Kyle Lowry Celebrates Winning First NBA Championship


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  • Blueweek
    Blueweek  1 months back

    "Toronto Canada we brought it home baby we brought it home!"

    That's going to give me chills for life

    • Getmoneytay 30
      Getmoneytay 30  1 months back

      Respect 💪🏽 he killed all that playoff noise

      • Josh LaGuardia
        Josh LaGuardia  1 months back

        Man I slander Lowry a lot. But no more slander. He showed up when it mattered the most and he’s a humble player. NBA champion Kyle Lowry

        • Luke Z Top
          Luke Z Top  1 months back

          Josh LaGuardia at least your being honest

      • Lanre Akerele
        Lanre Akerele  1 months back

        Kyle Lowry looks cute with his children together as they are celebrating their championship

        • Jeff Rayborn
          Jeff Rayborn  1 months back

          Hats off to Lowery. He actually showed up during the finals and when it mattered most.

          • Bald Uzi Vert
            Bald Uzi Vert  1 months back

            Lowry bounced back like ass.

            • Tuper Maurat
              Tuper Maurat  1 months back

              Bravo raptors

              • Kevin Foston
                Kevin Foston  1 months back

                Kyle may want to go on the Maury show..cause he might not me the father of the 2 Boys..they look nothing alike

                • Hot Chocolate
                  Hot Chocolate  1 months back

                  Kevin Foston ... one looks like him and the other looks like mom

                • Bbc Lover 2010
                  Bbc Lover 2010  1 months back

                  Kevin Foston they don’t have to look exact

              • Frank Piscitelli
                Frank Piscitelli  1 months back

                Law ry Law ry Law ry Law ry

                • $harpshooter24
                  $harpshooter24  1 months back

                  Kyle Lowry derserved this championship more than anyone else he has pure heart. Congrats Raptors! 🙏🏾🏆

                  • Charisse w
                    Charisse w  1 months back

                    How does DeRozan feel his former team winning without him. Serge Ibaka got a championship ring

                    • Brian Ng
                      Brian Ng  4 weeks back

                      He should feel he needs to get better, if he's gonna continue to be salty and jealous of his former team's success then he probably peaked as a player already.

                    • TonyCan Swag76
                      TonyCan Swag76  1 months back

                      Don't forget the first timers Marc Gasol, Jeremy Lin, Powell and VanFleet wait... Is Marc and Pau are the first Brothers to become NBA Champion?

                  • William Li
                    William Li  1 months back

                    “We brought it home!”

                    • davidson2004fatboy
                      davidson2004fatboy  1 months back


                      • Yuri Orloff
                        Yuri Orloff  1 months back

                        Fuck Golden State and their queerbait fans.

                        • Adrienne Jackson
                          Adrienne Jackson  1 months back

                          CONGRATULATIONS Toronto, and especially Kyle

                          • King Slurpee
                            King Slurpee  1 months back

                            Now this flopping trash has a ring, damn.

                            • Aries Anderson
                              Aries Anderson  1 months back

                              Won this before Paul , Carmelo and harden and Westbrook

                              • Bo Rood
                                Bo Rood  1 months back

                                He made up for all the haters with a great game.

                                • Hot Funyuns
                                  Hot Funyuns  1 months back

                                  Lowry proved a lot of people wrong in these finals for sure

                                • David Meza
                                  David Meza  1 months back

                                  Doesn’t count *

                                  • Hot Chocolate
                                    Hot Chocolate  1 months back

                                    David Meza .... How??? Does MJs 1st championship not count because go look at the roster he played against. Does the Warriors 2015 and 2018 not count because they were basically just facing Lebron??

                                • LeBeautiful
                                  LeBeautiful  1 months back

                                  Lowry winning a ring before some point guards...thats tuff!!!

                                  • Quiet Desperado
                                    Quiet Desperado  1 months back

                                    @Ronald Lassiter Nah bro he saying that's tuff as in "how does someone as bad as Lowry win before PGs like CP3 and Westbrook" there is no context in which he means it positive

                                  • Ronald Lassiter
                                    Ronald Lassiter  1 months back

                                    @Quiet Desperado he meant that as a positive. Tuff in this case means good.

                                  • Quiet Desperado
                                    Quiet Desperado  1 months back

                                    Why is that tough? Lowry a GREAT player who has heart, grit, and is an allstar caliber player who can pass, shoot, drive, and defend. Stop buying into that crap of him being a bad player...dude can ball with the best of em

                                • centerofstar
                                  centerofstar  1 months back

                                  Heart and Soul of the team. Never disrespect my boi Lowry!

