Is The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money?


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   8 months back

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    • Nakir Hossain Shanto
      Nakir Hossain Shanto  1 weeks back

      I am a big fan of apple..Can you give me a Iphone Xs😞😞..

    • Marauder
      Marauder  1 months back

      No buy a surface pro

    • Yas Clarin
      Yas Clarin  1 months back

      I love iPad Pro unbox therapy

    • yashas p
      yashas p  2 months back

      Hey what's the watch it wearing

  • Mr Fluff
    Mr Fluff  2 hours back

    This comment is going to get lost, but i'm going to buy the iPad Pro soon for taking notes on lectures. Writing something using a pen is way more efficient than typing it on a laptop, and i also can do some media consumption while im at it using the iPad OS beta :)

    • Aninwike Michael
      Aninwike Michael  5 hours back

      You loose your cool most times😂😂

      • Abid uzzaman Miah
        Abid uzzaman Miah  1 days back

        Did you mention butter?

        • Xcapeartist 1111
          Xcapeartist 1111  1 days back

          Try the IpadOS Beta and let us know what you think

          • syther games2
            syther games2  2 days back

            Can it brak easaly

            • DabTop Unofficial
              DabTop Unofficial  3 days back

              If you use the keyboard with the ipad it’s basically a MacBook

              • Alkali Metal
                Alkali Metal  2 days back

                No, not even close. I have both and the entire experience is different. Completely different software and input devices. iPad Pro is amazing for taking notes and general productivity or media consumption. MacBook Pro is much better in terms of file ecosystem and user control, it’s also the best device you can buy for research and lab use, as well as for general internet surfing.

            • 93MattTheBeast
              93MattTheBeast  3 days back

              Can anyone tell me what watch he is wearing? :)

              • RisingAssassinFN
                RisingAssassinFN  3 days back

                ive got the ipad pro 12.9 with 1tb storage and i got the keyboard and apple pen and i think its good

              • Chisty’s Vlog
                Chisty’s Vlog  3 days back

                Yes it is expensive I also have it

                • Harrison Haynes
                  Harrison Haynes  4 days back

                  Dang! The box artwork is enough to get me🥴🤤

                  • Franzelee Francis
                    Franzelee Francis  4 days back


                    • Madhu Anand
                      Madhu Anand  4 days back

                      I like the bigger iPad Pro more than the small one bc it’s WAY to small

                      • bruno lopes
                        bruno lopes  2 days back

                        11 inches is pretty big... most tablets are smaller than that.

                    • mrbakerskatz
                      mrbakerskatz  4 days back

                      Goof I wanted a review of the iPad

                      • Puchang Nie
                        Puchang Nie  4 days back

                        best budget keyboard, @t

                        • The Flags that Flew
                          The Flags that Flew  5 days back

                          I’m watching this on my 2018 third generation iPad Pro 12.9 it’s amazing you should definitely buy it .

                          • Hashim Iqbal
                            Hashim Iqbal  5 days back

                            If and when Apple brings MacOS to iPad Pro the way it should have always been to take advantage of a bigger mobile device compared to iPhone, that’s when these iPads will just demolish and take over the tablet market and kill every other competitor’s market share. Otherwise, there is no solid reason to upgrade your current iPad that you own as it can do pretty much the same thing as the newest iPad models.
                            P.S. what’s the dog breed featured in this video? Anyone know?

                            • McBamboo Sayson
                              McBamboo Sayson  5 days back

                              can i have one sir😊

                              • Alex Jones
                                Alex Jones  5 days back

                                Drink broth. Lmao

                                • Nick Guzman
                                  Nick Guzman  5 days back

                                  Fr tho. Eat butter.

                                  • Krishettey :D
                                    Krishettey :D  6 days back

                                    It’s c h o n k y

                                    • انشكاي/ AnShkaY
                                      انشكاي/ AnShkaY  6 days back

                                      ❤️This ipad pro and keyboard ❤️OR❤️acer nitro 5 an515 gaming laptop❤️

                                      • Martin Rodriguez
                                        Martin Rodriguez  6 days back

                                        Do an update with iPadOS

                                        • I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3

                                          I love how everyone is making a joke about not being able to afford it. I thought it was only me, lol.

