Bucks Win Battle, Raptors Could Win The War

  • Published: 17 May 2019
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    Coach Nick breaks down the back and forth of a wild Game 1of the Eastern Conference Finals. Brook Lopez's career high was instrumental, while the Raptors struggled down the stretch to score.
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Comments • 870

  • LoKi 10304
    LoKi 10304  2 months back

    I hated Brook Lopez's face so much after this game

    • Pyroman /
      Pyroman /  2 months back

      Coach knew what was going to happen

      • Haochi Zhang
        Haochi Zhang  2 months back

        When Nick Nurse was asked about when he felt they had confidence he said this game, because of the buzzer beater against 76ers and more importantly he felt they out played the Bucks even though they lost. Very nice analysis from coach Nick.

        • Jude Moleta
          Jude Moleta  2 months back

          wow this video aged so well

          • Hollis Robertson
            Hollis Robertson  3 months back

            Dam u always go in on Bledsoe

            • Hanggao's NawngLLC
              Hanggao's NawngLLC  3 months back

              still waiting for the game 6 breakdown coach

              • Arshnoor Ghuman
                Arshnoor Ghuman  3 months back

                you were right raptors did win the war

                • Drunken Master II
                  Drunken Master II  3 months back

                  Thanks for new music, old one was annoying

                  • Tyler Goh
                    Tyler Goh  3 months back

                    YOU CALLED IT COACH.

                    • Klyde Broox
                      Klyde Broox  3 months back

                      You've proven to be a B-Ball guru on this one, bro, big respect!

                      • Anthoni Gatlin
                        Anthoni Gatlin  3 months back

                        Hey Coach, have thought about covering the WNBA?

                      • Ty Kurtz
                        Ty Kurtz  3 months back

                        I like the new music coach

                        • Mak Tizora
                          Mak Tizora  3 months back

                          U were right 👌🏿

                        • Mohamoud Mohamed
                          Mohamoud Mohamed  3 months back

                          well this video definitely aged like fine wine

                          • Al N
                            Al N  3 months back

                            I knew you’d be correct, thanks coach

                          • Terhile Ikyo
                            Terhile Ikyo  3 months back

                            Coach Nick so right, Bucks wan the battle, Raptors won the war

                          • jkckwong
                            jkckwong  3 months back

                            You are unbelievable, coach. Raptors won the war!

                            • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                              BBALLBREAKDOWN   3 months back

                              Sometimes I know a few things 👍👍🏀🏀 thx so much

                          • Yahya Masri
                            Yahya Masri  3 months back

                            Coach nick is a genius! raps in 6ix!!!

                          • Rj Cruz
                            Rj Cruz  3 months back

                            You called it!!

                          • GooMoo
                            GooMoo  3 months back

                            And here we go, Raptors has won the war!

                          • Mr HappyGilmore
                            Mr HappyGilmore  3 months back

                            This man is the 4 eyed raven

                            • Sebastian Cruz
                              Sebastian Cruz  3 months back

                              Coach was right all along. goddamn

                              go raps!

                              • ripseeze
                                ripseeze  3 months back

                                you called it!

                                • Danny C.
                                  Danny C.  3 months back

                                  man this video has aged well. The fast break defense has been great for the raptors and the 3s.

                                  • tx2
                                    tx2  3 months back

                                    duuuuuuude this tune isn't the same!!!!!

                                    • Matteas Berger
                                      Matteas Berger  3 months back

                                      Leave the new music it's a nice change I got so tired of the old music

                                      • BBALLBREAKDOWN
                                        BBALLBREAKDOWN   3 months back

                                        Lol, it’s the biggest trigger I’ve ever seen for everybody

                                    • Tony L
                                      Tony L  3 months back

                                      Giannis carries so much. On that 1st fast break he actually put his hand under the ball and it actually went UPWARD before throwing the ball ahead.

                                      • Tony L
                                        Tony L  3 months back

                                        @Jeremiah Hull lol I'm a Warriors fan. You can kiss the rings. Raptors get to their first finals ever, and now, we have all these brave fans.

