Grant Hill Remembers His First Poster As A Soul Snatcher | Remembers Everything, Down To The Kicks


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  • Khalid K
    Khalid K  5 days back

    In those days (early to mid 90's) I got to see sneakers like FILA, Reebok and And1 making basketball shoes for the first time and it was exciting to see those brands especially since Nike and the Jordan brand were the most popular and dominant in those days

    • Jared Howard
      Jared Howard  1 months back

      Got them! 1 of 94!

      • amare1cro
        amare1cro  1 months back

        I m sorry but you dont want to wear that shoe. Unless multiple surgeries is your goal.....

        • Genaro Sanchez
          Genaro Sanchez  1 months back

          Been waiting for this bring out all the old filas need me some stackhouse 3s asap and them muscleballs too🔥🔥🔥

          • MackMcMillan
            MackMcMillan  1 months back

            I like seeing this side of GH. Still humble. So screwed and betrayed by his own body. It was heartbreaking to watch...

            • Mr. Boss
              Mr. Boss  1 months back

              I know this has notging to do with the video, but what do y'all think of Timberwolves rookie Josh Okogie

            • rozi2089
              rozi2089  1 months back

              Great player, only if it wasn't for all the injuries.

              • rozi2089
                rozi2089  1 months back

                @D. Felix Photo true fam.

              • D. Felix Photo
                D. Felix Photo  1 months back

                @rozi2089 lowkey Grant Hill changed the way scouts looked at players. He was ahead of his time. Without the injuries to him, Penny and TMac they were on the forefront of modern basketball players and playing styles.

              • rozi2089
                rozi2089  1 months back

                @D. Felix Photo Yup. Atleast for the people who liked his game in the first place.

              • D. Felix Photo
                D. Felix Photo  1 months back

                -Said every fan, sports writer and announcer. Ever..

            • marc dewon
              marc dewon  1 months back

              Who else remember that alley hoop he caught at Duke??

              • Isaiah50
                Isaiah50  1 months back

                One of the biggest what if’s. So smooth, calm and collected but he was a killer on that court. He crossed up Scottie and Jordan wasn’t any ankle breakers but he hit em up.

                • Isaiah50
                  Isaiah50  1 months back

                  Shaq GasEngine auto correct but it’s not that deep but thanks for pointing that out

                • Shaq GasEngine
                  Shaq GasEngine  1 months back

                  Isaiah50 *collecTED 🤦🏽‍♂️

              • Panda
                Panda  1 months back


                • Eli 3li
                  Eli 3li  1 months back

                  Pistons retire his number so I can wear them cool ass ugly teal jerseys

                  • Peet Cooper
                    Peet Cooper  1 months back

                    I was a broke kid who couldnt afford those when Grant Hill was my favorite player. I appreciate the chance to get them 25 years later. Well played Fila. :)

                    • The Duke
                      The Duke  1 months back

                      Shit, that was alot of us back then. Well, my parents COULD afford it but they just WOULDN'T let me spend that much on shoes!

                    • Jonathan Deas
                      Jonathan Deas  1 months back

                      That's dope

                  • OGGOAT_ _
                    OGGOAT_ _  1 months back

                    90z best

                    • DaX
                      DaX  1 months back

                      You wanted to be in Detroit? I thought they mismanaged your injury

                    • MrMizz007
                      MrMizz007  1 months back

                      Those are freaking hot. And to think they were before his signature shoe.

                      • MackMcMillan
                        MackMcMillan  1 months back

                        Agreed. I was into my own post and damn near forgot to look at the shoes! HAHA, your comment got me to look and those are nice! Still no OG Deion Diamond Turfs, but sweet nonetheless! ;-)

                    • Timothy Chapman
                      Timothy Chapman  1 months back


                      • Ayo Boonk
                        Ayo Boonk  1 months back


                        • Toasted Watermelon
                          Toasted Watermelon  1 months back