UFC Pros Pick - Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 2 (UFC 241)


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  • theScoreMMA
    theScoreMMA   2 weeks back

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    Anthony Smith - UFC light heavyweight - 00:00:04
    Frankie Edgar - UFC featherweight - 00:01:13
    Colby Covington - UFC welterweight - 00:01:27
    Gegard Mousasi - Former Bellator middleweight champion - 00:01:44
    Cory Sandhagen - UFC bantamweight - 00:01:59
    Derek Brunson - UFC middleweight - 00:02:22
    Eryk Anders - UFC light heavyweight - 00:02:44
    Gerald Meerschaert - UFC middleweight - 00:02:47
    Ian Heinisch - UFC middleweight - 00:02:59
    James Vick - UFC lightweight - 00:03:12
    Josh Emmett - UFC featherweight - 00:03:28
    Juan Adams - UFC heavyweight - 00:03:57
    Renato Moicano - UFC featherweight - 00:04:13
    Volkan Oezdemir - UFC light heavyweight - 00:04:45
    Walt Harris - UFC heavyweight - 00:05:10

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    • Chad Mesiroff
      Chad Mesiroff  8 hours back

      Wow every time I see Anthony Smith I think that I cannot respect him more, and then he raises the bar. Almost everyone was picking DC partially because it’s a boys club and you do not want to piss off one of the most famous MMA commentators. In the first fight most these guys were saying how it was a no brainer because steve bay was much bigger and stronger and faster and this time around all of them acted like they called DC for both fights.

      Most who analyzed this fight who is not a friend of a.k.a. or in the UFC predicted correctly that Stipe was going to win this time. The few guys who picked Stipe like Anthony Smith we’re basically going up against the entire UFC machine. The UFC wanted Daniel Cormier to win this so badly. So did the media.

      Stipe is a real life superhero. I full-time firefighter who also is not just the heavyweight champion but the most successful heavyweight champion of all time, and while he was doing this was still working his shifts and cleaning toilets at the firehouse. He was not some PR invention where he showed up once a year to keep the firefighter storyline going. You could even argue that being UFC heavyweight champion is his side job.

      I love DC as well but outside of Brendan doorman no one mentioned Stipe getting I poked not once not twice but three times once that was two knuckles deep in his right eye. No one in the media who are all TC’s friends mentioned that same clinch break and punch was avoided three times earlier with ease until he lost vision from illegal eye pokes.

      It’s weird how much cronyism happens in MMA these days. So when I see fighters buck the trend It shows me they have balls.

      • Sam Ordna
        Sam Ordna  14 hours back

        Adams is one uUGLY MOFO

        • Sam Ordna
          Sam Ordna  14 hours back

          Fuck whats with the Weidman dead-righteye ..chris, yoel n now Gegard

          • William Strickland
            William Strickland  2 days back

            Well it turned out the exact opposite of DC by TKO in 4. Stipe by TKO in 4

            • Ryan Brown
              Ryan Brown  4 days back

              I get that DC won last time, but why do people think there's no possible way Stipe could've caught DC? With two high level fighters, it's pretty much anyone's game. At heavyweight, anyone can get knocked out.

              • Ryan Brown
                Ryan Brown  4 days back

                @bmx7596 White people have also been subjugated by other ethnicities, but this isn't about race at all or, at least, it shouldn't be.

              • bmx7596
                bmx7596  4 days back

                Because most people don't like white people, they've conquered most of the world and its easy to hate.

            • Im Stupid
              Im Stupid  5 days back


              • Metal Lord
                Metal Lord  5 days back

                Gegard is always right this guy has knowledge on fighting

                • Rick Deckard
                  Rick Deckard  5 days back

                  Smith called it.

                  • Christian McDonald
                    Christian McDonald  6 days back

                    Daniel Cormier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • EM0tional Goose
                      EM0tional Goose  6 days back

                      dc 3rd round by submission... stipe is too emotional for him to stick to his gameplan

                      • Ticklemehomo
                        Ticklemehomo  4 days back

                        I'm not gonna rub stipe's win inur face but I just wanna say that DC tends to get really emotional and stipe is more of a stoic.

                    • Robert Daugherty
                      Robert Daugherty  6 days back

                      Daniel had back surgery! This is a gimme to stipe and retirement pay for Daniel

                      • Raul24 K
                        Raul24 K  6 days back

                        Dc wins again and beat jones then retires

                      • Lee Massey
                        Lee Massey  7 days back

                        It’s gonna be a good fight! 2 great fighters! It’s not goin to a decision! Someone is getting KOd! Hard to choose the winner but I’ll like Miocic to win.

