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Diamond Painting Introduction, Tips & Tricks for Beginners Colour with Claire
8 months back
You can buy Diamond Painting kits on eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress etc. Always check reviews to see if that store is recommended. Custom Diamond ...
Top 10 Tips for Diamond Painting Studio Sam
1 years back
Today I want to share the best tips I've learnt for diamond painting. From how to flatten your canvas, to how to unstick diamonds...and lots more! Let me know if ...
1 months back
I'm trying one of those awful diamond painting kits today.. and it's going to take me over 24 hours... Watch all my favorite art experiments here: ...
Diamond Painting - The Starry Night Julalak Chutisiriyanont
2 years back
Diamond Painting : The Starry Night Full square drill 28 colors Size : 50 cm x 35 cm Time : 30 Hours I buy at shop in Thailand.
Diamond Painting Instructions: How to Do Diamond Painting Shimmer Stitch
1 years back
A brief diamond painting tutorial from ShimmerStitch.com FREE 8x10 inch complete kit of your choice: https://shimmerstitch.com/pages/free Want to start painting ...
Diamond Painting - Start To Finish #1 Diamond Mama
1 years back
Welcome to the 2nd diamond painting time lapse. This diamond painting is amazing, and I'm so happy I found it. I hope everyone enjoy's this new painting for ...
Sealing Your Diamond Painting WHAT'S BEST? Studio Sam
5 months back
Sealing your Diamond Paintings - What's Best? The ultimate experiment to find the perfect sealer for your diamond paintings! The stand out winners for me, ...
5D DIY Diamond Painting-Multi-drill placement. KickinCancersButt AndDiamondPainting
1 years back
Demonstrating the 9-drill and 3-drill placement tools.
My updated diamond painting stash!! Stitcherista
2 months back
I forgot to turn down the music at the end to a reasonable level, so I apologize for it being really loud at the end! I could not POSSIBLY link every single kit I show ...
Diamond Painting - The Basics to Get You Started smellgreatguy
7 months back
Instagram: smellslikeyarn Email: [email protected] My Amazon Storefront https://www.amazon.com/shop/smellgreatguy Here are the basics and how I ...
Speed diamond painting ~ My first attempt!! Stitcherista
4 months back
diamondpainting #newfrog #stitcheristanation I prefer round diamonds to square diamonds for two reasons, mainly. One, the round diamonds seem more ...
My newest favorite diamond painting gadget!!! Stitcherista
4 months back
Silicon organizer on Amazon ~ https://amzn.to/2POdVJ7 Favorite diamond painting pens on Etsy ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/LesCreationsDeClo Another great ...
Craft With Me ~ Diamond Painting ~ Monday August 19 Stitcherista
2 days back
Bath Time Mermaid kit on eBay ...
Diamond Painting Unboxing 4 kits Aliexpress Ezilas Diamond Painting
11 months back
Voici l'ouverture de 4 diamond painting acheté sur Aliexpress.
Finished Diamond Paintings!!!! Stacey's Stash
8 months back
Showing off some of my completed Diamond Paintings!! Hoping to get more finished soon!
Please Stop Eating My Diamond Painting Bumble Baylee
2 weeks back
Previous Vlog: https://youtu.be/-wZvn9q_9G4 ✦✦✦✦✦✦ SHOP: http://bayleejae.com/shop ART Channel: http://www.youtube.com/bayleejae ✦✦✦✦✦✦ TWITTER: ...
Pretty Neat Creative. How To Work With Large Diamond Painting Canvas. Tips And Tricks Lovecraftforever
4 months back
Here it is! Gorgeous Diamond Painting From Pretty Neat Creative Dream home, that you can order here: Link for this canvas http://bit.ly/2FoDkWn Also i have a ...
How Different Is It? Round vs Square Pt. 1 UNBOXING Diamond Painting Iaoda Store AliExpress Rachel Rae
3 months back
unboxing #Iaoda #diamondpainting Buy this DP here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32996223857.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5e294c4dpxqaws My ...
Increasing Your Diamond Painting Speed | Diamond Painting 101 Dreamer Designs
2 months back
diamondpainting #diamondcanvas #dreamerdesigns Have you ever wondered how on earth Nataliya (aka LoveCraftForever) completes her Diamond Paintings ...
Diamond Painting - WIP & Chat | HAED Massive Project Pt 7 4kidsat147 - Diamond Painting & Scrapbooking
3 days back
I'm working on my Heaven and Earth Designs painting again. Join me while I get a bit more of page 1 done.
Round vs Square - The Final Comparison - POST REVIEW - Ioada Diamond Painting Rachel Rae
7 days back
postreview #iaoda #roundvssquare Check out what my thoughts are on round vs square and this store in particular. Thanks for subscribing and ringing that bell!
Inexpensive framing of diamond paintings Marji Franklin
1 months back
Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/21017... Get your diamond painting gear here: https://teespring.com/stores/diamond-paint-with-me email ...
Diamond Painting - Preparation | Ever Moment 4kidsat147 - Diamond Painting & Scrapbooking
2 months back
It's time to get my next diamond painting set up, with the added twist of acquiring diamonds for my HAED project.
5D 3D Diamond painting, Diamond art or Crystal art. What's it all about? Alison Russell's Craft Channel
2 years back
3D 5D diamond painting crystal art diamond art Buy personalised 5d paintings from your own prints here.
How I replace a clear cover on a diamond painting!! Stitcherista
6 months back
diamondartclub Clear adhesive roll on Aliexpress (I purchased the 10cm by 5000cm) ...