                                          • just me g
                                            just me g  6 days back

                                            Is The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money?
                                            *NO* .

                                          • Ipad Air
                                            Ipad Air  6 days back

                                            who is watching this on a iPad Air

                                            • P MAL
                                              P MAL  6 days back

                                              Maybe in the US folk are accustomed to this rather loud presenters but here in London, England, he simply puts me off viewing the video and adds to the stereotypical image of a 'loud-mouthed American' - I personally don't think this is true but the presenter is a total idiot.

                                              • Ankit Kumar
                                                Ankit Kumar  6 days back

                                                6:53 is best

                                                • Dechi Apple
                                                  Dechi Apple  7 days back

                                                  The iPad Pro is the same thing as my iPad, but it’s an iPad Air 2 so the iPad Pro is the same as iPad Air 2 but expensive kinda...

                                                  • Vincent Go
                                                    Vincent Go  3 days back

                                                    Dechi Apple i upgraded from ipad air 2 to ipad pro 11inch because of the hardware and the processor and its very powerful to photoshop and edit and sketch using the pencil or play a few games. especially with the ipados

                                                • Goosy_J
                                                  Goosy_J  7 days back

                                                  I know you not using that IPad send one my way?😂

                                                  • Yusif Melhim
                                                    Yusif Melhim  7 days back


                                                    • Cayron Bassett
                                                      Cayron Bassett  1 weeks back

                                                      what do you do wit all of the phones you have

                                                      • Carlyce Simpson
                                                        Carlyce Simpson  1 weeks back

                                                        I can’t believe it’s not butter

                                                        • Joseph K.
                                                          Joseph K.  1 weeks back

                                                          What are people using ipads for?? Like the only thing i see my self doing with an Ipad is watch videos and play apps...

                                                        • TypOPositiv
                                                          TypOPositiv  1 weeks back

                                                          The product is good. The video was dumb.

                                                          • Nick
                                                            Nick  1 weeks back

                                                            Music, Which Is Used In this video, is So calming . im loving it <3

                                                            • Nethum
                                                              Nethum  1 weeks back

                                                              COMPARABLE, COMPARABLE!! DIS IS BETTER THAN MY MAIN PC

                                                              • Amira Ahmed
                                                                Amira Ahmed  1 weeks back

                                                                BUTTER ADDICTED

                                                                • Just Marj
                                                                  Just Marj  1 weeks back

                                                                  So useful !

                                                                  • Velga Al Rasyid
                                                                    Velga Al Rasyid  1 weeks back

                                                                    Too big for you, but perfect for designers & artists, especially since you can use it with the stylus.

                                                                    • PhilipB
                                                                      PhilipB  1 weeks back

                                                                      "They want to touch something....they're lonely"....i just fell off my chair laughing! hahah

                                                                      • Prince Risen
                                                                        Prince Risen  1 weeks back

                                                                        The new iPadOS tho 👌🔥

                                                                        • Beenish Khan
                                                                          Beenish Khan  1 weeks back

                                                                          I have an iPad Pro

                                                                          • cmaris Videos
                                                                            cmaris Videos  1 weeks back

                                                                            My favorite part was the butter rant!

                                                                            • Ian Jones
                                                                              Ian Jones  1 weeks back

                                                                              Be warned, the cases on the ipad pro 12.9 are VERY fragile. They will bend VERY easily and Apple are not interested in helping you if this happens. The wife was horrified that her 4 figure purchase would not be repaired after receiving no warning of the extreme care needed to avoid damage to it. Think twice or be very careful if you are considering one.

                                                                              • Don Kapsalon
                                                                                Don Kapsalon  1 weeks back

                                                                                Lew, I am a Apple biased guy, we need to work together. Hire me. I need to earn big money to afford more Apple products

                                                                                • Lil Durk
                                                                                  Lil Durk  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I have the 2017 iPad pr 10.5 and a first gen iPhone X and I’m satisfied. Maybe I’m just getting older, but upgrading stuff just to upgrade is no longer appealing to me, and Apple has yet to innovate in a whole! If Apple wants my money, they need to do better

                                                                                  • GH0ST
                                                                                    GH0ST  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I watch this video just for Otis 😂😂 anyone one knows which breed he is ?