The Lab: The Duels (Full Performance) - World of Dance 2018 | Reaction


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  • Яна Бородіна
    Яна Бородіна  6 months back

    What the music???Please

    • E'Leeza Hahn
      E'Leeza Hahn  10 months back

      He said the guy in front looks young lol well there all kids and teens none of them are adults 😂 there in the junior category

      • waf din
        waf din  12 months back

        react to fabulous sister nbc wod duels

        • Chrissy G
          Chrissy G  12 months back

          I love The Lab...they're so good! React to the adult hip hop group S-Rank. Check out their qualifier round first then check them out in the duels

          • Kate Alsalem
            Kate Alsalem  12 months back

            Pls would anyone tell me the name of dat song which they dance on

            • MJ7615
              MJ7615  12 months back

              fat joe - lean back

          • Dana Marie S.
            Dana Marie S.  1 years back

            React to The Lab LA Arena 2018 it includes this routine too the whole thing is 🔥 🔥 🔥

            • Jade Wolf
              Jade Wolf  1 years back

              World of Dance is so worth watching. It's the only show where when I know it's coming on I literally can't breathe lol

              • The PNT Tv Network
                The PNT Tv Network  1 years back

                Please react to Charity and Andres duels performance...they made the best score ever!

                • Ay Jones
                  Ay Jones  1 years back

                  For singles check out Eva Igo, Vivian Ruiz, Michael Dameski and Jaxon Willard. For the groups check out Expressenz, fabulous sisters and Marissa and the Heartbreakers

                  • Lauren Hicks
                    Lauren Hicks  1 years back

                    They got a 95 on this performance. And yes, definitely watch more WOD performances!

                    • Shiquita Jones
                      Shiquita Jones  1 years back

                      React to Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew Duo Compilation by roseisacting

                      • Wavy Niya
                        Wavy Niya  1 years back

                        Can you react to visiting queen and Clarence at their new home by armon and trey