i tested ways to find REAL vs. FAKE FOOD ITEMS


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  • Tia Cumberledge
    Tia Cumberledge  9 hours back


    • Henrygaming PH
      Henrygaming PH  19 hours back

      Just grab a pan and the cheese and fry or cook it

      • XMelanie X
        XMelanie X  1 days back

        I love you’re accent

        • Retarded Pancake
          Retarded Pancake  2 days back

          The reason one cheese burns and one doesnt is becuz the on that burns has a LOWER FAT CONTENT. Fat melts. So the other cheese which has a HIGHER FAT CONTENT will melt.

          • BJ C
            BJ C  16 hours back

            Exactly. It has nothing to do with the processed nature of the food. It’s the fat content.

        • Julian Mendoza
          Julian Mendoza  2 days back

          5:56 it’s not rocks 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

          • LHLH Luvsyah
            LHLH Luvsyah  2 days back

            My mom had gotten ice cream from wegmans and she got it four days agoo and it tastes weird and it is really really to soft and it have of it melted in the freezer....I dont know why and after this I never want to eat it again

          • Panos Giannakou
            Panos Giannakou  3 days back

            mano gamiese

            • Diamond Dakota
              Diamond Dakota  3 days back

              Yes pls part 2

              • hoi dere
                hoi dere  3 days back

                low fat vs high fat

                • ANiyah Rudolph
                  ANiyah Rudolph  3 days back

                  Did anybody else hate when he kept on saying viiitmans its vitamin

                  • ANiyah Rudolph
                    ANiyah Rudolph  1 days back

                    @LHLH Luvsyah I wasn't hating fyi I was just saying it

                  • ANiyah Rudolph
                    ANiyah Rudolph  1 days back

                    @XMelanie X ik that but it was annoying

                  • XMelanie X
                    XMelanie X  1 days back

                    He says it like that cuz it’s his accent

                  • LHLH Luvsyah
                    LHLH Luvsyah  2 days back

                    Max Dec. Are you sure.....did you know there are different languages that might be his second language....I mean duh...look...you have to understand that if you speak a different language fluently then learning english is hard and its perfectly fine if someone can’t say or spell a word....cause in life No One is PERFECT!And how do you know if its his first language....

                  • Max Dec.
                    Max Dec.  2 days back

                    @LHLH Luvsyah It does matter you should learn how to spell or speak properly especially if it's your primary language.

                • Alex E
                  Alex E  3 days back

                  You should go to How To Cook That’s channel and watch her video, she explains everything

                  • babe otai
                    babe otai  22 hours back

                    Can give the link channel ??

                • Grapejuic3
                  Grapejuic3  4 days back

                  Guys, please stop telling him to "do your research" he's trying his best. If you don't like him doing this, stop watching.

                  • BJ C
                    BJ C  16 hours back

                    Yes and no. If he’s not researching even the basics (beyond the fake video) is he really doing his best? It has nothing to do with chemicals or plastic.,...he is spreading misinformation. It has to do with the fat content.
                    I’m embarrassed for him. And anyone who is so gullible.

                • Aesthetic_ playz
                  Aesthetic_ playz  4 days back

                  In the baby food I was like OMG THERE IS BLACK THINGS 2 seconds later oh wait.. it on my screen... OOF

                  • MaryAnn Campana
                    MaryAnn Campana  4 days back

                    11 12 that's because they are in a capsule

                    • MaryAnn Campana
                      MaryAnn Campana  4 days back

                      STOP HATING ON HIM

                      • BJ C
                        BJ C  16 hours back

                        Well, I’m sorry but I will always respond to people spreading dangerous lies and misinformation. It’s dangerous.

                    • MaryAnn Campana
                      MaryAnn Campana  4 days back

                      Stop hating on him

                      • mr.ostrich and ost ost

                        He dropped the salt he now has bad luck

                        • Amanda Uribe
                          Amanda Uribe  4 days back

                          Why eat ice cream with a fork. 🤦🤦🤦

                          • Phil Kersey
                            Phil Kersey  4 days back

                            I dare you to separate the salt from the water from the sea

                          • Nikko Villafuerte
                            Nikko Villafuerte  5 days back

                            You should do some research bro. You looks like an idiot here :( Study bro, study.

                            • Main Mac Daddy
                              Main Mac Daddy  2 days back

                              @A_Bag _Of_Potatows lmao, alright

                            • A_Bag _Of_Potatows
                              A_Bag _Of_Potatows  2 days back

                              @Main Mac Daddy if you want me to prove your not the incarnation of every mean person in the world, I can't do that

                            • Main Mac Daddy
                              Main Mac Daddy  4 days back

                              @Brianna Chiu are you dumb, why are you so angry? Hes telling the truth, these "tests" are not true. Even with the first "test" with cheese that burned had half the fat that the second slice had.The fat is why the second melts. If you want the video that shows how these are fake I can show you

                            • Brianna Chiu
                              Brianna Chiu  5 days back

                              Nikko Villafuerte why are you even hating? You don’t even have good grammar you should go study. Like wtf “you LOOKS” what the actual fuck. And also like using “bro” everywhere. WTF. Do you have really nothing else to do but hate. At least have constructive criticism. And if you don’t know what that is “ :( Study bro, study”

                          • Taylor Hallquist
                            Taylor Hallquist  5 days back

                            The video you were going off of is fake

                            • Brenda Texeira
                              Brenda Texeira  5 days back

                              Taylor Hallquist it’s not fake it’s just the wrong conclusion. For the baby food one they added crushed magnets.

                          • Isaiah Gunnison
                            Isaiah Gunnison  5 days back

                            Kid do some research

                            • Max Dec.
                              Max Dec.  2 days back

                              @Am1tary 101 It's not plastic kid he's a moron go to school and read a book.

                            • Am1tary 101
                              Am1tary 101  4 days back

                              Bitch I bet you don’t know anymore if anything you probably know less than he does so you do some research 🙄

                          • Professor Gunk
                            Professor Gunk  5 days back

                            God please just go watch how to cook that and stop miss leading kidd

                            • Payton Hughes
                              Payton Hughes  5 days back

                              vit-eh-mins HAHA i died

                              • Chris Mel
                                Chris Mel  5 days back

                                Uh, that cheese burns because it is low in fat. The other cheese melts because it was high in fat. Both are natural. Please do research first.

                                • A_Bag _Of_Potatows
                                  A_Bag _Of_Potatows  2 days back

                                  Please don't hate
                                  STOP IT. JUST STOP IT

                                • Brenda Texeira
                                  Brenda Texeira  5 days back

                                  The baby food in the vid has crushed magnets

                                • Professor Gunk
                                  Professor Gunk  5 days back

                                  You are correct but is your knowledge of this from a certain video of how to cook that?

                              • Francesca🐶
                                Francesca🐶  5 days back

                                Omg instant coffee and coffee are not the same thing😂

                                • coderspy
                                  coderspy  6 days back

                                  The Blossom video was all debunked by Ann Reardon, a food scientist.

                                  • Zocc
                                    Zocc  6 days back


                                • psycho the man
                                  psycho the man  6 days back

                                  It has low fat that's why it does not melt as good.the one which is natural has more fat so the chesse flows more easily.pls do research.

                                  • Abbey Lauren
                                    Abbey Lauren  4 days back

                                    I mean, no cheese is 'natural' anyway. Its literally made in a factory. So if you're going to tell somebody else to do research, I suggest you follow your own advice...

                                • Daytona Fancysword
                                  Daytona Fancysword  6 days back

                                  If he was correct about the prices, then it's really cheep to live in England!

                                  • MaryAnn Campana
                                    MaryAnn Campana  4 days back

                                    F the queen I don't want a queen F her

                                  • Abbey Lauren
                                    Abbey Lauren  4 days back

                                    It depends on what part of England you live. London prices are ridiculous! But North England is much cheaper

                                  • MaryAnn Campana
                                    MaryAnn Campana  4 days back

                                    @Crumblequake Gaming not where I left be it is like 20 cents for prossesed cheese

                                  • Crumblequake Gaming
                                    Crumblequake Gaming  6 days back

                                    Daytona Fancysword I live in England and it’s like a pound where I live

                                • Mik Bubble
                                  Mik Bubble  6 days back

                                  "Imagine if all cheeses are bad for you"
                                  Well I mean.....

                                • Alexis_09 f
                                  Alexis_09 f  6 days back

                                  he says basicly every 5 seconds

                                  • msbaddie marie
                                    msbaddie marie  5 days back

                                    Alexis_09 f he says “like” more than “basically”

                                • サイレントボイス

                                  I should say it's low fat v high fat

                                  Does it mean if I lit a skinny guy he'll burn but if I burn a fatty he'll melt?

                                • Marc Scattolin
                                  Marc Scattolin  6 days back

                                  23:20 "It's going to be difficult to use the exact same amount"
                                  It's called a measuring spoon.

                                  • Marc Scattolin
                                    Marc Scattolin  6 days back

                                    (coming from how To Cook That's video) I would get not knowing about the cheese, but has this guy never heard of iron in food?

