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15 Things You Didn't Know About Claude Monet
2 years back
15 Things You Didn't Know About Claude Monet | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: ...
The Life Of Claude Monet - The Film Artist in School
2 years back
Teaching Art in school? Checkout - I created this documentary film of the Life of Claude Monet (35 minutes in length) for use in schools, ...
Claude Monet - Founder of French Impressionist Painting | Mini Bio | BIO Biography
6 years back
Born on November 14, 1840, in Paris, Monet is perhaps the most famous of the Impressionist painters. His paintings of water lilies are his most famous and hang ...
Biography of Claude Monet: Famous Artists for Children - FreeSchool Free School
4 years back - Help support more content like this! Claude Monet is sometimes known as the father of French Impressionism. He is a very ...
I, Claude Monet // Art Documentary Murder Ballad
4 months back
Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.” “I would like to paint the way a ...
Claude Monet: A collection of 1540 paintings (HD) LearnFromMasters
3 years back
BOOKS about Claude Monet: [1] MAD ENCHANTMENT: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies by Ross King --- [2] CLAUDE ...
BBC Fine Art Collection 1 of 7 Mad About Monet Documentary movies
4 years back
The original art is a human desire, depicting life through a variety of ways, but who are the masters of it? The expression means they must be unique individuals, ...
The life of Claude Monet NowYouKnowAbout
2 years back
Hey kids! This guy is known as the father of Impressionism. Why? What did he do? Find out all about him, his life, his highs and lows in our colourful little movie ...
$110.7 Million Monet Shatters Auction Records Sotheby's
3 months back
After 6 bidders competed for more than 8 minutes, Claude Monet's Meules is the most valuable Impressionist work of art sold at auction. The painting achieved ...
Claude Monet Biography - Goodbye-Art Academy Philinthecircle
5 years back
Monet could see ultraviolet light!
10 Amazing Facts about Claude Monet Artist in School
3 years back
This art history video covers 10 facts you did not know about famous artist Claude Monet, the French Impressionist painter. The video is aimed at school kids and ...
Claude Monet Was Half Honeybee It's Okay To Be Smart
6 years back
Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: The famous painter who was ...
Claude Monet - Filmed Painting Outdoors (1915) John Hall
6 years back
This is unique film of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926), painting outdoors, 'en plein air', in his garden at Giverny. The footage is in two ...
Famous Claude Monet Paintings Arts Heaven
5 years back
This video features a collection of Claude Monet famous paintings. We hope you enjoy the slideshow compilation. For art reproductions of Claude Monet ...
650+ Greatest Monet Paintings (HD 1080p) Claude Monet Impressionist Silent Slideshow & Screensaver Soothing Scenery: Instant Decor!
2 years back
If you'd like to watch the full-length version of this video, please visit It's free & easy. We regret any inconvenience but as YouTube's ...
Les grands maîtres de la peinture: Claude Monet - Toute L'Histoire Toute l'Histoire
2 years back
Les grands maîtres de la peinture: Monet - Toute L'Histoire Monet est reconnu comme étant l'un des créateurs de l'impressionnisme, le chef de file du ...
Claude Monet’s Grainstack Paintings Christie's
3 years back
A highlight of the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale on 16 November, Meule is to be exhibited in Hong Kong and London before going on show at ...
Claude Monet Art Museums Full HD 1080i Star Arts
6 years back
Deze film hebben mijn dochter ☆ en ik, haar vader, samen gemaakt. Sterre ☆ "The Queen of Star Arts", heeft vandaag haar verjaardag gevierd en meer ...
A visit to Claude Monet's garden at Giverny Royal Academy of Arts
4 years back
"My garden is my most beautiful work of art" – Claude Monet. Royal Academy curator Ann Dumas introduces Claude Monet's garden at Giverny in Normandy, ...
Claude Monet's Personal Collection Christie's
2 years back
'More than any other Impressionist, Claude Monet was an obsessive, hands-on gardener, steeped in horticultural knowledge,' explains art critic Alastair Sooke ...
How to Paint Monet's Water Lilies with Acrylic Paint Step by Step | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 26 makoccino
2 years back
Hey guys! In today's Art Journal Thursday episode I'm going to show you how to paint an acrylic painting inspired by the impressionist Claude Monet. In this ...
6 years back
How CLAUDE MONET'S FAILING SIGHT Changed his PAINTINGS and the WORLD OF ART Florent Farges - arts
3 months back
At the end of his life, Claude Monet (1840-1926) began to develop signs of cataract. It affected his sight and his perception of color. For an impressionist like ...