                        • Panzo Productionz
                          Panzo Productionz  6 days back

                          Lee Massey tbh, I think the later the match goes on, the more likely DC will win but Stipe is most likely to win in the earlier rounds

                      • Hungaro Pride
                        Hungaro Pride  1 weeks back

                        Stipe will win thIs time

                        • Mr Rager
                          Mr Rager  1 weeks back

                          Let’s go Stopic

                          • bert 33
                            bert 33  1 weeks back

                            @dcmma all day long 🤝

                            • Jeremy B
                              Jeremy B  1 weeks back

                              Lol .. this guy is incredibly dense ..
                              “ Daniels undefeated at heavyweight “ he says ..
                              He fought once with a very lucky ending after eye gouging the other guy ..
                              yet the man with the lame tattoos is acting like he’s 1989 Mike Tyson

                              • Jeremy B
                                Jeremy B  1 weeks back

                                Can Stipe wear goggles this time ..
                                Cuz the fat bald man goes for the eyes yall

                              • Hamza Mz
                                Hamza Mz  1 weeks back

                                Meow chick🐱

                                • realboyzian
                                  realboyzian  1 weeks back

                                  People keep saying stipe a good wrestler. Okay. Does it matter when dc and khabib r the best wrestlers in mma? No. So shut the fuck up about it. Its not even a factor to consider.

                                  • jesus christ himself
                                    jesus christ himself  1 weeks back

                                    1/4 Of the swedes answered, robotic people. They started too young so their coach yelled at them when they were kids and were silenced, I guess it still has its effect

                                    • U_Say_What_Fool
                                      U_Say_What_Fool  1 weeks back

                                      Really like gegard he says it like it Is

                                      • Doonie602
                                        Doonie602  1 weeks back

                                        Miocic is fired up to win his belt back meanwhile DC smokin crack & talkin about retiring, its a no brainier lol.

                                        • Juan Cantu
                                          Juan Cantu  1 weeks back

                                          Colby speaking the truth like always

                                          • Willondenn PoFM
                                            Willondenn PoFM  1 weeks back

                                            Stipe, Nate & Yoel !!!

                                            • KHALED AlMutairi
                                              KHALED AlMutairi  1 weeks back

                                              DC 👍

                                              • Bullet Park
                                                Bullet Park  1 weeks back

                                                DC is the kind of guy who will fight anyone.......unless his name is Jon jones

                                                • Bullet Park
                                                  Bullet Park  1 weeks back

                                                  Nate Diaz is the kind of guy who will take a fight in order to buy more weed.

                                                  • Bullet Park
                                                    Bullet Park  1 weeks back

                                                    DC is getting fat. Stipe will kick that ass.

                                                    • InfinteWingWah
                                                      InfinteWingWah  1 weeks back

                                                      Josh Emmett looks like a high school history teacher

                                                      • a coop
                                                        a coop  1 weeks back

                                                        Thank you Juan for bringing up the truth.

                                                        • Flatulence The Unending

                                                          If DC can win without eye pokes this time...

                                                          • Warrior BC
                                                            Warrior BC  1 weeks back

                                                            DC is scarying for fight with Jones and Stipe will smash DC because in last fight he defending him self more than attacking DC.
                                                            Fighting is like CHESS who attack more he win who defending him self he lose.Jones attack more DC and he win, DC attack more Stipe and he win,Stipe knows this fact and this fight now will be diferent.Sorry for my bad englisch XD.

                                                            • XStockton X4LIFE
                                                              XStockton X4LIFE  1 weeks back

                                                              2:51 “I think Steepee “ 😂😂😂👍

                                                              • CM D
                                                                CM D  1 weeks back

                                                                Stipe didnt use his reach at all. He under estimated DCs punch power as well. #checkdcsgloves

                                                                • Elo Boa
                                                                  Elo Boa  1 weeks back

                                                                  the inability of some of these fighters to reason is phenomenal..

                                                                  • Nathan Hamm
                                                                    Nathan Hamm  1 weeks back

                                                                    "Cormiyair" James Vick must've forgot his education after that loss to gaethje

                                                                    • Ritalie
                                                                      Ritalie  1 weeks back

                                                                      Daniel Cormier has a seriously intelligent fighting mind.

                                                                      • Stan Simsan
                                                                        Stan Simsan  2 weeks back

                                                                        If it stays on the feet Stipe will definitely win this time. I think the only way for DC to win again is to take it to the ground and tap him out.

                                                                        • David Wilson
                                                                          David Wilson  2 weeks back

                                                                          Dirty boxing only works once..I would have like to hear one of the pros talk about eye pokes.dc gonna get punked..the white dude is on a mission...dc has tomany other things going on.like Tyron w . that fools rap career got him punked.

                                                                          • Justin Porter
                                                                            Justin Porter  2 weeks back

                                                                            This will be a great fight. We all saw the first one and I don’t think anyone is ready to count either dude out I wouldn’t put money on this fight cuz I can see it going either way

                                                                            • okk err
                                                                              okk err  2 weeks back

                                                                              STIPE STIPE STIPE STIPE STIPE

                                                                              • GagexScapegoat
                                                                                GagexScapegoat  2 weeks back

                                                                                Stipe fanboys found this video.

                                                                                • Darrell Hornyak
                                                                                  Darrell Hornyak  2 weeks back

                                                                                  The belt is coming back to Cleveland

                                                                                  • Dana White
                                                                                    Dana White  2 weeks back

                                                                                    James Vick is starting to sound punch drunk just like HOMER SIMPSON

                                                                                    • TheBigMike
                                                                                      TheBigMike  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Stipe by TKO in 2nd or 3rd round

                                                                                      • Dennis Reynolds
                                                                                        Dennis Reynolds  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Hilarious how many people call Colby racist when most of the people he speaks fondly of are black and latino lmao.