Hitting A Pothole In A Tesla Cost $2600

  • Published: 10 July 2019
  • On my Tesla Model 3 road trip, hitting a pothole cost $2600 & 7 hours.
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    The Tesla Model 3 Performance is an exceptional performing vehicle, it's fast, fun, and full of new tech. I took my Model 3 for a 2,000 mile road trip, and on that journey, all was going well. That is, until we hit a pothole. If you can believe it, a single pothole cost over $2,600 to fix, and required 7 hours of time from start to finish, leaving the Tesla service center.

    While Tesla isn't to blame here, low profile tires are becoming the new trend, and they're not any good in my book. They're expensive, heavy, and cause ride quality to suffer, all for what some feel is improved aesthetics, and perhaps some slightly more responsive steering. But the Model 3 Performance only offers one wheel size, so tires with less than 2 inches between the wheel and the road are the only option. Do any of you have low profile tires? How has your experience been?

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Comments • 8 007

  • Engineering Explained

    Thanks for watching everyone! Lots of pothole fans, this is great! I try not to have a negative vibe in my videos, but I think some frustration probably shined through in my tone on this one. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, pothole-free day!
    If you want to experience expensive potholes - Tesla Referral Program: https://ts.la/jason66047

    • moi01887
      moi01887  2 days back

      If you don't care about cost but just want to experience potholes, come to Massachusetts. We've got years of practice creating them... both quantity and quality here are second to none. ;^)

    • Mobile phones Getting too big
      Mobile phones Getting too big  2 days back

      The biggest problem is vehicle price. Not tires, tires are cheap to replace for high profile ones in comparison. $60k to drive <310 miles VS. $22k for 360 miles

    • Joseph Fitzgerald NSW
      Joseph Fitzgerald NSW  2 days back

      Engineering Explained Tesla should be paying for that repair bill not the state. Does low profile tires clearly need to be a recall. If there’s one death in a tesla from someone hitting a pothole and having a car accident the owner of Tesla should be responsible for that person’s death.

    • Sevn Light
      Sevn Light  3 days back

      Get aftermarket wheels and tires avoid future headaches. Low Pro tires are 💩

    • K K
      K K  3 days back

      I hit a piece of stone in my Corolla. It bent the steel rim. I however managed to reach home without having to change the tyre. Moral of the story: buy a Toyota Corolla

  • ThePEagle
    ThePEagle  2 hours back

    Seriously, Tesla is not to blame ? I've had a car with 18"/19" wheel for quite a while now (7+ years) drove 100 000+miles, hit a ton of potholes, some nasty enough to wonder if there was any damage to suspension and guess what, my wheels are still intact ! Plus you say you have narrow tyres, they are 235 wide, this is more than most of sports hatch ! Last but not least, Teslas (and electric cars in general) are heavy as Hll, they cleary underestimated the impact of that weight, once again, not for the consumer to pay for their poor decision!
    Plus you say low profile wheels are useless... well they're far from useless when it comes to sports driving. Faster mass transfer, less flex, better control, easier to set and maintain into optimal temps... There are lots of reason to choose 18-19" wheels or Blancpainc, WEC GT cars wouldn't use them, even F1 is going to use 18" wheels. Now we agree, there is no need for 20+" wheels except looks.

    • Jash440
      Jash440  4 hours back

      I thought he was going to yeet those wheels and tires off and put non low profile tires with aftermarket wheels on it...

      • AJKHD
        AJKHD  4 hours back

        i paid 4 nankang 17 inch tires for 250 dollars! haha

        • Jacob Holmes
          Jacob Holmes  4 hours back

          Well I hit a pothole last week and it wrecked one of my engine mounts in my Acura RSX. Haha.

          • Lance Feagan
            Lance Feagan  4 hours back

            My dad had a car with low profile tires and lives in the Midwest. Having to drive around scanning for potholes takes the enjoyment away. Even when you don’t get a flat, small cracks can develop leading to slow air leaks. When you drive a fancy/temperamental car, the car owns you. Choose wise so that you own the car. I drive a Land Cruiser and don’t spend a single second worrying about potholes.

            • Zach P
              Zach P  4 hours back

              On behalf of the Midwest, I truly apologize! I feel your pain.

              I live in Iowa and lost two wheels and two tires this past winter. Our roads are terrible. We experienced -40°F temps. This weekend we are reaching triple digit temps (Fahrenheit).

              You should be fine on our interstates, 80/35.

