Zion Tears Up Going No. 1; Coby Couldn’t Hold The Smiles | First 10 Picks Of The 2019 Draft


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  • CD King
    CD King  1 months back

    make a game of zones video new season

    • Pdog 1522
      Pdog 1522  1 months back

      First 7?

      • Mr. Random
        Mr. Random  1 months back

        I'm a worried heat fan right now for the 44th pick in the draft the heat drafted bol bol and then TRADED HIM TO HOUSE MAVS I know everyone is concerned about his foot but even if he became a bust it wouldn't matter we drafted hero we would have nothing to lose if bol became a bust where never gonna make the finals agian :(

        • James Lombardo
          James Lombardo  1 months back

          Mr. Random I’m sorry about that

        • Mr. Random
          Mr. Random  1 months back

          @James Lombardo oh ya your right mb still doesn't matter tho because he's not in Miami

        • James Lombardo
          James Lombardo  1 months back


      • Dale Gribble
        Dale Gribble  1 months back

        Zion? They ain't even trying to hide it huh. Fucking K1K3s

        • michael perry
          michael perry  1 months back

          Rui ,Deandre Hunter,and Coby White are 3 perfect fit pieces for the teams that drafted them

          • Kobe
            Kobe  1 months back

            michael perry coby not good lol

        • ASAP Mill Supreme
          ASAP Mill Supreme  1 months back

          Garland be looking like a star wars jedi with that fit on.

          • D- Wright
            D- Wright  1 months back

            Zion is just a big guy that dunks like Vince carter 😂😭 overrated

            • michael perry
              michael perry  1 months back

              You spelled overrated wrong so your opinion is automatically disqualified

          • Thouxanband Swavy
            Thouxanband Swavy  1 months back

            Lot of sleepers in this draft, can’t wait to see these guys go to work 💯

            • Divinity
              Divinity  1 months back

              Can people spam Game Of Zones Please I NEED IT

            • flash flood99
              flash flood99  1 months back

              Bro does anyone else hate the sound effect before every player draft

            • Weeaboo Trash
              Weeaboo Trash  1 months back

              Ja Morrant should change his name to Jah

              • RA1N DR0P
                RA1N DR0P  1 months back

                Weeaboo Trash On jah

            • Z a p p
              Z a p p  1 months back

              Somethings tellin me this is gonna be one of the best draft classes

              • Wild Badoola
                Wild Badoola  1 months back

                check my channel out? I'd appreciate it!

                • Johnathan Granados
                  Johnathan Granados  1 months back

                  Can't wait for the "Why were 12 people drafted before ______?" type videos in the future

                  • Jaime Jones
                    Jaime Jones  1 months back

                    Why wasn’t naz Reid and tacko fall originally drafted

                  • Nick Soria
                    Nick Soria  1 months back

                    Why were 43 people drafted in front of Bol Bol lol

                • Marvin Tajiboy
                  Marvin Tajiboy  1 months back

                  Knicks vs pelicans
                  barret vs zion

                  • Johnny The Fastest Flash
                    Johnny The Fastest Flash  1 months back

                    Bol bol should at least in top 15-20 pick.

                    • HUSNAIN AHMED TV
                      HUSNAIN AHMED TV  1 months back

                      Kayman234 you a dumbass Garland played less games then Bol

                    • Kayman234
                      Kayman234  1 months back

                      No he shouldn’t... he’s being drafted based on his high school career, where as everyone drafted before him proved themselves in meaningful college games

                  • FoshoGotFlow
                    FoshoGotFlow  1 months back

                    Zion teeth white like his suit!

                    • MRTUPAC 28
                      MRTUPAC 28  1 months back

                      Don't let this video distract you from the fact that Zions career is already over once the Pelicans selected him.

                      • Lyric X
                        Lyric X  1 months back

                        I thought that too but after the trade I felt excited for the Pelicans.

                    • Oblivious 404
                      Oblivious 404  1 months back

                      Hawks vs Pelicans finna be lit

                    • Conner Petty
                      Conner Petty  1 months back

                      Rui went a little too high in my opinion, but overall I agree with the top ten. Number eleven is where it starts to get weird...

                    • Jucy Stax
                      Jucy Stax  1 months back

                      First love this page

                      • LilJ3x4
                        LilJ3x4  1 months back

                        Am I first

                        • D- Wright
                          D- Wright  1 months back

                          Zion overated 😂

                          • XD XD
                            XD XD  1 months back


                        • Gaming frag
                          Gaming frag  1 months back


                          • Will Leiter
                            Will Leiter  1 months back


                            • Abdel Nader
                              Abdel Nader  1 months back

                              DRAFT PICKS 1 10

                              • maximilius jr
                                maximilius jr  1 months back


                                • Zachary Harris
                                  Zachary Harris  1 months back


                                  • D- Wright
                                    D- Wright  1 months back

                                    IF THIS BLUE YOUR AN OG Bleacher SUBSCRIBER 👀❤️🔥
                                    ⬇️(YOU CAN BE A OG OF MY YOUTUBE)

                                  • Alan Garza
                                    Alan Garza  1 months back


                                    • KnG bri4xn
                                      KnG bri4xn  1 months back


                                      • Gaming frag
                                        Gaming frag  1 months back