They Are Billions: Survival Map 1 on 410% - Doing ALL 6 Maps!


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  • sober667
    sober667  2 weeks back

    you should try frostpunk if you didnt yet

    • sober667
      sober667  2 weeks back

      @bknht TY!

    • bknht
      bknht  2 weeks back

  • daniel ouellet
    daniel ouellet  2 weeks back

    Interesting and divine are both pretty divine and interesting but nothing is as amazing as AAmazing.

  • TurboGandalf
    TurboGandalf  2 weeks back

    why is 410% the maximum now?

    • Anthony W
      Anthony W  2 weeks back

      When you try to set to 720p

      • Lemon Haze
        Lemon Haze  2 weeks back

        Wait for youtube to do it automaticly.

    • PwnUrBadCock
      PwnUrBadCock  2 weeks back

      In utter darkness or riot.