The Real Reason Tyronn Lue Was Fired

  • Published: 01 November 2018
  • When the Cleveland Cavaliers fired head coach Tryonn Lue on Sunday, lots of speculation erupted about why. Coach Nick digs through the film to explain what deep seated issues GM Koby Altman had and why he needed to make a change.
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Comments • 905

  • gobucks1313
    gobucks1313  1 months back

    Very true. Let me preface this by saying I wouldn’t change anything bc we won a title in Ohio; however, the defense was good with Blatt — and we were told crafty offensive minded vets (Mike Miller) said Blatt had a genius offense that he’d never seen before...we never got to see that offense work according to what I heard, but the defense was solid. Lue came in and put the emphasis on offense and that’s exactly what we needed — mixed in with the leftover defensive minded personnel equaled the greatest title in NBA history. The way they played in Game 4 finals 2017 is what I think Lue wanted — old early 2000s nba high scoring, and unfortunately we just couldn’t get to the level of consistency that way like golden state did, but they played better team defense than we did. Anyways, I think you have an Awesome video here. It’s unbelievable that the Cavs are already into rebuild. There was a serious issue on Ty Lue’s defense, but I wonder if he wanted out. I’ve heard that narrative because now he doesn’t have a losing season on his record (besides that 0-6 start), but the personnel was so far off that they couldn’t win most nights fully trying. What’s sad is that the team’s core couldn’t have stayed together for a “Victory Lap” see them minus LeBron in the playoffs even as an 8 seed would’ve been very cool. I just hope this year is a step in the right direction with Beilien, and not another year in the lotto — unless we get the top pick. Great video & a whole lot of truth coming from this Cavs fan that watched about 400 consecutive games all the way thru until this year when it got to be too painful...and the streak ended it right around Lue’s firing. Go Cavs

    • iEatAss ForFun
      iEatAss ForFun  2 months back

      Did anybody else see McGee get hit in the face with the ball when LeBron dunked on him?

      • Brandon Ingram
        Brandon Ingram  3 months back

        Im watching this because they might sign him in LA please no!!

        • Mugen Acz
          Mugen Acz  3 months back

          Lakers MUST trade ingram tho.. Ingram is like KDs garbage version.

      • Dobie Atienza
        Dobie Atienza  3 months back

        This is my take as well. Ty Lue is a very poor defensive coach. It has been for a while since the start of 2017 season. They lost to Warriors not really because of the lack of offensive firepower but because of their inability to defend. Now they want him to coach in Lakers and majority of it says hes the best fit. Really?? Can you hear me SMH? Great analysis as usual coach. I'm really learning a lot from you.

        • LayupzAK
          LayupzAK  4 months back

          So why is someone getting fired because the players cant play defence

          • Rush Rush
            Rush Rush  4 months back

            I thought Lue should've been given more rope than 6 games. When Lebron James leaves your team, everyone knows it's going to a long painful rebuild regardless of who your coach is.

            • Marc Angelo Silo
              Marc Angelo Silo  4 months back

              March 2019 Update: The Cavaliers officially will not make the playoffs (CONFIRMED BY NBA CALCULATIONS)

              • frank giuliano
                frank giuliano  5 months back

                Tyronn Lue sucked as a coach. He never had control of the team, only LeBron did. And they fired David Blatt because he expected / demanded LeBron to play defense.

                • ThatAintitMang
                  ThatAintitMang  5 months back

                  lazy defense

                  • Bang! Bang
                    Bang! Bang  5 months back

                    It's simple coz lue is stupid

                    • Adidas Man44
                      Adidas Man44  5 months back

                      LeBron never played defense..he sat under the basket waiting for rebounds..the team was use to that and most the time it left them scrambling on D!!!

