Joe Rogan Experience #1054 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick


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  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson  2 weeks back

    The problem with diets and meal plans is %90 of people dont even understand why there doing it or understand the effects it has. And if your not really consistent the benifits aren't there anyway.

    • Count Cristo
      Count Cristo  2 weeks back

      38:00 when she says “it’s so damn important” it’s great. Only using swear words to really emphasize something is such a powerful tool.

      • Nomens NoNescio
        Nomens NoNescio  2 weeks back

        Selfish egotripping and now the kid has to grow up in an overpopulated super polluted world without privacy

        • Tzar Simeon
          Tzar Simeon  3 weeks back

          1.3k Mothers who don't breastfeed, smoke and drink during pregnancy dislike this video :)

          • Aidan Forbes
            Aidan Forbes  3 weeks back

            I found that shit funny about thinking of everyone as babies who grew up to be the person they are now. I think like that every now and then- probably why I found it funny- but I'm 17 and childless, either I'm the Great Father archetype (Jung 😉) or I'm fascinated by human development psychologically and physiologically or I just think holy shit, I'm living amongst people who would have ate shit if it was given to them so many years ago.

            • Wesley
              Wesley  4 weeks back

              About the astronauts having longer telomeres, wouldn't it make sense to be the hormetic effect of the low dose radiation of being in outer space?

              • What a Swagget
                What a Swagget  4 weeks back

                more than a thousand dislikes? Gotta love Rogan's fan base sometimes.

                • Daya Z
                  Daya Z  1 months back

                  Joe is so genuinely interested in absolutely everything, his questions are spot on

                  • Carver Upton
                    Carver Upton  2 months back

                    I wonder how many of the 1.5 million views (currently) are rewatches...

                    • FWU 1 to 1 Specialised Football Training

                      This has been such a brilliant conversation Rhonda and Joe had me hooked... im pulling my hair out regarding vaccines as I have a 4 month old and im totally confused ... I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO..

                      • Nomens NoNescio
                        Nomens NoNescio  2 weeks back

                        Your ego fucked you over and now you're condemned to worrying for the rest of your life about your mini-me

                    • ironcityjay
                      ironcityjay  2 months back

                      What if her baby ends up thinking space is fake?

                      • Mark Lauria
                        Mark Lauria  2 months back

                        Insert “joe over used painfully normal comment quote “ here

                        • Chuck Stewart Music
                          Chuck Stewart Music  2 months back

                          This is wonderful, getting to hear this brilliant and helpful lady. I started voraciously reading books about nutrition in 1979 and have made it a lifelong study. She is marvelous.

                          • Jim Kane
                            Jim Kane  2 months back

                            I think this woman is great.

                            • MrBigBearBrown
                              MrBigBearBrown  2 months back


                              • Sean Mederos
                                Sean Mederos  2 months back

                                Literally tuned out when she started talking about alternative vacation schedules. Makes me think everything else she’s said is horse shit.

                                • Neil McMahon
                                  Neil McMahon  2 months back

                                  Joe " I wanna hit you with my bones" Rogan

                                  • Nick Pascale
                                    Nick Pascale  2 months back

                                    This lady is hot

                                    • Nomens NoNescio
                                      Nomens NoNescio  2 weeks back

                                      Yeah just imagine her changing nappies, burbing the baby and doing the dishes. So fucking hot

                                  • beast shawnee
                                    beast shawnee  2 months back

                                    my lil sis walked at 8 months old and spoke in eloquent sentences at 9 mos

                                    • Robert W
                                      Robert W  2 months back

                                      Did is miss anything on phytases , oxylates and lecthins in plants and seeds?

                                      • Dino Miles
                                        Dino Miles  2 months back

                                        Joe your a smart guy .. It's so simple listen up . Raw oysters, cold showers, ice baths, infra red saunas, barefoot grounding in the am. looking at the sun , wind sprints, breath work , as much live living non cooked fruits and veggies, EAT GOOD DIRT, no praised sugars no packaged processed foods . MAN FUCKS UP WHAT EVER HE TOUCHES . Eat and live as close to nature as possible. Spring and distilled water, water, water, water, water . Did i mention water ? Thanks for having Ronda in , she is a SUPER BRAIN !

                                        • 300096586
                                          300096586  3 months back

                                          Always be careful with vaccines. Even the most common, basic medicines. I was taking a topical application for a minor condition - my cock stopped working for an entire week. I stopped taking it immediately but it took a whole week before it returned to normal. Scary shit. The point being I could address this condition with natural means anyway, not some lab created chemical.

                                          • Record at The Bins with Mike Britt

                                            this is an exact repeat of what goes down when I hang out with a woman who has kids or is interested in having kids. I talk about how amazing it is that everyone used to be a baby, and then I get hit with interesting technical facts about breastmilk I wasn't aware of. Then I ask her if she ever tried DMT

                                            • cranchee
                                              cranchee  3 months back

                                              Vaccines are not "chemicals" anyway.

                                              • sara wang
                                                sara wang  3 months back

                                                Where can I get that gene test to see if I can eat a high fat diet? I want to do carnivore and really need to know?

                                                • Kevin
                                                  Kevin  3 months back

                                                  1:17:08 did she say small dents? Must be talking about Bryan Callens

                                                  • Dylanknowsalot
                                                    Dylanknowsalot  3 months back

                                                    Dr. Rhonda "it just so happens" Patrick

                                                    • Leah Landi
                                                      Leah Landi  3 months back

                                                      So glad I breastfeed for 18 mo the benefits are amazing for the babies

                                                      • John Hart
                                                        John Hart  4 months back

                                                        "Your baby smoked DMT yet? Yeah, yeah, it's indescribable."

                                                        • Atoms Molecules
                                                          Atoms Molecules  4 months back

                                                          I knew a fat guy that has an even fatter son, looks just like him too.

                                                          • Michael Riddick
                                                            Michael Riddick  4 months back

                                                            The book "Genius Foods" (can get it on Audible) expounds on alot of these topics and goes into further details if anyone is interested. There a whole portion dealing with the saturated fat vs sugar and the nonsense the sugar lobby pulled and I think Netflix has a documentary called "Sugar Coated" thats great too!

                                                            Dr. Patrick is awesome and JR is great as always :)

                                                            • m v
                                                              m v  4 months back

                                                              Joe "I bet you have more meat in your foot" Rogan

                                                              • Aydn of Astro-Action
                                                                Aydn of Astro-Action  4 months back

                                                                How about Bart Kay debates Dr. Patrick on Carnivore diet!! Bart Kay Nutrition Science Watch Dog, and The Meat Militia is here!

                                                                • Daniel Vieira
                                                                  Daniel Vieira  4 months back


                                                                  • TSD TSD
                                                                    TSD TSD  4 months back

                                                                    vaccines cause autism and this doctor just admitted to it and cited studies and has altered her vaccine schedule for her child compared what approved by APA. US federal courts have also paid out damages from vaccine induced damages. THESE TWO PEOPLE JUST THE ANTI VAC COMMUNITY lol

                                                                    • Katie Coad
                                                                      Katie Coad  4 months back

                                                                      She's so interesting to listen to!!

                                                                      • Jj Robinsob
                                                                        Jj Robinsob  4 months back

                                                                        I bet she loves cock.

                                                                        • Michal Valta
                                                                          Michal Valta  4 months back

                                                                          2:16:13 No fucking chance he drinks that much diet coke, he is pretty old, that would kill him by now. What makes me sure it's a lie is the claim he watches TV 8 hours a day... And the fact NY times reported it. Seriously, you need to be very stupid to believe such things. :D

                                                                          • LLyrification
                                                                            LLyrification  4 months back

                                                                            Hello! please.. You guys are pro vaccine. Can you guys fact check Dr Bergman on his videos on vaccination?


                                                                            • Suhail Murtaza
                                                                              Suhail Murtaza  4 months back

                                                                              PLAY some k pop in the background while listening to this

                                                                              • 0MissElizabeth0
                                                                                0MissElizabeth0  4 months back

                                                                                17:30 Knowledge about breastfeeding

                                                                                • captain crunch
                                                                                  captain crunch  5 months back

                                                                                  Something about her face bothers me

                                                                                  • JoshuaJayseph
                                                                                    JoshuaJayseph  5 months back

                                                                                    Big pharma is pushing HEAVILY for your kids to get vaccinated . HOW THE FUK COULD 2 ppl so wise believe that its important to get vaccinated. Im in awe. Look up Vaxxed documentary . It is ansolutley causing fuk tons of issues in our children. Autisim went up 20% the first 5 years vaccines started to get pushed every time kids went to doctors appointments . thats just a baby fact vs the rest of stuff. Its unbelievable how many kids immediately develop autism days after getting shot

                                                                                    • Stephen S
                                                                                      Stephen S  5 months back

                                                                                      Fuckin Joe secretly a Anti Vax’r. 😂

                                                                                      • Joynal Miah
                                                                                        Joynal Miah  5 months back

                                                                                        2:12 she must have took it face value but it's bullshit. When they did the experiments they sewed 2 mice together. Like conjoined.
                                                                                        It wasn't just sharing blood.
                                                                                        Pumping younger blood ain't going to help unless you are okay for a permanent piggyback..

                                                                                        Now I wonder if I can trust her other recommendation :/

                                                                                        • Sloel Isank
                                                                                          Sloel Isank  5 months back

                                                                                          Joe “also your gut biome right?” Rogan

                                                                                          • Buffy Lovekin
                                                                                            Buffy Lovekin  5 months back

                                                                                            Please I ask politely, educate yourself on the differences between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2.
                                                                                            I did not give my child Type 1 diabetes, it’s not on my side of the family or the fathers, and both of
                                                                                            us were non smokers, healthy weight and non drinkers.
                                                                                            No one knows why people get Type 1(insulin dependent) diabetes.
                                                                                            Occasionally hereditary, you can develop Type 2 but mostly it’s poor lifestyle.
                                                                                            Type 1, sometimes called Early onset Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes had not had its causation
                                                                                            diagnosed, by anyone, ever!
                                                                                            You prove to me that I gave my kid Type 1 diabetes, then I’ll jump off a cliff for being unmotivated!!!

                                                                                            • Rachael S
                                                                                              Rachael S  5 months back

                                                                                              There is NO thimerosol in the mmr....wakefield never wrote about thimerosol lol