I Paid $250 for $1,932 Worth of MYSTERY TECH! Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing!

  • Published: 13 August 2018
  • Soooo I bought a pallet of Amazon customer tech returns...looks like the $250 I paid was well worth it! Welcome to UNLOADED Ep. 1

    Some keepers from this vid:
    SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset: amzn.to/2MFVVOy
    Rode VideoMicro: amzn.to/2MgVNZ2
    Sony Xperia Duo Wireless: amzn.to/2nvvpN7
    Polaroid V2 Camera: amzn.to/2P31wAj
    PetCube: amzn.to/2nudvtR


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    • Manfrotto Tripod & Head: amzn.to/29vcRVi
    • FalconEyes LED Light: amzn.to/2NxS72a
    • Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
    • Blackmagic Video Assist: amzn.to/29jKElv
    • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV

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  • Clinton Smith
    Clinton Smith  7 hours back

    Comparing Jojo Siwa headphones to Japan vending machine products is so good lol

    • Jodie 343
      Jodie 343  15 hours back


      • jb
        jb  6 hours back

        Jodie 343 talk about it

    • Trash Panda
      Trash Panda  16 hours back

      This man's never heard of the sultans of swing

      • Dylan Gillespie
        Dylan Gillespie  23 hours back

        How do you buy amazon returns

        • Alley VanScyoc
          Alley VanScyoc  1 days back

          The site he bought it from does show what is in the box 🤔

          • jb
            jb  6 hours back

            Alley VanScyoc nope so you’re taking a risk

        • Salma Diaa
          Salma Diaa  1 days back

          The jojo siwa headphones were probably worth something man

          • SteamyyTTV
            SteamyyTTV  1 days back

            Crepper ( 1:22 )

            • Colt Hawkins
              Colt Hawkins  1 days back

              Can i do this?

              • vanice leung
                vanice leung  1 days back

                Anyone knows where can I buy these boxes?

                • grind 269
                  grind 269  2 days back

                  I only clicked this videos cuz I thought dude was Nickeh30

                  • F.B.I Agent
                    F.B.I Agent  2 days back

                    His youtube search history 15:41

                    • Kevin Hernandez
                      Kevin Hernandez  2 days back

                      you think i can get the boss speakers for my moms car pls ?

                    • crypticabyss101
                      crypticabyss101  2 days back

                      Who is dire straits, everybody is speaking like he just committed a war crime for not knowing, sometimes people just havent heard of something and thats okay

                      That being said I just looked it up and they are pretty good

                      • Colt Hawkins
                        Colt Hawkins  1 days back

                        @crypticabyss101 Didnt realize you were the OP my bad. But yeah that would be my guess, they are _pulling a cool card_ bahaha

                      • crypticabyss101
                        crypticabyss101  1 days back

                        @Colt Hawkins I was trying to imply that the other people talking about dire straits were jumping on the bandwagon

                      • crypticabyss101
                        crypticabyss101  1 days back

                        @Colt Hawkins not what I meant but its my fault for being to lazy to formulate the sentence properly

                      • Colt Hawkins
                        Colt Hawkins  1 days back

                        @crypticabyss101 no. I didnt know the artist before enduring the toxic dire strait army. Although the song money fkr nothing is good

                      • crypticabyss101
                        crypticabyss101  1 days back

                        @Colt Hawkins probably trying to look cool and jump on the bandwagon?

                    • Quinn Clark
                      Quinn Clark  3 days back

                      Haven’t even heard of dire straits lol 😂

                      • Raymond Chow
                        Raymond Chow  3 days back

                        Why is this fun?

                        • Matthew Bester
                          Matthew Bester  3 days back

                          Must be jojo siwa

                          • Hector Alvarado
                            Hector Alvarado  3 days back

                            Dire Straits has a song with more views than your youtube channel

                            • Jd Sniping
                              Jd Sniping  4 days back

                              16:18 his dick 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                              • Sparxy
                                Sparxy  4 days back

                                “Holy moly” yup this dude is definitely a virgin

                              • christian herlihy
                                christian herlihy  5 days back

                                You lost a shit ton of people the second you said you'd never heard of dire straights.

                                • Daniel Fornataro
                                  Daniel Fornataro  5 days back

                                  I want that dire straits vinyl soo bad😫

                                  • B3 Cubing
                                    B3 Cubing  5 days back

                                    Do its the unloaded

                                    • Karen took the kids
                                      Karen took the kids  6 days back

                                      When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it for wish apparently not

                                      • WHY ARE U RUNNING
                                        WHY ARE U RUNNING  6 days back

                                        I know its a year later,but if you got the boss speakers ill take it off your hands🤞

                                        • gecsus
                                          gecsus  7 days back

                                          You are such a snowflake woosie boy. Sorry, but manhood has left the USA. "Eew... Earwax, Gross, These are definitely going straight in the trash." Because you never heard of Alcohol? I'm surprised you don't have a man-bun. Why not think of someone besides yourself and give that girly colored headset to a grade school in your neighborhood.

                                          • John Misley
                                            John Misley  1 weeks back

                                            I'm 99% sure if I were to buy something like this, I would get half the amount you got and almost everything would be busted

                                          • GeekAhead
                                            GeekAhead  1 weeks back

                                            What is the background on the TV behind you.

                                            • Rocco Flip
                                              Rocco Flip  1 weeks back

                                              wait 250$ of tech but....you don't know whats inside but its worth 1900$ ? lmao it aint addin up chief

                                              • xd Mincraft
                                                xd Mincraft  7 days back

                                                They made the title after they opened the boxes? How did you come to this conclusion?

                                            • notajay
                                              notajay  1 weeks back

                                              To all the “Dire Straight” people...

                                              How tf is a mid-20 year old supposed to know the 50th most popular rock band from ~40 years ago?

                                              • Landoverking legend in real life

                                                Where do you get mystery boxes from?

                                                • Mohamd Hesham
                                                  Mohamd Hesham  1 weeks back

                                                  Fuck your mother you are abig pitch

                                                • Ligma Balls
                                                  Ligma Balls  1 weeks back

                                                  You look like Wroeteshaw

                                                  • YeBroski
                                                    YeBroski  1 weeks back

                                                    Good vid

                                                    • DatBoiArdee
                                                      DatBoiArdee  1 weeks back

                                                      Should’ve taken the time to play days gone because the ratings were all bs, the game is amazing stop believing the media and all these trash journalists people.

                                                      • Zak
                                                        Zak  1 weeks back

                                                        if you dont want them how much for the steelseries headphones?
                                                        Edit: a bit late but...

                                                        • Danielius Bendaravicius

                                                          9:30 I have that exact mouse and got it for 13$

                                                          • CautionOnKeys
                                                            CautionOnKeys  1 weeks back

                                                            How tf u get that headset😑😑

                                                            • jonny five
                                                              jonny five  1 weeks back

                                                              Never heard of dire stiaghts. 🤣. Millennials.

                                                              • jasmin causevic
                                                                jasmin causevic  1 weeks back

                                                                The box was already open, you can see it at the beginning of the video, tape is broken

                                                                • Cody G
                                                                  Cody G  1 weeks back


                                                                  • Glynn Walker
                                                                    Glynn Walker  1 weeks back

                                                                    Hi, did you have to file for a resellers license? Or have an existing business before purchasing pallets of returned merchandise?

                                                                    • TheSkaayy
                                                                      TheSkaayy  1 weeks back



                                                                      • shamew0w
                                                                        shamew0w  1 weeks back

                                                                        Does anyone knows where he buys those kind of boxes?

                                                                        • Matty Woods
                                                                          Matty Woods  2 weeks back

                                                                          How do i find these mystery boxes

                                                                          • Buzzard614
                                                                            Buzzard614  2 weeks back

                                                                            I love Skullcandy earbuds they have great sound

                                                                            • Sub2Pew Kill T-Series
                                                                              Sub2Pew Kill T-Series  2 weeks back

                                                                              90% of the comments : hAvEnT u HeArEd oF dIrE sTrAiTs
                                                                              10% Normal

                                                                              • Hayden Beattie
                                                                                Hayden Beattie  2 weeks back

                                                                                too bad you cant do this in canada unless you live in Ontario, without paying a shit ton in shipping

                                                                                • Noah Barr
                                                                                  Noah Barr  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Can I have the back up cam?
                                                                                  I know it’s probably bit late. Get back to m if so 🤞🙏😃