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  • Prince ™
    Prince ™  3 weeks back

    I was at this game

    • Bluepark Bluepark
      Bluepark Bluepark  3 months back

      If harden can't get the ring this season he need to shave his beard! Lol

      • SportSelectiveSquad
        SportSelectiveSquad  3 months back

        4-0 incoming

        • Nick Coyle
          Nick Coyle  3 months back

          Hey everyone, I have a survey about the Rockets for one of my classes. it takes 2-3 minutes to take and would be a huge help if you could take it. I need 30 responses in the next 7 hours. Thank you guys so much, i appreciate this so much!

          • SmojjomS
            SmojjomS  3 months back

            Rockets will win in the conference finals like if u agree👍🏻

          • Marcus Barkley
            Marcus Barkley  3 months back

            What type of defense was the jazz playing 😂😂😂

            • Angel One
              Angel One  3 months back

              It was The Rope-a-Dope...except there was no rope lol

          • Lysi789
            Lysi789  3 months back

            They gonna advance to next rnd then cp gets hurt and harden chokes. Same story every year.

            • Jalen Clips
              Jalen Clips  3 months back

              That “story” only happened one time, stfu

          • jayvon burks
            jayvon burks  3 months back

            bro now everybody tryna play behind harden... it doesnt work for everyone

            • Claus Dc
              Claus Dc  3 months back

              It is just the 1 game

              • gor9027
                gor9027  3 months back

                Both 1-8 and 4-5 matchups look like they’ll be over within 5 games with multiple beatdowns. Disappointing.

                • K Swa
                  K Swa  3 months back

                  It sucks that the Rockets won’t face GS in the Conference Finals , but that’s gonna be a good ass Semi... it’s no doubt GS & Houston are the most consistent teams in the playoffs. On another note whoever comes out of that OKC/Portland series is going to the Conference Finals more than likely. There’s some good basketball coming up man 👏🏾👏🏾

                  • Fortnite Judger
                    Fortnite Judger  3 months back


                    • Selestial Kim
                      Selestial Kim  3 months back

                      Harden so used to getting fouls in his favor he looks for them.

                      • jitdaorginal
                        jitdaorginal  3 months back

                        Pls...the rockets had only like 10 FT vs 28 for Utah...you gotta be kidding me lol...don't think you know anything about basketball...you're just hating LMAO

                      • I Got Next
                        I Got Next  3 months back


                    • Cristian Munoz
                      Cristian Munoz  3 months back

                      Now fully healthy the rockets are actually a #1 seed. We were 14th seed in the beginning and fought injuries all year and still managed to get 4th seed when we could've easily been 1 or 2.

                      • Teddy Leo
                        Teddy Leo  3 months back

                        Would love to see the Greek Freak in the Western Conference. Harden is breaking records. Ginianas is good, but not carrying his team. like an MVP

                        • ownedweezybaby
                          ownedweezybaby  3 months back

                          You hating ass loser

                        • Dee Nugent
                          Dee Nugent  3 months back

                          @Aaron Johnson - He knows what he's talking about, it's just that he doesn't give a sh!t about Ginianas!

                        • Aaron Johnson
                          Aaron Johnson  3 months back

                          You spelled this name wrong and you don't know what your talking about

                      • Dr Lecter
                        Dr Lecter  3 months back

                        Nah. He's a terrible defender. The same reason why Wolves didn't hold him for the same inefficiency.

                        • Red Viper
                          Red Viper  3 months back

                          If you're not stressing when there is 5 sec left on the shotclock then u a true rockets fan

                        • Zayne simard moore
                          Zayne simard moore  3 months back

                          As much as I hate the Rockets (mostly because of James Harden) I really knew the Jazz don’t stand a chance this year against them.

                          • Dee Nugent
                            Dee Nugent  3 months back

                            But you would love it if he'd joined the Jazz, don't you? Be honest with yourself.

                        • Nilesh jak
                          Nilesh jak  3 months back

                          Lakers will win championship next season

                          • Noa MiChAeL
                            Noa MiChAeL  3 months back

                            The best highlight channel on YouTube🔥🔥🔥

                            • TwonTheGod
                              TwonTheGod  3 months back

                              Need more 3s from the jazz if they want to win. Rubio trash ass need to be on the bench the whole game.

                              • Wish You Were Here
                                Wish You Were Here  3 months back

                                Do you guys think Capela is better than Cousins? I'm just asking, not an NBA expert.