                                  • Jelly slayer
                                    Jelly slayer  1 months back

                                    We the north baby 🇨🇦🇨🇦

                                    • Deshawn Cleghorn
                                      Deshawn Cleghorn  1 months back

                                      Before chris Paul, Paul George Russell Westbrook, James harden ... Kyle Lowry

                                      • Dylan Gruenwald
                                        Dylan Gruenwald  1 months back

                                        At this point I would take Lowry over CP3

                                      • Kobe Curry
                                        Kobe Curry  1 months back

                                        Remember javale McGee is an nba champion

                                    • Jose Garcia
                                      Jose Garcia  1 months back

                                      Doris needs to be fired. We don’t have somebody better ?

                                      • Nicky Pettibone
                                        Nicky Pettibone  1 months back

                                        Warriors will be back next year

                                        • RellyR510
                                          RellyR510  1 months back

                                          @A-don beat the rockets without kd and swept the blazers won 73 games without him and made 3 finals without him. Beat the spurs Grizzlies and pelicans a few times without kd shit they beat kd and westbrook thunder without kd. To say they are nothing without him is just dumb and irrational hate. They beat the whole league without kd including kd just accept their greatest it's ok to recognize they are better than whoever your team is and you're probably mad cause your favorite team keeps losing to them and you're jealous. Btw the raptors have 3 all stars gasol lowrey and Kawhi and siakim got snubbed this year so that's another allstar player let's not act like the warriors were so much better than the Raptors especially without kd

                                        • A-don
                                          A-don  1 months back

                                          @RellyR510 lolol when the superstar count in your favor and still lose that's called blowing a chance. and how are the raptors deeper when the're literally only playing 2 guys off the bench??? yes the raptors were better cuz the warriors are nothing without kd and the last 2 rings don't mean nothing

                                        • RellyR510
                                          RellyR510  1 months back

                                          @A-don blew it? How? We just got beat by a clearly better and deeper team in my opinion. Without kd you can see the Raptors were clearly better than us it was a struggle all series

                                        • A-don
                                          A-don  1 months back

                                          yeah you're done fam. This was your last finals appearance and you blew it

                                        • Tor_ Ped0
                                          Tor_ Ped0  1 months back

                                          Nah bro, west getting tougher and rockets still exist

                                      • shaunbir klair
                                        shaunbir klair  1 months back

                                        Warriors care about titles and money more then their players smh

                                        • Merg
                                          Merg  1 months back

                                          Yep. Greed is a sin. They got greedy and it backfired

                                        • SwishhVisions
                                          SwishhVisions  1 months back

                                          Nigga wym u sound dumb ass fuck

                                      • Hype-R
                                        Hype-R  1 months back

                                        Kd ruptured Achilles, Klay hamstring sprain, and now torn ACL, Iggy sprained calf muscle, Looney fractured rib, Cousins still not fully healed from torn quad muscle. Not to say Curry still has bandages on the dislocated finger.

                                        • Trains,Transformers&PATRIOTSFan1236
                                          Trains,Transformers&PATRIOTSFan1236  1 months back

                                          Can't blame the raptors for you guys not being able to keep anybody healthy. They played who was in front of them like they was supposed to. Take your 2 rings and cry all the way to next season.

                                        • Ronald Lassiter
                                          Ronald Lassiter  1 months back

                                          @Hype-R stop

                                        • Nate
                                          Nate  1 months back

                                          Y’all wasn’t beating them if Kyrie played now y’all got hurt n lost stfu aint nb tryna hear that shit

                                        • Hype-R
                                          Hype-R  1 months back

                                          @Kyrie Irving so cavs played an injured warriors team next year and draymond suspended. In the end LeBron haters coming here to support us Canadians as bandwagoners, since they're 34 year old can't make playoff in west. 😭

                                        • Hype-R
                                          Hype-R  1 months back

                                          @agent 007 I'm Canadian bitch. But there is nothing wrong with telling world the truth. One of the saddest finals. It's like taking LeBron off of cavs and then face a 59+ team. I was surprised when we cheered for KD going down. Cuz we were so scared of his presence. So thank u basketball gods

                                      • jjeongx
                                        jjeongx  1 months back

                                        Doris with the hard questions. Why bring up DeRozan right now? Cold blooded!

                                        • chidy mallone
                                          chidy mallone  1 months back

                                          I'm a warriors fan but I'm so proud of them!!💯

                                          • Gill Kilner
                                            Gill Kilner  1 months back

                                            chidy mallone basketball coming home

                                        • Matt LUNDY
                                          Matt LUNDY  1 months back

                                          Looooove itttttt

                                          • Matt LUNDY
                                            Matt LUNDY  1 months back

                                            Big win

                                            • I CLAP CHEEKS
                                              I CLAP CHEEKS  1 months back

                                              G Fucken G