                                      • Jeremiah Hull
                                        Jeremiah Hull  3 months back

                                        S Lo Sore ass loser

                                    • saleh aljouf
                                      saleh aljouf  3 months back

                                      Just want to say its nice to mix both old and new music its not bad

                                      • chainz
                                        chainz  3 months back

                                        bring back old music

                                        • 21nickik
                                          21nickik  3 months back

                                          You just keep making the same mistake about the Bucks

                                        • teros pipis
                                          teros pipis  3 months back

                                          Bad take coach,all the lebron talk fried your brains

                                        • ThePrufessa
                                          ThePrufessa  3 months back

                                          The reason the buck's allow more threes than other teams is because they protect the paint the best and force teams to settle for more perimeter shots over the course of a game/season. If all teams can settle for against them are perimeter shots then a good portion of those will be three pointers. The buck's will live with every single one of them as long as they don't allow high percentage layups and jumpers from the free throw line down.

                                          This is The same strategy that had the Cavs up against the warriors in part 1. Due to Kyrie and love being injured the Cavs were able to deploy a gigantic defensive lineup that didn't allow any penetration. That is what caused them to use the death lineup. After that the Cavs had no answer. But before that when they are running their traditional rotation the Cavs were too long they literally formed a wall around the paint.

                                          For this very reason I don't see how the Cavs would've won part 1 fully healthy. They wouldn't have put the defense in to slow down the warriors with a healthy love and Kyrie. And we saw them come within one miracle game of being swept when both teams were fully healthy next season.

                                          • ThePrufessa
                                            ThePrufessa  3 months back

                                            If all Toronto is gonna shoot are perimeter shots then they can have as many as they want to.

                                            • Hiển Võ
                                              Hiển Võ  3 months back

                                              can u hear me shake my head now?

                                              • Xxxx Soto
                                                Xxxx Soto  3 months back

                                                Coach this series is over we are looking at the 2019 world champs Milwaukee is moving on in 5 and if KD doesn't come back they are the world champs. I like the Khawi Raptors but he needs help. Oh yeah can you PLEASE go back to the old music.

                                              • Steven Trotter, Jr
                                                Steven Trotter, Jr  3 months back

                                                And say it with me "pat kahn-uh-ten"

                                                • Steven Trotter, Jr
                                                  Steven Trotter, Jr  3 months back

                                                  This didn't age well lmao

                                                • Vasileios Vergados
                                                  Vasileios Vergados  3 months back

                                                  The fact that mostly gets unnoticed is that the 2 bucks allstars both never play more than 35 min per game, the bench always chips in and they also have many tall guys who can shoot. I don't see how the raptors can beat them if kawhi enters the last quarter exhausted with little help from the bench. Even on a bad day, if the bucks stay close up to the 4th, they will probably win

                                                • Mace
                                                  Mace  3 months back

                                                  I like the new music

                                                  • Will Beldman
                                                    Will Beldman  3 months back

                                                    Seatgeek ad was WAY too intrusive.

                                                    I know you have to get paid but that’s too far.

                                                    • Tio989
                                                      Tio989  3 months back

                                                      I for one...like the new music.

                                                      • DenisPhy
                                                        DenisPhy  3 months back

                                                        No dont bring back the old music, this song is addicting too, give them a few more videos and they ll love it.

                                                        • Vaidas T
                                                          Vaidas T  3 months back


                                                          • Sterling Archer
                                                            Sterling Archer  3 months back

                                                            $197.00/year FOR MENBERSHIP.........

                                                            • Evan Berhe
                                                              Evan Berhe  3 months back

                                                              yeah well raptors just got blown out in game 2.

                                                              • Marc Goodman
                                                                Marc Goodman  3 months back

                                                                I don't think you have ever watched an NBA game. Your brain is not functional

                                                              • ArtcoreX2000
                                                                ArtcoreX2000  3 months back

                                                                7 games huh?

                                                                This series is over.

                                                                Ring goes to the bucks most probably.

                                                                • Samuel Williams
                                                                  Samuel Williams  3 months back

                                                                  Ahahahahahahha (kawhi laugh)

                                                                • balor.
                                                                  balor.  3 months back

                                                                  @maharajahdann You good?

                                                                • maharajahdann
                                                                  maharajahdann  3 months back

                                                                  @mistah Jackson There's no God, but the series is still over lol

                                                                • mistah Jackson
                                                                  mistah Jackson  3 months back

                                                                  If there is a God.

                                                              • M A
                                                                M A  3 months back

                                                                wow raptors really exposed the bucks defense tonight