the tea on summer, hannah, and vereena (don’t get offended)

  • Published: 11 August 2019
  • summer mckeen αnd hαnnαh meloche mαke fun of vαreenα αnd some fαn edits

    summer cαlls dαrker mαkeup “blαck womαn mαkeup” αs if thαt’s α thing...

    summer uses α stereotypical blαccent αs “humor”

    hαnnαh αnd summer mαke fun of ANOTHER fαn edit

    summer juuls yet tαlks αbout how bαd juuling is for you (i meαn it is tho)

    zoe lαverne αnd αlex guzmαn chimed in

    streαm normαni


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  • Marisaprincess47
    Marisaprincess47  6 days back

    Uhhhh no pointing out that they make content for white girls is 100% not equivalent or comparable to the negative stereotypes Summer continues to ignorantly perpetuate; this is hardly an example of reverse racism and people don’t seem to understand that racism exists in an institutional level and pointing out that their content is relatable to white girls does NOT disadvantage in the ways colored people are institutionally

    • Jumaiza
      Jumaiza  7 hours back

      girl wrote a whole english essay lol

    • shy shy shy, bitches
      shy shy shy, bitches  1 days back

      xaniah 👏👏👏 thank you!

    • xaniah
      xaniah   2 days back

      Rory Fleming you can’t be racist to white people end of story

    • Marisaprincess47
      Marisaprincess47  6 days back

      Madeline DeLong because at an institutional, historical level, white people have not lost jobs, been denied for opportunities, or been discriminated by the law the way POC have. Racism existed within LAW towards people of color, and never once in the United States to white populations. I am not saying it’s impossible to be prejudiced against white people, it’s termed reverse racism because racism itself was legal, practiced, and accepted only in the context of colored people, not white people. So no, equalizing it to be so is not the same. I am not saying it’s right, I am saying it’s not equivalent.

  • nat nat
    nat nat  4 hours back

    as a black and asian girl , , , they honestly so ignorant. idk if they are racist but that joke was. i never liked them and never will tbh :/

    • gina travis
      gina travis  6 hours back

      ok ya i’m not saying that anything she did is like,,, ya know ok or anything like she was a whole ass racist bitch but i rlly don’t get the whole big deal w her vaping. i mean ya her saying ‘vApInG bAdS’ then vaping is annoying but no one is coming for the middle schoolers that do it in the bathroom in this way? i mean no what summer&hannah did, horrible i would never ever but the vaping thing i just do not get.

      • {Alexa }
        {Alexa }  7 hours back

        Go off sis 👏🏽

        • Juhnayz Dream
          Juhnayz Dream  8 hours back

          I have no idea what this is?

          • Isabella Petrillose
            Isabella Petrillose  8 hours back


            • Essieee
              Essieee  9 hours back

              She rlly said im just a kid??? She's deadass 20. A whole ass adult that can't make a proper apology..... The stench🤮🤮🤧

              • -NULL- HERA
                -NULL- HERA  9 hours back

                Only “colored people” are the ones who are completely confused as to why they’re watching this and who these people are

                • ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ

                  ....never was subbed to her but am subbed to her rn and I keep trying to unsub but it won't let me.....hmm

                  • Britney Frances
                    Britney Frances  13 hours back

                    I genuinely understand Summer’s POV w the first vid but the black woman powder?? That’s fucked :/

                    • Ella Colling
                      Ella Colling  13 hours back

                      they really are just untalented mean girls who have platforms bc they’re skinny, white and pretty- and use those platforms to do absolutely fuck all except drink coffee and shout in cars.

                      • Annika A
                        Annika A  16 hours back

                        theyre so racist :/

                        • Emily Damian
                          Emily Damian  18 hours back

                          You literally pointed out how Summer was being hateful but 3 seconds later you start calling her names and then you say they have no talent whatsoever. Makes no sense at all...

                          • Surooka Swan
                            Surooka Swan  18 hours back

                            Vereena is literally the sweetest angel

                            • kayla young
                              kayla young  20 hours back

                              first we got enya who is 20 years old hating on millie bobby brown who is 15 years old now we have summer who is like 20 ig who’s hating on vereena and she’s 16 years old like these 20 years olds have to grow up and stop hating on young kids...all these are kids more mature than these older people like woah they speak sum good facts!!

                              • kayla young
                                kayla young  20 hours back

                                everyone out here hating on Emma but...

                                • Kayden Ptak
                                  Kayden Ptak  21 hours back

                                  Question tho, I’m a white male, and I have a blaccent just because that’s how I talk with my friends and around my friends..... Is that bad?

                                  • K L
                                    K L  22 hours back

                                    "could not care less about these girls" makes a whole video about them

                                    • K L
                                      K L  22 hours back

                                      love how she get's slammed for talking in an accent yet how much shit is there of black people imitating white people...

                                      • Rania Rahi
                                        Rania Rahi  23 hours back

                                        Low key Emma has been mature from the start, y’all make fun of em saying she’s the problematic one lmao, she left all these ppl before these scandals. She left James,Hannah, Elle , Summer and all of these ppl before all this. I’m so proud of Emma

                                        • katelynn s
                                          katelynn s  1 days back

                                          Hey but Hannah still seems real. I think she was kind of dragged into this. She did make a mistake making fun of fan edits but in her apology she seemed genuinely sorry and regretful. It was a mistake. She also has her priorities set straight, in my opinion, going to college knowing that social media doesn’t last. I respect her for that while also maintaining a social media.

                                          • shy shy shy, bitches
                                            shy shy shy, bitches  1 days back

                                            these girls are classic mean girls with bad personalities. if you’re a famous person with no reason, the least you can do is not be racist and trashy.

                                            • Cydney M
                                              Cydney M  1 days back

                                              You went off and it’s amazing

                                              • victoria
                                                victoria  1 days back

                                                period pooh.

                                                • Billie eilish and Khalid and joji fan here

                                                  People were saying that what Summer did wasn't racist but it's a pattern.

                                                  1st: Summer comes out with makeup for basically white people.
                                                  2nd. The dote drama ( I know they aren't entitled to conversate with the other girls but they should've said something)
                                                  3rd. This

                                                  I mean if your going to say certain things that you KNOW will offend a certain race at least do it off camera. Did they not think once that this could get leaked or it could offend others or that it could effect their careers?


                                                • Nikki kyle
                                                  Nikki kyle  2 days back

                                                  yes i love this video!

                                                  • