Is Leaded Fuel better than Unleaded? Let's find out!


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  • 8hour
    8hour  27 minutes back

    Great, cheap and very stable for high compression drag racing engines!!!

    • chauncey williams
      chauncey williams  38 minutes back

      Hope you didn't breathe that lead fuel exhaust

      • Cory Savage
        Cory Savage  51 minutes back

        I just want to say great work on the video. I hope that you had a lo of fun making the video. I never heard of this type a fuel before. I would like to see you try testing table saw blades to see if brands makes a difference or not. As always I am looking forward to the new video that is coming out on Monday again. I would just like to say one last thing take care in' till next time!

        • Jay Aldridge
          Jay Aldridge  6 hours back

          Awesome video.

        • Warlordzero1
          Warlordzero1  9 hours back

          What we do not realize is the amount of ENERGY in the see through cylinder head quite amazing thank you for your hard work.

        • Ntrain1919
          Ntrain1919  12 hours back

          Can you test Redline fuel system cleaner? Maybe compare it to ones you already have tested like Marvel and Seafoam?

        • Justin Wallace
          Justin Wallace  12 hours back

          The lead is not good for the 4 stroke engines. Todays 100LL contains far more lead than car gas ever did. About 4X as much. I run it in my two strokes, and generator due to the long storage life. Rated at 5 years for aviation use, shelf-life is more like 10 years.

        • Greg Huth
          Greg Huth  12 hours back

          #Suggestion - I had a guy tell me that the often used starting fluid is dangerous: "A fire hazard." He suggested using WD40, saying it was every bit as good. I am interested. Thanks.

        • Tony Ray
          Tony Ray  13 hours back

          Good time to say "Get the lead out " !!!!

        • Element of Kindness
          Element of Kindness  14 hours back

          Your expertise is needed! Duracell is claiming their new Optimum alkaline batteries have "more life in some devices, and more power in others." (always followed by an asterisk with no defining data, other than to say "compared to regular copper top batteries.)

          It sounds like BS to me, and needs to be tested whether there is more watt-hours of energy at a given current, AND if a higher current can be drawn at a given voltage.

        • Mr Fix It Mercedes Benz
          Mr Fix It Mercedes Benz  16 hours back

          If you don't mind. I would like to say. then lead in gasoline main purpose is to coat the exhaust seat so the the valves don't wipe out the seat, Second unleaded fuel is only used on engines that have hardened valve seats , Testing of gasoline is done on the RON / MON Single cylinder adjustable compression engines , hence at the pump you will see. R+M/2. this means RON samples plus MON samples divides by 2 gives you a octane number . Most gasoline engines can run on 66 octane but under load will knock . just some FYI. info on unleaded & leaded gasoline

        • Sara Llewellyn
          Sara Llewellyn  19 hours back

          I was curious: Trimmer cord is very specific in its diameter: .065,.080, .095, .105 etc.

          There's something else out there that you can get in those exact diameters: Piano wire, which is extraordinarily strong, durable, and flexible.
          ( ) The tensile strength of one popular brand of piano wire is listed as 2620–2930 MPa. By comparison, the tensile strength of a human bone is only 130. Wouldn't recommend exposing your fingers to this while it's on a trimmer.

          I was wondering if it would be better (or possible) to use piano wire for trimming?

        • Sfer Tonoc
          Sfer Tonoc  19 hours back

          A video on various oil weights going through a coffee filter or a sieve at different temps would be interesting to see if those 0w 5w oils are really necessary for the new cars or if 10w would be fine with it

        • Edward Teach
          Edward Teach  20 hours back

          Blackbeard would like to see a spark plug comparison video if that’s possible

        • Kirin Sim
          Kirin Sim  1 days back

          Any video regarding fuel addictive test?

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   17 hours back

            I have tested Techron, Seafoam, Marvel Mystery Oil, and Amsoil PI.

