Let's NOPE! — Palmyra Orphanage


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  • gubaguy
    gubaguy  3 days back

    I dont normally criticize how people play games, but watchign ben fumble around that monocle puzzle for 20 minutes was PAINFUL, he didnt even LOOK at the solution printed on the wall, he spent way too much time focusing on the icon in the middle of the room when all he had to do was read the solution that was RIGHT THERE. Yeah, im nit picking, yeah i know everyone is diffrent, and everyone plays diffrently, but my god, that was egoraptor levels of bad

    • YewSPCC
      YewSPCC  1 weeks back

      Who knew the true horror would come from Adams penisy mind

      • DeathsCaddy
        DeathsCaddy  1 weeks back

        Well wasn't expecting that jump scare, don't know how I am going to explain to our IT guy why I threw an open bottle of coke at my work laptop...

        • Minnie Clark
          Minnie Clark  2 weeks back

          “I guess I’m not LGBT anymore ‘cause I dislike Drag Race.” Ben, most trans people HATE Drag Race ‘cause RuPaul is a transphobe who thinks crossdressing makes him the king of all things gender and deserves to be flung into the sun. You’re still cool with the LGBTQIA+.

        • TsunadeKamaii
          TsunadeKamaii  2 weeks back

          Can we cool it with the belching though

          • Fanklok
            Fanklok  2 weeks back

            Ben Ulmer: I bet we went to this orphanage

            First 5 seconds of the game: You're going to back to the orphanage you lived in to find find your brother

            • StarkRavingSane
              StarkRavingSane  2 weeks back

              I really want to see an episode of the Panalysts hosted by Adam now

              • Daniel Terkelsen
                Daniel Terkelsen  2 weeks back

                first time watching you guys. great fun :D

                • Muse
                  Muse  2 weeks back

                  Woah, is Ben really ace? That's really cool if so, especially for me as an ace LRR fan :) Thanks for the streams either way guys!

                  • Muse
                    Muse  2 weeks back

                    @Danae Michalsky High five!!! ^^

                  • Danae Michalsky
                    Danae Michalsky  2 weeks back

                    @Muse He announced it as a part of pride month, I just double checked to confirm my information was accurate. As yet another member of the LRR viewership who is on the a-spec, I'm happy to spread the news! 😊

                  • octo chan
                    octo chan  2 weeks back

                    Fellow ace who also doesn't use twitter here! Glad to know there's more of us out there!

                  • Muse
                    Muse  2 weeks back

                    @Danae Michalsky oh awesome! I don't have a Twitter so I only ever hear about news there second-hand. XD Thanks!!

                  • Danae Michalsky
                    Danae Michalsky  2 weeks back

                    Yep, he is panromantic asexual, which he tweeted out a few weeks (months?) ago