The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   3 weeks back

    Xperia 1 or OnePlus 7 Pro?

  • vally mafiotu
    vally mafiotu  3 hours back

    Hi mân try the smartphone xiaomi Mi a2 the buget Smart phone display 6 dual camera 32mpx camera front 20 Sony camera

    • Ricky Crawford
      Ricky Crawford  4 hours back

      What is it with so many glass back phones?..I've always preferred aluminium design like the HTC m8..m10

      • Balaji S
        Balaji S  8 hours back

        Sony cannot beat OnePlus phone 😉😉

        • Shunna Mania
          Shunna Mania  8 hours back

          I love Sony mobile phones. They just mix up every of their products like their dslr, tv oled and their speakers which are massive to one device and name it xperia

            CHEEP PRODUCTIONZ !  9 hours back

            Can you do a more in depth review? This one seems to do the bare minimum. Seriously stretched it to 10 minutes 😟

            • Ri2nonerok
              Ri2nonerok  12 hours back

              Never owned one, but my top 3 fav phones are:
              My iphone xr
              note series
              and these huge ass xperia phones with their clean android firmware

              • Adrian Shephard
                Adrian Shephard  16 hours back

                *Sony is bad company for smartphones.* And their approach to customers is really bad as well. Go to Sony forums regarding XA1 Sony smartphone problem with touchscreen and you will see how poorly they handled situation. As someone who actually was loyal Sony Xperia user, Sony has literally destroyed my trust in them. Every phone i owned (Sony T3, Z1, XA1, XA1 ultra, Z3, etc...) all had some kind of problems with them. Problems with touchscreen, speakers, microphone, even the side buttons could become sticky. Whenever i took my phone (that was under warranty) to be fixed, they gave it back with more issues. And after the fiasco with XA1 series, and their rude behavior like "it's not our problem" I have came to conclusion that avoiding their products is for the best... If this happened to some Chinese company, there would be newspaper articles slander and lawsuits, but with Sony? Nothing... *I feel cheated and I will never again buy Sony product.* I suggest you do the same, if you don't want to be victim of bad service and even worse approach to customers.

                • slay 1234
                  slay 1234  21 hours back

                  dang this phone is a beast! does anyone know if it will work with Verizon?

                  • Murad Khatib
                    Murad Khatib  41 minutes back

                    Yes it is compatible with Verizon

                • shihab m
                  shihab m  21 hours back

                  Nice coller

                  • ttt gg
                    ttt gg  23 hours back

                    Seems like I’m getting a phone and another pair of Sony Wh-1000 xm3

                    • ttt gg
                      ttt gg  15 hours back

                      Allan Lamb true

                    • Allan Lamb
                      Allan Lamb  16 hours back

                      I am sure the extra pair of headphones would make a great gift

                  • Jay dlc
                    Jay dlc  1 days back

                    I will not know how good it is. I've been struck by impulsive expenses since smartphones prices has been dropping left and right. My Z5 is still working fine, my G5 is in excellent condition. I just bought the XZ Premium when I saw it on a mall this year after it goes cheap. Now I am using the XZ3 after I saw it dropped to 568 in amazon. I still have the V30+ that my company has granted me to. No new phone for me for the next three years unless it gives some new awesome features that will fit my pocket.

                    • Parker Hudson Perry
                      Parker Hudson Perry  1 days back

                      Just bought the Xperia 1 for $515!!! Aye letsssss goooooooooooo

                      • Alberto Coria
                        Alberto Coria  9 hours back

                        @Parker Hudson Perry You know er, because of their dwindling phone division among other divisions.

                      • Parker Hudson Perry
                        Parker Hudson Perry  11 hours back

                        Help sony out? Lol what? And it was a special promotion from sony to best buy employees

                      • Alberto Coria
                        Alberto Coria  15 hours back

                        Where bro? So I can help Sony out lol

                    • Sucheta bajaj
                      Sucheta bajaj  1 days back

                      When are you going to make video on realms x...??

                      • samriddh negi
                        samriddh negi  1 days back

                        Isn't 21 by 9 really 7 by 3. This is just like the 18 by 9 advertising with is basically 2 by 1.

                        • Kashish Maheshwari
                          Kashish Maheshwari  1 days back

                          Rog 2

                          • Harihar Majhi
                            Harihar Majhi  1 days back

                            Bogus phone... wastage of money....this device is for brat kids

                            • Adrian Paul Naparota
                              Adrian Paul Naparota  16 hours back

                              yah, actually we have same sentiments with regards to xperia price. Vivo and Oppo could actually offer higher specs at lower price but idk, i just love using xperia hahaha

                            • Harihar Majhi
                              Harihar Majhi  21 hours back

                              @Adrian Paul Naparota I got it🙂.So it's all about being fan of Xperia . And I am not...I am fan of Nokia 1100

                            • Adrian Paul Naparota
                              Adrian Paul Naparota  22 hours back

                              Harihar Majhi well youre not an xperia fan, thats why

                          • shreenidhi kumar
                            shreenidhi kumar  1 days back

                            Only diehard fan of Sony can purchase this phone...