                                    • shani el
                                      shani el  6 days back

                                      low fat and high fat cheese , so no fake there useless report of an already debunked vid

                                      • Mister Fanzy
                                        Mister Fanzy  6 days back

                                        This video is uploaded on the 6th and it's the 14th now .. half the comments are posted half a few hours ago saying "it's the low fat content that makes it burn" let's be real .... Non of y'all knew all of this after watching the video explaining all of this fake shit ... So don't act like u fucking knew 😂

                                        • Main Mac Daddy
                                          Main Mac Daddy  4 days back

                                          who tf cares, since when was it a crime to tell people the truth so they dont freakout and spread lies. Nobody here claimed to be food scientists so chill

                                        • Petar
                                          Petar  6 days back

                                          I knew that.

                                        • Aidan Mattson
                                          Aidan Mattson  6 days back

                                          Mister Fanzy I added some additional points that were not covered in that video. I’m not saying all my arguments are original, just that I’m building off of other reputable sources.

                                        • Abyss Knight
                                          Abyss Knight  6 days back

                                          Still shows you didn't bother to do actual research before making this video

                                      • Dean Gregory
                                        Dean Gregory  7 days back

                                        "Everything you see on the internet is true" - Abraham Lincoln

                                        • Marek Timosyzk
                                          Marek Timosyzk  7 days back

                                          The cheeze is legit just a fat diffence, look behind the cheese where it says, whats it in. The ''fake'' cheeze that doesn't melt is prob the one with more fat. The ''real'' cheeze that melts just has less fat.

                                          • Max Dec.
                                            Max Dec.  2 days back

                                            Also alot of "Fake" cheese contains emulsifiers.

                                          • Deyalord
                                            Deyalord  7 days back

                                            yea just saw i video of a food scientist that said more fat = melt, less fat = burn

                                          • Ruben Vaernewyck
                                            Ruben Vaernewyck  7 days back

                                            Your're right but you have mixed the two around.
                                            The "real" cheese that melts has more fat, the "fake" cheese that burns has less fat.

                                        • MAGIC Panda
                                          MAGIC Panda  7 days back

                                          are you from Bulgaria

                                        • Call Me Nutella
                                          Call Me Nutella  7 days back

                                          Ann Reardon explains about the cheese.

                                          • Ronnie Hopper
                                            Ronnie Hopper  7 days back

                                            It’s because the More processed cheese has a lower fat content, then the natural cheese

                                            • skwozies
                                              skwozies  7 days back

                                              Have you ever melted plastic before? That (expletive) drips like mad. Plus it would be highly illegal to feed us plastic like this. Check the ingredients, the answer might be there.

                                              • Max Dec.
                                                Max Dec.  2 days back

                                                No it's because the processed cheese contains emulsifiers. Emulsifiers is what helps bind the moistures and fats together unlike "Real" cheese they do not contain an Emulsifier agent so if you were to put it under high heat levels like under a direct flame the fats are easily able to easily separate from the moistures thus causing it to melt.

                                              • Lance the Decayed Guardian
                                                Lance the Decayed Guardian  6 days back

                                                It is the reason why the "fake" cheese doesn't melt is solely due to a fat difference, having much lower fat it easily burns while the "real" cheese has a much higher fat intake so it melts due to that

                                            • Karlai
                                              Karlai  7 days back

                                              baby eating baby food

                                              • Italo Piana
                                                Italo Piana  7 days back

                                                Lol this kid doesn't know anything and he think he is an expert LOL

                                              • Kim Zastrow
                                                Kim Zastrow  7 days back

                                                The pizza lunchables at the dollar store has real cheese I was actually surprised it all clumped together and sweated after being in my backpack for like 6 hours the ones at the dollar tree

                                                • Chef praneet
                                                  Chef praneet  7 days back

                                                  Blossom is fake af

                                                  • Ayla humanness
                                                    Ayla humanness  7 days back

                                                    No offense but read what the packages say... Do your research. The whole video is a lie.

                                                    • Ayla humanness
                                                      Ayla humanness  6 days back

                                                      @Mister Fanzy actually sir I already watched 2 other videos explaining the science of what was happening and why the original was incorrect. I am just trying to say don't believe everything you see and do a little research..

                                                      Btw: Velveeta cheese is very highly processed and it melts the best... It is also very expensive
                                                      Good try insulting tho!😅

                                                    • Aidan Mattson
                                                      Aidan Mattson  6 days back

                                                      Mister Fanzy 👈 professional smooth-brain

                                                    • Abyss Knight
                                                      Abyss Knight  6 days back

                                                      @Mister Fanzy lmao you really got triggered by such a polite comment.

                                                    • Mister Fanzy
                                                      Mister Fanzy  6 days back

                                                      U didn't know this shit either after watching the video explaining it all so stfu

                                                  • Ajani Goldmane
                                                    Ajani Goldmane  7 days back

                                                    It isn’t plastic it doesn’t melt cuz there’s way less fat in processed cheese