Claude Monet Darko Miletic
4 years back
Paintings by MONET & Music by DEBUSSY ANesTO positoNIO
7 years back
A cura di Rassegna di opere di Claude Monet accompagnate dalla musica di Claude-Achille Debussy.
Gianfranco De Meo, painting like Claude Monet - TUTORIAL. Gianfranco De Meo
1 years back
Gianfranco De Meo, la tecnica pittorica di Claude Monet - The painting technique of Claude Monet - TUTORIAL.
La maison de Monet à Giverny - Reportage - Visites privées Visites privées
3 years back
Plongez dans les coulisses de la célèbre maison de Claude Monet à Giverny. C'est dans ce lieu devenu légende que le peintre a réalisé l'une de ses plus ...
The Progression of Claude Monet Sotheby's
2 years back
Sotheby's Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale on 16 May features two paintings by pioneering artist Claude Monet. Marking two distinct moments within ...
Au cœur de l'histoire: Claude Monet (Franck Ferrand) Europe 1
1 years back
Dans "Au cœur de l'histoire", Franck Ferrand revient sur le parcours de Claude Monet et son oeuvre testament, "Nymphéas", qu'il avait bien voulu offrir à la ...
Claude Monet Desconocido 10 curiosidades Curioso Arte
2 years back
Hoy les traemos algunas curiosidades sobre el celebre pintor impresionista Claude Monet. Junto con observar sus pinturas comentaremos algunos pasajes ...
Claude Monet Painting Water Lily Oil Paintings: Contemporary and Classic Art
4 years back - From 1903, Monet started a series of paintings depicting his Giverny water garden. Here, the pads of lilies scattered across the ...
Claude Monet (História) Pedro de Lima
6 years back
Trabalho da minha escola sobre o pintor Claude Monet em 2013, mostrando um pouco da sua trajetória e obras.
Le jardin de Monet à Giverny Des Racines et des Ailes
3 years back
Extrait de l'émission "Des Racines et Des Ailes : En remontant la Seine" diffusée le 07/12/2016. Ce jardin est connu dans le monde entier ! Nous déambulons ...
4 years back
Patrick Mioulane et James Priest le chef jardinier, présentent le célèbre jardin du peintre Claude Monet à Giverny (Eure). Ils mettent en évidence la richesse ...
Paint Like Monet: A Beginner's Guide TheArteryOnline
7 years back
This is a basic, bite size tutorial highlighting the techniques used by Monet when painting. This is only intended as a rough guide. Our practical art history ...
PINTORES (Claude Monet) 1840-1926 Mega Arte
3 years back
Claude "Monet" (París, Francia 1840-1926 Giverny, Francia). *Influencias: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro *Influenciados: Vincent van Gogh, Edgar ...
CLAUDE MONET: Preso del tiempo y del espacio ARS KRITERION
1 years back
El pintor francés Claude Monet, pionero del impresionismo, fue el catalizador con su serie de nenúfares o lirios acuáticos de una pintura descentralizada, ...
La vida y Obras de Claude Monet AlmadeAsesino
7 years back
La vida y Obras de Claude Monet.
Клод Моне - Основатель импрессионизма и великий художник (Claude Monet) ВЕЛИЧАЙШИЕ БИОГРАФИИ
2 years back - для тех у кого трудности с финансами или проблемы с работой - тут есть возможность подз...
intro to claude monet for kids Educational Videos for Art
2 years back
introduction to claude monet, suitable for primary / elementary children. Featuring loose brushstrokes painting demonstration by Malcom Dewey: ...
Claude Monet, Pintor impressionista - Vida & Obra | 21 Arte & Educação
6 months back
No vídeo de hoje, conheceremos a história de um grande pintor impressionista, que deixou o seu legado em um dos movimentos artísticos mais importantes da ...
Claude Monet (4) - La nuit descend sur Giverny Jean Mineraud
3 years back
En peignant les Nymphéas de son jardin de Giverny, Claude Monet emmène l'impressionnisme jusqu'à ses extrêmes limites. Handicapé par une double ...
Casa e Cia na casa de CLAUDE MONET - GIVERNY Casa e Cia
2 years back
Casa e Cia visita a Casa de Claude Monet em Giverny, o pintor francês considerado o pai do impressionismo.
"Monet und die Geburt des Impressionismus" – Ausstellungsfilm (lang) Städel Museum
4 years back
Die Ausstellung „Monet und die Geburt des Impressionismus“ im Städel Museum Frankfurt widmet sich der Entstehung und frühen Entwicklung des ...