              • Wilson Lin
                Wilson Lin  5 hours back

                Your mistake was buying two more factory 20 inch wheels. Buying four smaller aftermarket wheels big enough to clear your brakes would have been cheaper, more comfy, and safer.

                • Richard C
                  Richard C  6 hours back


                  • Fernando Scherer
                    Fernando Scherer  6 hours back

                    Good your in usa.. if were here in Brazil, you would pay a truck to get your car home and rent a car while you import new oem wheels wich would take 2-3 month probably lol. not to mention price..

                    • loveever89
                      loveever89  7 hours back

                      Well for that much, I’d get some nice aftermarket wheels. Volks, vossen, etc.

                      • Jason B
                        Jason B  9 hours back

                        I have a family suv and it came with 19” rims, I would have preferred smaller rims and softer ride. I miss the days when I was a kid and driving in a car that felt like it was gliding in a nice super soft suspension, oh and with those big pillow seats lol. Those big old crown Vics just glided along the road, now it’s all low pro tires with huge rims and a hard stiff as hell suspension.

                        • mrfreez82
                          mrfreez82  9 hours back

                          Why labor fees? they are just changing wheels and doing an alingment ......

                          • Jesus 7051
                            Jesus 7051  10 hours back

                            Got me fucked up im getting Forest rims

                            • Paul Smyers
                              Paul Smyers  10 hours back

                              Years ago a spare tire with the wheel in it fell out of a truck in front of my sister. Luckily it was on the ground when she hit it, and it didn't come through the window. But it did destroy two of her wheels/tires and half the underside of her vehicle.

                              • gabest4
                                gabest4  10 hours back

                                This tire costs $200 here and it is the most expensive one.

                                • S captures
                                  S captures  11 hours back

                                  Couldn’t you have changed out the wheels to something smaller like you wanted in the first place, sell the 20s to the next guy?

                                  • bébé cheeses
                                    bébé cheeses  12 hours back

                                    I can understand not wanting to piss off Elon, but come one man, be honest... It *is* Tesla's fault. Bad design!!!

                                    • Firas Bajjar
                                      Firas Bajjar  12 hours back

                                      Um aren’t the wheels pathetically weak to get broken from a pothole? Shouldn’t they be made out of a metal instead of plastic?

                                      • supermarketsweeps
                                        supermarketsweeps  13 hours back

                                        so what did you pay labour for ? as they charged 50 for fitting tyre and 260 for tracking ,

                                        • Melborne Fischer
                                          Melborne Fischer  13 hours back

                                          See a potential damaging pot hole? no where to go? slow down. (Do not brake while in pot hole abs can kick in if you do keep wheel straight) This tip comes from a modified car guy in Colorado that laughs at the ppl on the side of the highway mountains because they hit a pot at full speed

                                          • Bodragon
                                            Bodragon  15 hours back

                                            Can you not sue Illinois Department of Transportation for costs etc?
                                            I live in London and if you damage either yourself and/or your vehicle, the borough council will pay up damages.

                                            • zazuu64
                                              zazuu64  15 hours back

                                              those of us with common sense in the north east dont drive cars cars with rubber bands for tires , hell ive had a pothole snap my powersteering pump on a non lowered mk3 tdi jetta ,potholes are a fact of life ,and you put tiny sidewall tires on a car around here sooner or later you will bend or break a wheel

                                              • Magnum PI
                                                Magnum PI  16 hours back

                                                Love this especially explaining the state process never knew how to go about something like this.

                                                • K L
                                                  K L  16 hours back

                                                  legit EXACT same crack happened to me with the EV Wheel Direct Wheels, the tire somehow didnt blow though, the pothole was unavoidable

                                                  • Mike Schiavoni
                                                    Mike Schiavoni  17 hours back

                                                    Not showing the pothole??

                                                    • gingernutpreacher
                                                      gingernutpreacher  17 hours back

                                                      235 is not a narrow tyre

                                                      • D0nQuix0te
                                                        D0nQuix0te  18 hours back

                                                        I live in Illinois where's the pothole so I can avoid it.