How I place square drills on my diamond painting gbmaltese
5 months back
Pencil Grips: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X9FVL31/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1.
Rowe diamond painting unboxing....2x 60 x 60 and 60 x 150 Diamond Painting Addict
4 days back
Rowe diamond painting unboxing of my Gigantic Alice in wonderland 60 x150cm and Purple flowers (2x 60 x 60 Hi everyone, here is the unboxing to my new ...
Diamond Painting 101 - Diamond Storage StormRse
1 years back
What am I supposed to do with all of these tiny little diamonds?!?!? For more information about diamond painting and links to the products in this video, please ...
DIY 5d DIAMOND Painting | Dein EIGENES BILD mit Diamanten Malerei | So Geht Das So Geht Das
5 hours back
Kennt ihr noch Malen nach Zahlen? Wenn ja zeigen wir euch heute was 5D DIAMOND PAINTING ist und wie cool und einfach ihr eure eigenen Bilder zum ...
Creatief met action, diamond painting. Creatief met Rebecca
5 months back
Hallo lieve volgers, Het is weer tijd voor de Action review. Deze week teste ik de diamond painting uit van het merk decotime. De painting zit in een borduurring.
Diamond Painting Tips - Give your un-numbered Diamonds a DMC number Diamond Painting by Doni
1 years back
Here is what you need to do when you have those diamonds that were not marked with a DMC Code. Plus, a reason for keeping them? I show all the defects I ...
Diamond Painting Tools ~ Everything you need (and want!) ~ What's in my toolbox Allison Rosen is a crafty girl
8 months back
All about Diamond Painting Tools - from goop to drill pens, pill crushers to extra bits - this is how I keep it all stored nicely in a little make up case. The link below ...
Drill With Me: Tag I'm It - Part 2 - diamond painting DP Addiction Adventures w/ Jennifer
15 hours back
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=22430045 My email: [email protected] Review Sheet: https://bit.ly/2UhYXAq Victoria's Moon: ...
Victoriasmoon Diamond Painting Review. FunLifeOnABudget
4 days back
Victoriasmoon Diamond Painting Review. Victoriasmoon website https://victoriasmoon.com/ Couponcode 0JCVVM9NSVKV ~ Connect with me ~ Instagram ...
Diamond painting - HOE WERKT DAT? dpwinkel
3 years back
In deze video laat ik een klein stukje zien hoe diamond painting werkt. Bekijk ook mijn andere video's voor meer uitleg filmpjes. Geintresseerd? Kijk op ...
Completed Diamond Painting Collection Finished DIY Projects | PaulAndShannonsLife paulandshannonslife
7 months back
Today I am sharing my most recent completed Diamond Paintings with you. There are so many fun ones including Halloween, Disney, unicorns & more. Do you ...
How I frame a large diamond painting ~ Diamond Art Club ~ Elizabeth Stitcherista
3 months back
Elizabeth kit from Diamond Art Club ~ https://www.diamondartclub.com/products/elizabeth?variant=15922148016179 Frame I purchased ...
Top 10 Diamond Painting Storage Solutions 2019 | Diamond Painting 101 Dreamer Designs
2 months back
Diamondpainting #StorageSolutions #DreamerDesigns Are you looking for beautiful and cost effective ways to store your diamonds? Nataliya a.k.a. ...
Diamond Painting Canvases RANKED from BEST to . . . . . DOC Healing Through Diamond Painting
6 months back
Hello!!! So this is the video that I have been promising in regards to ranking the diamond painting canvases. I hope you enjoy this video and I encourage you to ...
Solutions to Problems With Diamond Painting Girls Only
2 years back
A few situations that may occur when diamond painting and how to solve some of them. You can get these Diamond Painting at Amazon; here's the links: ...
My Little Pony Diamond Painting Unboxing - Goang Natasha's Shop Store on Ali Express Diamond Painting by Doni
5 days back
My Little Pony makes another appearance here in this unbagging. Lots of bright colors in this whimsical diamond painting. This image is no longer available in ...
Finished Canvas Tips and Tricks | Diamond Painting 101 Dreamer Designs
1 days back
diamondpainting #diamondcanvas #dreamerdesigns Ever wondered how to maximize the finishing touches on your Diamond Painting? Watch Nataliya (AKA ...
Envie de faire du DIAMOND PAINTING ? Cliquez ICI ! mynéa87
2 years back
Voici une vidéo qui vous explique les bases du diamond painting ou broderie point de diamant. Un loisir créatif auquel on devient trés vite accro. Retrouvez moi ...
Aliexpress Haul! Unboxing 4 Diamond Paintings Amy
1 weeks back
Link to paintings: Pug and Penguin: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/UOFbURq Victor Nizovtsev mermaids: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bX6KdNTK My Etsy ...
5D Diamond Painting--Start to Finish Rolling Through Life
2 years back
5D Diamond Painting--Start to Finish 5d Diamond Painting ...
Diamond Painting Haul from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby!! Prettypolkadots
10 months back
Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed!!! Please leave me a quote or your favorite upbeat song in the comment or send me a postcard of where you are ...
Handige bewaar tip voor de diamond painting en verder veel gezeur.....vlog #419 Huisje weltevree
2 years back
Handige bewaar tip voor de diamond painting en verder veel gezeur... Het is vrijdag 18 augustus 2017. Ik ga aan de slag met de bureau wissel in de ...