Let's talk about the Mac Stand... - WAN Show June 7, 2019


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  • Jens c
    Jens c  2 months back

    1:57 intro
    2:47 How much does youtube take from super chat
    4:29 Blockchain conversation
    5:47 Quadrigacx conspiracy
    8:46 apple stuff
    9:22 Mac "pro"
    11:23 Previous xeon w and ecc chitter
    16:30 Back to mac pro
    24:39 Apple monitor
    31:10 Sponsor honey
    31:55 Power outage
    32:38 Sponsor Pulseway
    33:18 Sponsor Rover
    34:03 Microled
    42:46 Apple monitor stand
    45:00 Camera dead
    45:40 Back to the apple monitor stand
    51:15 Superchats

    • Luna Lytele
      Luna Lytele  4 weeks back

      doing the lord's work

    • Iñaki Quintana
      Iñaki Quintana  1 months back

      Fucking clickbait...

    • UnOriginalOne
      UnOriginalOne  1 months back

      This reads like a journal from some natural disaster coverage.

    • GourmetGringo
      GourmetGringo  1 months back

      I wish they would put this on screen

    • A K L
      A K L  1 months back


    DAVID GREGORY KERR  3 days back

    Maybe it is time that Winnt.dll disappeared form Windows 10 to be replaced by an enhanced Linux kernel.

    • Jo Veteran
      Jo Veteran  4 days back

      I'm in 34:46, and I could hear "it" sooo clearly, but I confirmation as well. So I looked to see what was going on in the mind of the livechat at the moment, and what would know [Disabled for this video]... so yeah.
      Linus I don't believe he can't hear it, only that he pretends very very well.

      • RSmerlinRS
        RSmerlinRS  3 weeks back

        52:07 COMPARED TO WHAT, LINUS?

        lost my shit.. almost fell off chair

        • Huey Freeman
          Huey Freeman  3 weeks back

          Lemme just let that wash over me...

          • Laurie les trésors de bretagne

            Bravo pour ta vidéo . merci du partage . N'hésite pas à faire un tour sur ma chaine et à t'abonnez , partager et liker si cela t'en dit . Bisous à bientôt .

            • MVE
              MVE  3 weeks back

              Mac Pro's will be assembled in Shenzhen, China. The hardcore professionals won't buy the $6000 Mac Pro, but a more beefier version. It will earn itself back in no time, because for pros time is money. I just hope for the lesser fortunate among us, Apple will make a prosumer and cheaper version of this Mac Pro (with iMac/iMac Pro prices?).

              • chargualafd
                chargualafd  4 weeks back

                Linus still made a weak argument about paying that much money for a monitor stand.

                • chargualafd
                  chargualafd  4 weeks back

                  And he's still overpaying for his dohickey!

              • Willy Milano
                Willy Milano  4 weeks back

                Apple USA prices are insane but not insane enough for Mexico. I compared builds on the Mexican and US Apple websites for the exact same products and I found out that iMac prices are as much as 35% higher in Mexico, and up to around 17% for iMac Pro. I had to stop a couple of times to go vomit.

                • Ryan S
                  Ryan S  4 weeks back

                  It's almost literally a $6000 cheese grater that just so happens to run MacOS. Interesting. You know, I do wish there were more computer cases out there with that "customized" feel to them, with higher quality materials, with the level of attention to detail that Apple puts in. But it seems to me like, if it's not Lian Li, everyone else is just copying each other and all the rage right now is that stupid "sandwich" style kicked off by the Dan A4. It doesn't really feel like anyone's doing anything unique, except maybe Not From Concentrate. And Lazer3D actually, but they need to make something that will actually take a full size/length GPU.

                  • junez5
                    junez5  1 months back

                    @45:00 apple tries to shut them up

                    • AmstradExin
                      AmstradExin  1 months back

                      Linus speaks the truth! An iPad Pro is not actually pro. They cost only like 1700$ or something...compare it to an Motion Computing (Now Xplore) tablet...these are like 4000$.

                      • Quan To
                        Quan To  1 months back

                        Sure, you can make money making Youtube videos talking about a $999 aluminum stand!
                        But you don't actually need to buy the stand for that!
                        What else can a $999 stand bring some profit for you?

                        • Jonne B
                          Jonne B  1 months back

                          So funny :D : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58VJ6v54KU4&fbclid=IwAR2kq7W00-eTHQ83V9iTjGQfeNs8VXo7BaIV2NCcOFnKruEsV0q165dk2mg

                          • Valentin Mladenov
                            Valentin Mladenov  1 months back

                            For Apple lowes price Mac pro machine, they are using the popcorn/soda seller in front of a Cinema, approach.