                      • NappyKnowsIt 2.0
                        NappyKnowsIt 2.0  5 months back

                        It's not like it made much of a difference lmao

                        • miasmamuzic
                          miasmamuzic  5 months back

                          Might be the worst coach to ever win a ring

                          • Trevor Stapf
                            Trevor Stapf  6 months back

                            He got fired because their bad, it's that simple

                            • Warriors Nation
                              Warriors Nation  6 months back

                              Cavs still have no 10 wins

                              • ahoneyman
                                ahoneyman  6 months back

                                Larry Drew was in a much better bargaining position than you think. He's been coaching in the NBA since 1992. He's got friends around the league. I'm sure he called around to see who might need him before he made his whole "I'm not gonna be an interim head coach" speech. You don't stay in the NBA for that long without being really good at your job. Let's face it, a LeBron less Cavs team isn't exactly a prime coaching job.

                                • Michael Sobremonte
                                  Michael Sobremonte  6 months back

                                  Everybody knows it was GM james who fired david blatt

                                • libraryham
                                  libraryham  6 months back

                                  This team lived and died by the will of Lebron James during his time there. Blatt was fired because he clashed with James. They thought better to keep their star player happy and fire the coach who competes for authority over the team. Insert Tyronn Lue. Tyronn Lue was always a figurehead coach anyway. We all knew Lebron James was calling the shots on the floor (should have just made him the player/coach of the team).

                                  Now that there's no longer any real star on the team any more, Lue can't develop the players he has. He just doesn't have the experience or natural talent to do so. They might have some better players now if they didn't screw up in the aftermath of the Kyrie Irving trade with Boston. Initially I thought Cleveland won that trade and was surprised Boston gave into what I thought was a ridiculous demand, but we now see how that worked out. Isaiah Thomas could have been that leader the team sorely needs right now, and Jae Crowder could have been a solid player for them, but no, they flushed away those opportunities one way or another. Only Zizic remains from that trade, and hes not looking that good so far.

                                  • WizManBallin
                                    WizManBallin  7 months back

                                    Basically, he was fired because Lebron stifled any real system Lue tried to run once he was gone. Those players were hypnotized to one way of playing and Lue was trying to move on with no effect. Sad...

                                    • Ryan Sibley
                                      Ryan Sibley  7 months back

                                      When lebron aint there you cant get saved by the refs anymore thats the only reason you beat boston last year

                                      • Living For God
                                        Living For God  7 months back

                                        Will Ty Lue coach again?

                                        • Raphael Dube
                                          Raphael Dube  8 months back

                                          2:52 "A Double Whammy", while the background music is a guitar's whammy bar being used. Nice one coach, nice one ...

                                          • 1994
                                            1994  8 months back

                                            Blatt was fired while the Cavs were 30-11 & number one seed in the East. With him at the helm, the Cavs had a top ten defense & the best defense in the 2015 Playoffs. Despite being a rookie coach & losing two of his three top players, he still devised a scheme that was good enough to take a 2-1 series lead over the Warriors. Had JR hit more shots in those Finals, the Cavs could have pushed it to seven games. That's the ONLY Finals that the Cavs had a series lead. He gets fired a mistake that he made in the 2015 ECSF is being used as a main reason for his firing despite him advancing to the Finals & actually winning two games. The other reason is his apparent lack of control over the team. Yet, Lue had more dysfunction on his teams, the defense was deplorable & never better than bottom eight in the league. He ran LeBron into the ground during the season & refused to play young players any minutes despite injuries. He had a simple game plan that called for isos & drive & kicks. He got lucky with Draymond being suspended & Bogut being hurt. Thanks to a one man interior for GS, Bron & Kyrie feasted in the paint. He never had the Cavs prepared to play the Warriors until Game 3. He lasted so long because LeBron wanted him as the head coach. When you read what Blatt was fired for & then see how the Cavs performed under Lue, it's clear that his tactics weren't what got him the job.

                                            • wanna ch.illmatic
                                              wanna ch.illmatic  8 months back

                                              Lebron is actually a really bad defender. Doesn't even try

                                              • wanna ch.illmatic
                                                wanna ch.illmatic  8 months back

                                                Tyronn always looked so helpless. Not fit to be coached, only to be stepped over by Iverson

                                                • Joe Whitaker
                                                  Joe Whitaker  8 months back

                                                  I heard he was smoking crack

                                                  • Tezeu
                                                    Tezeu  8 months back

                                                    once again... lay of the henny JR!