        • RedeemlessKills
          RedeemlessKills  1 days back

          Thanks for making these awesomely weird videos! Keep up the amazing work!

        • Richard Heinen
          Richard Heinen  1 days back

          Has nothing to do with this subject, but if you haven’t already done this, can you test 15w40 oils? I’d really like to see shell rotella and cenpeco in the line up. Thanks for all you do!!!

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   17 hours back

            Not yet. Thank you for the video idea!

        • Jor - D
          Jor - D  1 days back

          Video idea maybe. Which gas station has the best top tier gas?
          BP, Chevron, Conoco, Costco, Exxon, Holiday, Kwik Trip, Mobil, Shell, Sinclair, Texaco.
          I wonder if b.p really does have the best gas to use with their "invigorate" or if they all aren't noticeably different.

          I do know If a fuel company can prove that their gas has additives and detergents that keep residue from building up on valves or in the combustion chamber, then they are qualified to call themselves a "top-tier" gasoline supplier. And for some reason ford recommends B.P.

        • Mike Mason
          Mike Mason  1 days back

          Can i come work for you? 😀
          I can stay in my RV.
          1986 Allegro Bay that I've kept well maintained. (You may not experiment on it )

          • John Smith
            John Smith  1 days back

            Idea what’s better steel toed shoes/boots or composite toe?

          • Alex Wayman
            Alex Wayman  1 days back

            Use two cycle fuel With no oil in the motor and see if it will lubricate this on the wall

            • Alex Wayman
              Alex Wayman  18 hours back

              Project Farm think we can see that on the next video

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   18 hours back

              Thank you for the video idea!

          • Jared Copeland
            Jared Copeland  1 days back

            Awesome! I actually asked about this! Great video!

          • Ivor Abernethy
            Ivor Abernethy  1 days back

            I love the channel, just a bit bummed we dont have the selection you guys have have compared to N Ireland! Would consider testing the claims of glues, like gorilla, or their ability to adhere underwater?

          • Andrew Carter
            Andrew Carter  1 days back

            Can you test to see if vegetable oil can be used as hydraulic fluid

          • rickrazORR
            rickrazORR  1 days back

            Try 85% Absinth as fuel.

          • patrick craft
            patrick craft  1 days back

            Hey ProjectFarm. I cant find a way to send you a message. But i recently got a new vehicle, an 06, but still great condition. Id like to keep it looking its best and im wondering about best waxing products. Maybe you could do a video series of different waxes and tests to show the best product

          • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.

            For fuck sakes, lead is right in the title. No you fucking dummies lead anything is not good.

            • Pedro Perez
              Pedro Perez  1 days back

              Have you done a thread repair durability test?
              Read about people using JB weld to repair threads, loctite form a thread etc.

            • kyarakll4os7
              kyarakll4os7  1 days back

              Hello. Can you do a video on concrete anchor adhesive for threaded bolts?

            • PcItalian
              PcItalian  2 days back

              Would testing different stud finders be a potential video in the future? There are so many and I really just wanna save myself extra work by not going into plumbing and electrical

            • Caden James
              Caden James  2 days back

              I have 2 suggestions will a engine run on linseed oil and will drain opener clean a engine

            • Davis Claypool
              Davis Claypool  2 days back

              VP racing gas vs sunoco racing gas

            • Gabrielius Urbikas
              Gabrielius Urbikas  2 days back

              Try testing a wooden piston in a lawnmower

            • redneck 1137
              redneck 1137  2 days back

              Can you take a jar of gasoline and a jar of diesel and a jar of kerosene and put pieces of rusty metal in three of the jars and see what's one takes off rust faster or works better

            • Tony Cole
              Tony Cole  2 days back

              I ran a 1990 BMW 525i on avgas for 9 years before I sold it, i did turbo charge it in SA , it developed way more power, ran and idled a heap better the exhaust burned a lovely cream colour and it never missed a beat, no sensor or cat problems it was in SA car magazine and on testing extensively, blew the M5 off very satisfyingly , I would line up amongst Cessna aircraft and fill the tank with this excellent smelling green fuel, which average around 119 octane , leaded back then in Cape Town SA, the only difficulty was the fuel dispensed at a much higher rate,so filling was quick and messy, great days

              • Twobarpsi
                Twobarpsi  2 days back

                Led Zeppelins are better than unleaded ones...

