Invention basketball academy Jaipur.
The Invention of Basketball Damorrison3
7 years back
A class project.
Invention Basketball Academy Jaipur jamna shankar
3 months back
Shooting drill in basketball.
The Invention of Basketball - A Stop-motion Creation PhotoNinja24
5 years back
A stop motion video I made a long time ago when I was really bored. It's not very good, nor was it intended to be, but this is kind of where it all started for me in ...
Invention basketball academy Mukesh Verma
2 years back
Invention basketball academy Jaipur.
Is Basketball A Canadian Invention? mad Video Marketing
10 months back
"SEE Is Basketball A Canadian Invention? LIST OF RELATED VIDEOS OF Is Basketball A Canadian Invention? Is Basmati Rice Gluten Free?
A Simple Invention Thats' Guaranteed to Improve your Basketball Skills. Joseph Edmonds Sr.
8 years back
Handefender's answer to basketball Triple Threat A Simple but Effective Idea developed to Improve your Basketball shooting skills against the "best Basketball ...
2016 Invention of Basketball $25 Silver Coin Jordan Forsythe
3 years back Call: 780-444-1156 2016 $25 FINE SILVER COIN 125TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE INVENTION OF BASKETBALL West Edmonton Coin ...
The Invention of Basketball - Need Info Luke Westberg
3 years back
Play from Theater Lounge I October 2012.
Invention basketball academy Mukesh Verma
2 years back
Invention vs crossover.
Invention basketball academy Mukesh Verma
2 years back
Invention basketball academy.
Invention basketball academy Mukesh Verma
2 years back
Invention basketball academy.