                            Basicaly you have the following prices:
                            100 gr -> 3$
                            250 gr -> 4$
                            500 gr -> 5$

                            The ultimate goal is to sell only 500 gr popcorns. The other prices are to make you think you are actualy loosing money if you bay them.
                            The lowest prices are real ripoff compared to the 500gr.
                            Well de facto you don't save money, you are buing the most expensive one.

                            Pepole will not buy the lowest one, but they will thinhk the highest end is actualy goog for... I don't know 10000$.
                            For 10000$ working station you can do anything.

                            • michael andrews
                              michael andrews  1 months back

                              Apple : "We sell the product at a premuim claiming it is of superior quaility and will last for many years then make it obsoltete in a few years by locking it out of Osx or Ios updates so they have to rebuy if it still works.

                              • David Smith
                                David Smith  1 months back

                                I think a good example of what Linus was trying to say is this. Think of lawn mowers, you got the push mower, the riding mower, and those fast zero turn mowers. You can cut more lawns faster by buying the more expensive machine hence you can make more money.

                                • John Maris
                                  John Maris  1 months back

                                  Rofl emergency generator anyone?

                                  • Blind Bob
                                    Blind Bob  1 months back

                                    Take a couple of computers to Chernobyl ,one with ECC & one without ECC.....
                                    Ultimately the issue... is that not only do you have to "flip a bit", but you have to ensure the bit you flipped, actually HAS a MEANINGFUL outcome in the process needed to "corrupt" or crash the system..

                                    That is to say if you flipped a bit in the video ram.. who gives a fuck....,

                                    but if you flipped a bit & later that bit controlled a jump instruction to turn off the pumps in "Chernobyl"...... then clearly it is far more of an issue.
                                    AS a net result.. "testing" that way means nothing.... he only thing that the manufacturer can do is use probability theory to "guesstimate" the impact....

                                    Which is where people like linus fall down because he does not actually understand the systems & electronics to anything than a surface level.

                                    • Zipp4Everyone
                                      Zipp4Everyone  1 months back

                                      CONGRATS Discount Luke! <3

                                      • Otobai Kenkyusha
                                        Otobai Kenkyusha  1 months back

                                        Linus singing Red Rover by Tribe at 57:23
                                        ... mindblown

                                        • Andreas Stavrou
                                          Andreas Stavrou  1 months back

                                          As soon as I heard the 'apparent' pun/dad joke I had to smash the like button. Well played sir, well played.

                                          • chrissx Media
                                            chrissx Media  1 months back

                                            i actually experienced that same feeling linus was describing around 37:20 with an old crt in my childhood

                                            • German Jimenez
                                              German Jimenez  1 months back

                                              Game keeper 🏹🌹

                                              • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo
                                                JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo  1 months back

                                                Ditch the retainer Lisp-master-2000......

                                                • MatthiasAI
                                                  MatthiasAI  1 months back

                                                  Mac has such a big brandwagon... Its like people that dont know anything about cars and gets a "High end" automobile but those cars arn't actually as impressive as you'd think. Its like having a 1000hp car with motorcycle tires... xD

                                                  • Thomas Wilson
                                                    Thomas Wilson  1 months back

                                                    Might be a good idea to have one of those “on air” type signs as radios or other similar TV set type signs set up and turned on next to the light/power switches, so that whenever you’re doing wan show or other film work late this doesn’t happen so much as it seems a regular occurrence for the lights to be switched off in the middle of wan show 😂

                                                    • Maciek Jutrzenka
                                                      Maciek Jutrzenka  1 months back

                                                      it would make sense if the would make 6-8 core cpu because of single score speed for like adobe programs.. but they just make weak 8 core... so eh

                                                      • Tachibana Kyosuke
                                                        Tachibana Kyosuke  1 months back

                                                        What is this thing you talked about spent extra on your employee’s quality of life mean? Never heard of it.

                                                        • Sergio Díaz Nila
                                                          Sergio Díaz Nila  1 months back

                                                          Apple outraged the apple sheeps that want to have everything from Apple because it is from Apple, that at most are in the prosumer level. Real pros will say "999 for monitor stand, well I need real good stand with my thousands dollar monitor that will help me make hundreds of thousands"

                                                          • Graham, King of the Britons!

                                                            No one will buy the entry level config. Its there to build off, for instance in arch viz you don't need a beast CPU or more than 32GB ram, but you need a butt load of GPUS for rendering, a decent workstation card for modelling and mass storage for files (though OS and applications only require a small boot drive.) In music for instance, you need a beast CPU, as much ram as possible, mass storage, multiple audio cards, but only a basic GPU to drive the monitors. Professionals rarely max out every part of a machine, its customised to perform in certain areas.

                                                            • M R
                                                              M R  1 months back

                                                              What are those chairs?