                • Jtto Bingodingo
                  Jtto Bingodingo  2 days back

                  Got 1 for ya.

                  ratchet straps
                  Lord knows some are better than others, strap seems to last, ratchet, not so much.
                  Cheers :) :) :)

                • boutcha
                  boutcha  2 days back

                  Look at all these subs. Been here from the start and can say....I told you so. Great job growing your subs! I remember when everything used leaded gas. My grandpa used it even after the made the tank fuel fill neck downsized, he hammer and punched it open and this was in the day of Service Stations. They'd warn him it was illegal but would still fill his tank. They stopped selling it before catalytic converters were ever installed. According to him that old Ford station wagon that he ran leaded gas in turned the odometer over so many times he swore that he thought it was over 700,000 miles. I believe it because he pulled a old small camper and traveled a lot, I mran a lot.

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   2 days back

                    Thank you very much! 700,000 miles is very impressive!

                • 4WHEELN 4FUN
                  4WHEELN 4FUN  2 days back

                  how about holding power for velcro products. there are many kinds and i often wonder which is the best and then i think, this sounds like a job for project farm!

                • Steven Dx
                  Steven Dx  2 days back

                  Lets dust ourselves with DDT as bug repellant while we are at it? Any fuel not burned will be sprayed into the air you breathe. Peanut Butter and Lead paint chips for lunch too? Who cares if it is more efficient?

                • Ed Mertsching
                  Ed Mertsching  2 days back

                  Would you be willing to test if graphite would lubricate an engine? I'm rather doubtful of the outcome.

                • Brendan Early
                  Brendan Early  2 days back

                  Should have cones for a marker of where you start wot and let off for consistency. And accurately getting g top speed

                • Leland Holton
                  Leland Holton  2 days back

                  100LL is energy dense. It’s intended to be used at specific engine speeds. Beyond it being 100 octane and low lead it isn’t a stable fuel at higher rpm because of its burn characteristics. It also has a pretty specific oxygen content in it because it’s operated in lower density atmospheres than standard fuel.

                  • JoeCool
                    JoeCool  2 hours back

                    100LL or AvGas is more stable and will not vaporise as easily as moGas(motor) so avgas will not make vapor lock when a rapid depressurisation happen like when changing altitude rapidly or at high altitude.

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   2 days back

                    Great information! Thank you

                • Andy Wohlgemuth
                  Andy Wohlgemuth  2 days back

                  Test to see what toilet paper brand will break down the best for septic systems.

                • LOST CREEK ATVs
                  LOST CREEK ATVs  2 days back

                  Will you do a comparison between ps-4 polaris oil 5w-50 vs Ams oil atv UTV oil 5w-50

                • Coby Mortin
                  Coby Mortin  2 days back

                  Can you use hand sanitizer in a 2 stroke cue it uses the alcohol and what's left is a liquid would it work

                  • Coby Mortin
                    Coby Mortin  2 days back

                    @Project Farm I got the ide from burning handsanitizer for my mini steam engine in stead of the fuel pellets it's much cleaner

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   2 days back

                    Thank you for the video idea!

                • Phil McWain
                  Phil McWain  2 days back

                  Do a video on diesel additives and if their claims work or not. Diesel Kleen, etc

                • Jeibaru Turay
                  Jeibaru Turay  2 days back

                  What happens when you mix 2 stroke fuel and put it in a 4 stroke engine and the 4 stroke engine doesnt have a oli suplie only the Oli Gasoline Mixture of a 2 stroke wil it Turn in a 2 stroke🙃