                              • Stefan H
                                Stefan H  3 months back

                                Rubio's jumpshot looks like that japanese basketball robot lol

                                • Ansh Shah
                                  Ansh Shah  3 months back

                                  Stefan H lol so true

                              • Juniorii Jr
                                Juniorii Jr  3 months back

                                My spidey senses say Utah will push it to six games

                                • Frooz
                                  Frooz  3 months back

                                  Juniorii Jr spidey senses says go fuck yourself

                              • sat fan
                                sat fan  3 months back

                                rockets loss last to games second to forth just to play Utah.

                                • Ian NETS
                                  Ian NETS  3 months back

                                  Gobert was shit this Game he has to play better and dominate more in the defense when they want to win this series

                                  • Dr Lecter
                                    Dr Lecter  3 months back

                                    Jazz is a younger team and Gobert and Mitchell are good duo. Give the Jazz a steady and a more reliable point guard then this match against powerhouse teams will never be the same.

                                    • Zachery Houston
                                      Zachery Houston  3 months back

                                      Adrian Prieto is right , Rubio is the truth

                                    • Adrian Prieto
                                      Adrian Prieto  3 months back

                                      I think that Rubio is the best point guard for this team because he is a good defender and he knows how to lead a team. They really need another offensive weapon at the forward or power forward position to increase their level.

                                  • Danilo Rodriguez
                                    Danilo Rodriguez  3 months back

                                    Tfw you realize Patrick Beverley was full of 💩

                                    • jayden scott
                                      jayden scott  3 months back


                                    • King Similien
                                      King Similien  3 months back

                                      Danilo Rodriguez bro this made me laugh out loud😂😂

                                  • Afro Samurai
                                    Afro Samurai  3 months back

                                    Utah will win two games for sure , both teams will win both home games but I actually think rockets will lose to Utah.
                                    Yes I’m a warriors fan but not bias I just don’t see the rockets bench staying hot and Utah play the worst defense I’ve seen them play in a while. Game 2 will be grimey

                                    • ArchonPriest
                                      ArchonPriest  3 months back

                                      Bias can be subconscious my guy.

                                    • Frooz
                                      Frooz  3 months back

                                      Fuck you and your western all stars

                                    • Zak Taube
                                      Zak Taube  3 months back

                                      "i dont see the rockets bench staying hot" bro they have the best bench in the league of course they gonna stay hot

                                  • dead meme
                                    dead meme  3 months back

                                    Capela is a damn good center :)))

                                    • Dee Nugent
                                      Dee Nugent  3 months back

                                      @pdollars52 - Capela is a good center in the current Rockets' system. He fits well and does everything correctly; otherwise, he's just average. This coming from a die hard Rockets' fan. The best center is Hakeem Olajuwon, hands down.

                                    • LatchedLungs
                                      LatchedLungs  3 months back

                                      @Derrick Nelson haha 👌🏻

                                    • Derrick Nelson
                                      Derrick Nelson  3 months back

                                      pdollars52 yea cause Shaq was an amazing dribbler and shooter..have you ever watched a game in those 43 years?

                                    • pdollars52
                                      pdollars52  3 months back

                                      No he's not he can't dribble or shoot in my book for the 43 years I've been watching basketball that's considered a bum

                                  • Omar Pasha
                                    Omar Pasha  3 months back

                                    Utah never even showed up!

                                    • Eddie Lucero
                                      Eddie Lucero  3 months back

                                      Yupp giannis definitely the mvp

                                    • Nick Harlan
                                      Nick Harlan  3 months back

                                      So nobody gon talk on howjae crowder kept leaving his man open to try and lookfor a rebound when he already had teammates at the rim?,especially around the 2:40-5:00 minute mark in the vid you really notice...he gave the rockets alot of good looks like they needed it or sum

                                      • Nick Harlan
                                        Nick Harlan  3 months back

                                        @Afro Samurai yuh they gave away waaay too many points

                                      • Afro Samurai
                                        Afro Samurai  3 months back

                                        Bro look at the whole game the Utah played their worst defense. No way they continue that horrendous effort

                                    • LA Lakers
                                      LA Lakers  3 months back

                                      Hou in 4

                                      • Frank Pierce
                                        Frank Pierce  3 months back

                                        Utah brought their own refs, otherwise the Rockets win by 50.

                                      • Lachlan Clifford
                                        Lachlan Clifford  3 months back

                                        Rudy gobert is overrated

                                      • Brandon Nelson
                                        Brandon Nelson  3 months back

                                        After every game I hope each team play attention to film ! That important to strengthen

                                        • Pure Life
                                          Pure Life  3 months back

                                          Bring them navy blue rocket jerseys from the 90’s back tired of seeing red

                                        • Eric Chen
                                          Eric Chen  3 months back

                                          We call this ass-whooping...