                                                    • David Jeremiassen
                                                      David Jeremiassen  8 months back

                                                      I think the reason LeBron isn't the GOAT is because the greatest leaders of teams are 2 way players, giving effort and leadership in both ends of the floor, that's why Jordan is the GOAT and 6-6 in the finals. End of discussion.

                                                      • J Vert
                                                        J Vert  8 months back

                                                        Love needs to move

                                                        • JEAN GREY
                                                          JEAN GREY  8 months back

                                                          All I hear is JR not switching...

                                                          • Frank Mann
                                                            Frank Mann  8 months back

                                                            Cavs owner is a scumbag. He brought in a guy from israel who didn't have the real talent to do the job but he had a very talented team that almost did. Looks like the owner was trying to make the coach look like a superman. Orchestrated greatness. Coach may be a great guy but the apparatus of fabricated greatness used to shape who we think is great didn't work that time. Owner is a dirtbag all day long.

                                                            • jdroz65
                                                              jdroz65  8 months back

                                                              Defense is now illegal in the NBA anyway people only care about points

                                                              • Jerome Davis
                                                                Jerome Davis  8 months back

                                                                Bruh any coach that "coach's" brons team aint the fuckin coach. Lebron is the reason for any success bruh. Please stfu

                                                                • Barry McCockner
                                                                  Barry McCockner  8 months back

                                                                  Ty lue didnt get the cavs back from down 3-1. Lebron did . Just stop with the bullshit man. God some you mfers on some bs

                                                                  • Russ B
                                                                    Russ B  8 months back

                                                                    He was fired because the Cavs didn’t have to ask Lebron for his permission

                                                                    • Csfo Misor
                                                                      Csfo Misor  8 months back

                                                                      If the lakers play the cavs, the lakers would just pour in 3s from Josh Hart and win in a blowout

                                                                      • John O
                                                                        John O  8 months back

                                                                        come back lebron!

                                                                        • kalon511
                                                                          kalon511  8 months back

                                                                          2:24 - 2:25 Why did the ref. miss that call when he was standing RIGHT THERE? Some of these plays are due to players NOT knowing HOW to play defense or NOT having a high (or even decent) basketball I.Q.

                                                                          • EyeSeeYou
                                                                            EyeSeeYou  8 months back

                                                                            id love to see a video about james borrego's new hornets offense. it's 2nd in the league in efficiency and they have a hell of a bench squad

                                                                            • Huzaifah Syed
                                                                              Huzaifah Syed  8 months back

                                                                              Lebron was the coach

                                                                              • Pyroman /
                                                                                Pyroman /  8 months back

                                                                                LeBron is the worst defence place in the top 50

                                                                                • Pyroman /
                                                                                  Pyroman /  8 months back

                                                                                  Cuz la-baby needs someone to blame when he isn't doing good

                                                                                  • Trapperz AlleyTV
                                                                                    Trapperz AlleyTV  8 months back

                                                                                    They fired Tyron Lue so he can be the next head coach in LA

                                                                                    • londi nol
                                                                                      londi nol  8 months back


                                                                                      • Jim Stark
                                                                                        Jim Stark  8 months back

                                                                                        Johnny Cash: "My name is Lue; what did I do?"

                                                                                        • mookeychase0907
                                                                                          mookeychase0907  8 months back

                                                                                          All you naysayers Ty Lue can coach and he will get another job.When you played BB your whole life you develop some kind of BB philosophy as you play you learn. Some guys take in what they learn some don't some become coaches. He is a disciple of Doc Rivers still one of the best in the league and played under Phil Jackson and Rick Carlisle. He willed his team from the bench when they were down 3-1 not LeBron. He obviously with his MVP performance in the Finals willed them on the court but Ty believed in his team. He didn't give up and look toward LeBron to bring the team back when they fell down 3-1 to a 73 win team. He, game after game believed in them made adjudtments, encouraged them and made them believe they were gonna beat the team some people say was the best ever and they did,he did his job...

                                                                                          • Maggie Pollard
                                                                                            Maggie Pollard  8 months back

                                                                                            Lue is a former LA laker championship player and coach she is good

                                                                                            • GMan5090
                                                                                              GMan5090  8 months back

                                                                                              Damn they suck as basketball players