                                                              • Eric Gerwatowski
                                                                Eric Gerwatowski  1 months back

                                                                8:21 Linus Rain Man audition

                                                                • M0rn1n6St4r
                                                                  M0rn1n6St4r  1 months back

                                                                  If Intel cannot provide a laboratory test that proves that it works... how... exactly... do they know that it works? Good vibrations??? Quantum mechanics equations indicate a high probability that it works? Did they contact a "medium"? Or a "large"? :-)
                                                                  "Intel would make outrageous claims; like they invented the question-mark. And, they'd accuse chestnuts of being lazy." -Dr. E. Vil, Intel's former Director of R&D

                                                                  • Erick Pokladowski
                                                                    Erick Pokladowski  1 months back

                                                                    “It costs more to build, all parts are engineered”
                                                                    Apple Pro stand: a magnet on a stick

                                                                    • M0rn1n6St4r
                                                                      M0rn1n6St4r  1 months back

                                                                      If any life insurance was paid upon a faked death, that is insurance fraud; a crime in all jurisdictions... except that one in India. :-)

                                                                      • Joseph Wolf
                                                                        Joseph Wolf  1 months back

                                                                        I understand your point but at that point it should just come with everything they need to use product

                                                                        • wpm
                                                                          wpm  1 months back

                                                                          The 580X is for the audio engineers buying a Mac Pro who don’t give a shit about graphics but need as many open PCI-e slots as they can.

                                                                          • jack_da_niels
                                                                            jack_da_niels  1 months back

                                                                            I think my Eizo stand from around 2011 can do nearly the same for 50% of the price back then - including a display 🤪

                                                                            • Darko Sola
                                                                              Darko Sola  1 months back

                                                                              Apple design team talking about making 999$ stand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58VJ6v54KU4

                                                                              • TheseusTitan
                                                                                TheseusTitan  1 months back

                                                                                What’s with PCs and Windows? Every time a friend wants to show me something their computer is updating. Does Windows decide when their OS is going to be updated and the user has to go along for the ride or what? Why tolerate that nonsense?

                                                                                • Dispie Dark
                                                                                  Dispie Dark  1 months back

                                                                                  6000 dollar that a freaking rip off and i tell you why!
                                                                                  I build a couple of EKWB Hard tube Custom water loop systems My own it over the top with 2 rad 2 res 1 pump res with i7 8700K and Gtx 1080 Asus formula X board 32 Gb ram including a 32 inch predator g-sync panel and keyboard and mouse of 200 and 750 ssd 12 tb HD space and all the rgb stuff and fans 750i psu stuff like that, total cost was 4800 euro. Only got so expensive because i designed custom acrylic plates for it, laser cutting costs. So that leaves me with 1200 euro to spare.

                                                                                  So I could still Upgrade for 550 euro to i7 9900K 8 core apples to apples. And 480 euro asus formula XI board and trow 220 euro 16 Gb of ram extra in it and have 48Gb of ram. Overclock that to 5,2 or 5.3 Ghz give a nice boost to mem speeds 4200mhz and stay under 70 degree C. all while outperform that mac so hard, its shames Steve Jobs its apple.

                                                                                  Case design apples look like apples they use to have great design with cool colors, but now its just same white box that looks like a LAN party case, or a 3U server on its side with those handles. They used that for years now. The mini was cool that little square 15x15x4 or so that was a good buy 450 euro back then now there bit pricy. It had a lot of power for such a small thing.

                                                                                  Ps Forgot overclock the watercooled GTX 1080 to 2 Ghz and a mem boost 1000hz, sorry there no way it will come even close.

                                                                                  • Pumello
                                                                                    Pumello  1 months back

                                                                                    Did Linus legit defend a 1000$ apple branded monitor stand? Am I getting this right?

                                                                                    • Karthig1987
                                                                                      Karthig1987  1 months back

                                                                                      Really wish linus would have unleashed his feelings about the red ssd

                                                                                      • walmartskills
                                                                                        walmartskills  1 months back

                                                                                        When I say Apple literally owns you Linus, I wasn't kidding, they clearly have control over your power xD

                                                                                        • walmartskills
                                                                                          walmartskills  1 months back

                                                                                          Also you guys can't even host a stream where you chirp apple without having all these failures, that should also be a metaphor for why you can't fuck with apple cuz the apple gods will fuck with you, but harder...xD

                                                                                          • walmartskills
                                                                                            walmartskills  1 months back

                                                                                            The Mac stand is a metaphor for the awesomeness of apple and how it makes you little nerdy bitches cream your jeans every time you talk about it....touchay

                                                                                            • Eric Wright
                                                                                              Eric Wright  1 months back

                                                                                              I believe it was MKBHD that said it best about the stand. It's a $6k display (which is a bargain compared to studio reference display) that is $1k less if you're willing to forego the stand.