                                          • I completely agree with u

                                            Jazz gonna need a wait til cp3 gets injured. Last yr Houston got really lucky, he lasted all the way to game 5 of the conference finals. He really blew the game up for them tonight in the beginning of the 4th

                                            • Caption This
                                              Caption This  3 months back

                                              I completely agree with u saying the jazz have to wait for CP3 to get hurt is fucked up. That’s like the worst strategy in sports lol. Regardless if you want cp3 to get hurt or not you shouldn’t say shit like that

                                            • I completely agree with u
                                              I completely agree with u  3 months back

                                              Jeffrey Atienza I don't want cp3 to be injured just I'd be pretty surprised (as some1 hu always wanted the cp3 clippers to do well in the playoffs) if he stayed healthy. I would actually love to see cp3 ball out and even take down gsw, I just don't think his body could handle the playoff aggressiveness especially cuz he gives it his all and then some

                                            • blakkshultz5
                                              blakkshultz5  3 months back

                                              Cp3 will get hurt during the year at some point...good thing he got it out the way early...he fresh now...and the LG is in trouble

                                            • Caption This
                                              Caption This  3 months back

                                              I completely agree with u kinda fucked up that you’re counting for cp3 to be injured. Fake basketball fan

                                          • dre d
                                            dre d  3 months back

                                            The Jazz are basically Pacers west.

                                            • Mark Dope
                                              Mark Dope  3 months back

                                              heardi bitch you stupid nigga no shit pacers aint gonna beat warriors rockets or jazz get your nigga ass out of here

                                            • heardi
                                              heardi  3 months back

                                              dre d bitch u stupid, pacers are better than all team in West in playoff rounds

                                            • dre d
                                              dre d  3 months back

                                              @Lazlo Camp if Oladipo was playing you couldn't tell the difference between the Pacers and Jazz.

                                            • Lazlo Camp
                                              Lazlo Camp  3 months back

                                              dre d Their star player is injured? I don’t see the similarity 🤔

                                          • Michael LaRose
                                            Michael LaRose  3 months back

                                            Jazz in 5

                                          • ted Baltz
                                            ted Baltz  3 months back


                                            • Mr.Sauceman X
                                              Mr.Sauceman X  3 months back

                                              Houston was way too dominan t tonight, Jazz don’t have any chance. Rockets in five

                                              • Jalen Clips
                                                Jalen Clips  3 months back

                                                You mean Rockets in 4 right?

                                              • Dee Nugent
                                                Dee Nugent  3 months back

                                                @Michael LaRose - Jazz in 9* - 1 post season win against the Rockets for the next 8 years, that included the 1 win they won last year.

                                              • RocketsBiggestFan !!!
                                                RocketsBiggestFan !!!  3 months back


                                              • BattleSteve
                                                BattleSteve  3 months back

                                                Amir rockets in 5

                                              • Stratton Sneedon
                                                Stratton Sneedon  3 months back

                                                Amir Rockets in 5*

                                            • Refund HD
                                              Refund HD  3 months back

                                              Not really suprised the Jazz are facing a team with championship aspirations in the 1st round they are a normal 5th seed while the Rockets are 4th seed but 1 or 2 seed in disguise Rockets will win this series in 5

                                            • Yeezy Dude
                                              Yeezy Dude  3 months back

                                              It'll be a blessing in disguise when Rockets get GSW in the 2nd round

                                              • Emontae Holloway
                                                Emontae Holloway  2 weeks back

                                                @Jalen Clips how that end up

                                              • Jimmy Killem
                                                Jimmy Killem  3 months back

                                                warriors are frontrunners

                                                the only reason they became champions is because they are a superteam

                                                once things get tough they buckle under the pressure because nobody on that team has ice in their veins

                                              • Jalen Clips
                                                Jalen Clips  3 months back

                                                Cousins just got injured, man idk Houston might knock off GSW this year. Warriors looked pretty vulnerable against the Clippers

                                              • Jimmy Killem
                                                Jimmy Killem  3 months back

                                                @LØRD MCD they don't have to shoot 42% from 3 to win against golden state, they simply have to play zone defense as they did last season and this season

                                                kerr does not know what to do

                                              • Dee Nugent
                                                Dee Nugent  3 months back

                                                Either way, Houston will have to go through GS to the finals. Why not deal with them as soon as possible and be fresher? It's destiny that it happened that way.

                                            • Snow Nomura
                                              Snow Nomura  3 months back

                                              you know your early if you are watching and it has 0 views