                            • RangerRivet
                              RangerRivet  1 days back

                              4k screen with a 3300mah battery is the same as the older xz premium, which also had shit battery life

                              • Iomar1975
                                Iomar1975  2 days back

                                0:22 "...the Walkman changed the game for me and others" and shows a CD one.

                                Me. Remembers the original cassette player + FM radio tuner Walkman. Sigh.

                                • walter white
                                  walter white  2 days back

                                  But it costs 3x more than a Mi 9T, which has a headphone jack, 48MP camera and 4000mA battery. Good luck Sony. I dislike the Xperia 1 aspect ratio, too.

                                  • Baltsu
                                    Baltsu  2 days back

                                    I have used Sony flagship phones for 4 years now (Xperia Z5 Premium, XZ Premium) and the camera button has been just like that in all of them. Screen is one of the best parts in Sony phones. Cameras I like too. Battery life and speakers (not loud enough) could be improved. Also the internal storage space has not been big enough. Design has been better in Sony compared to other manufacturers. They seem to be well-made products which are made for male consumers.

                                    • Mitch
                                      Mitch  2 days back

                                      I still have fond memories of my Z and Z2, next phone is a Sony one. They make the best phones.

                                      • Stephen SaintSauveur
                                        Stephen SaintSauveur  2 days back

                                        How do you like it now?

                                        • J.Roman
                                          J.Roman  2 days back

                                          Beautiful phone but no Thank You. Sony's customer service is terrible I have a Somy Xperia Z Ultra in a box because I had an accident with it and after the $600 price I paid they never help to either fix it or help get a new one. They said they would have a manager call me and about 10 years later I'm still waiting for that call 🤣 I'll keep my chances with Samsung and Best Buy.

                                          • methere methre99
                                            methere methre99  2 days back

                                            bro can u suggest a phone too shoot videos in budget

                                            • Fox
                                              Fox  2 days back

                                              Sony's been doing side-mounted fingerprint readers for the longest fucking time, mate...

                                              • pratap jena
                                                pratap jena  2 days back

                                                U don't know best feature of this phone and that is its sound quality which other phone can't deliver

                                                • vinniwa u
                                                  vinniwa u  2 days back

                                                  Sony is underrated tbh

                                                  • 64 Ahmed
                                                    64 Ahmed  2 days back

                                                    "Here is an exciting 1"

                                                    • Brainy Bungler
                                                      Brainy Bungler  2 days back

                                                      Biggest selling point to me is the ability to play PS Games and if that has expanded. A demo on that please.

                                                      • Gerald Priest
                                                        Gerald Priest  3 days back

                                                        No Sony service is South Africa

                                                        • D K
                                                          D K  3 days back

                                                          Xperia 2 has 5k display🔥

                                                          • Declan Zhang
                                                            Declan Zhang  3 days back

                                                            One plus. If we live in 3 years ago, that Sony phone is just fine. But what year is it now?! Hello, does Sony know?

                                                            • Allan Lamb
                                                              Allan Lamb  16 hours back

                                                              They had cinemapro, 4K HD OLED screens, 21.9 aspect ratios, three cameras three years ago?

                                                          • ForteeCenturiez- Minecraft

                                                            I'm from the Philippines!

                                                            • ForteeCenturiez- Minecraft

                                                              Hi lew, I wanna win a sony experia!

                                                              • Sameer Khan
                                                                Sameer Khan  3 days back

                                                                I am sony fan ....since its got bravia engine ....c5ultra one of the best mobile i have ever used

                                                              • Andrew Caudell
                                                                Andrew Caudell  3 days back

                                                                Can you please test its gaming chops, specifically the remote play for PS4?

                                                                • David Morris
                                                                  David Morris  3 days back

                                                                  I prefer a slightly wider phone.

                                                                  • warak anda
                                                                    warak anda  3 days back

                                                                    Problematic to right handed with finger scan at one side. The manual shutter button not appropriate as it’s shaking when pressing on it.

                                                                    • LIRRM1
                                                                      LIRRM1  3 days back


                                                                      • rishad abdul rasheed
                                                                        rishad abdul rasheed  3 days back

                                                                        I started my smartphone from sony xperia ray.

                                                                        • vinish shetty
                                                                          vinish shetty  3 days back

                                                                          They started the game of water resistant smart phone the Xperia z which i still use as my daily driver, but over the years they have kind of lost to the compilation with poor material and design choices.

                                                                          • vinish shetty
                                                                            vinish shetty  3 days back

                                                                            Does it fit any vr devices

                                                                            • 5AB Media
                                                                              5AB Media  3 days back


                                                                              • ej santos
                                                                                ej santos  4 days back

                                                                                It's great until ghost touch syndrome occurs. It sucks eventually as well as their support.

                                                                                • 121SeedDestiny121
                                                                                  121SeedDestiny121  4 days back

                                                                                  Boring phone

                                                                                  • Mr malario
                                                                                    Mr malario  4 days back

                                                                                    Jack do you also do giveaways with the smartphones/gadgets that you dont use?