                                                        • Huesan
                                                          Huesan  18 hours back

                                                          You could have bought two Mac pro monitor stands

                                                          • Roberto Arias
                                                            Roberto Arias  18 hours back

                                                            If you only lived in Puerto Rico😂
                                                            There are at least three potholes per road

                                                            • Stephen Holsinger
                                                              Stephen Holsinger  18 hours back

                                                              A similar issue occurred for me at a Subaru service center. No Subaru Service Center seems to stock the tires that come with the 2018+ STis. Nor do they stock the rims that come with those cars. I had to leave on bent rims and tires off of a lot vehicle. Thankfully, World Subaru of New Jersery agreed to give me some tires off a lot vehicle... but I ended up needing to repair all 4 tires and repair 3 rips anyway. So all-in-all that was about a $2,500 bill as well. Thankfully, that was only the tires, labor, and alignment. I had purchased a “no-questions asked wheel warranty” when I bought it and the repairs to my wheels (including unrelated curb rash) were done free by a local wheel repair facility.

                                                              • Simply Steve
                                                                Simply Steve  18 hours back

                                                                I am safe, I am on 15 inch.

                                                                • Francisco Borges
                                                                  Francisco Borges  19 hours back

                                                                  So you changed 2 tires on the right side and left 2 tires with 25k miles on the left side!? You should have put the 2 old tires in the front and the 2 new tires in the back and maby the alignment wouldn't be necessary...

                                                                  • Tanuj Dua
                                                                    Tanuj Dua  19 hours back

                                                                    I got rid of the low profile wheels on my last car and replaced with ones 3" smaller. Much smoother ride, better mpg and tyres choose half the amount!

                                                                    Well worth it.

                                                                    • Ben Pearson- Roadster Tracker

                                                                      In many states, you can actually file a claim to get your repair bill for a pothole, if you report it. Check the state's rules. You would have to know exactly where the pothole was.

                                                                      • NewsWorthyTech
                                                                        NewsWorthyTech  20 hours back

                                                                        Opinion counts for nothing 😭 lmao

                                                                        • DoubleM
                                                                          DoubleM  21 hours back

                                                                          Never buying a Tesla. Thanks
                                                                          Also reminder to everybody GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY! GET WHEEL AND TIRE COVERAGE! Saves your life.

                                                                          • Gar Manarnar
                                                                            Gar Manarnar  21 hours back

                                                                            all the prices seem totally reasonable and i bet you'd be paying still at least half that on a car half that price if you fucked up two tires and two rims

                                                                            • Tim S
                                                                              Tim S  22 hours back

                                                                              You should have your city or state pay for the damage. I live in Michigan ( the land of potholes) and I have heard of people doing that and winning.

                                                                              • Armaan d Mann
                                                                                Armaan d Mann  23 hours back

                                                                                I bought Mercedes c and e with 40 profiles in 18 inch.first mod was putting 17 inch with 50 profiles ,slightly big in diameter,but saved me thousands.

                                                                                • Zhang Shaozhou
                                                                                  Zhang Shaozhou  1 days back

                                                                                  You aren't Jason. This video isn't started with hello everyone and welcome

                                                                                  • Aus1
                                                                                    Aus1  1 days back

                                                                                    If it's pulling to the right and needed a wheel alignment, let me suggest something else is BENT and needs to be replaced.

                                                                                    • Daniel Vance
                                                                                      Daniel Vance  1 days back

                                                                                      My first thought was, "Why is Beto O'Rourke doing a Tesla-Pothole video on Youtube?"

                                                                                      • Bewsted
                                                                                        Bewsted  1 days back

                                                                                        Imagine paying $380 in labor for mounting and balancing two tires....

                                                                                        • TWDxKILL3R
                                                                                          TWDxKILL3R  1 days back

                                                                                          If the state had to pay the bill every time someone hit a pothole and damaged their car, I bet they’d be a lot better at fixing their roads. We have to pay insurance, inspection, registration, etc. and the state doesn’t have to pay to keep their roads maintained. It’s crap. I drive a 2003 civic.... if I damage my tire and wheel it’ll be like $200

                                                                                          • RadioReprised
                                                                                            RadioReprised  1 days back

                                                                                            Holy Cow!....looks like they sent the entire State Police force to the scene of your ''Emergency''! Elon must have made a call to the Governor for You!

                                                                                            • Lawrence Francis
                                                                                              Lawrence Francis  1 days back

                                                                                              Mostly just shows the utter stupidity of extreme low-profile tires. Their advantages are minuscule, their disadvantages are huge. Mostly they are there just to look trendy and expensive. Tesla is just providing what most people want in a performance vehicle, despite its stupidity.

                                                                                              • Michael Benson
                                                                                                Michael Benson  1 days back

                                                                                                I really like Tesla’s cars but I’m going to wait a few more years for them to sort out their customer service before I seriously consider buying one.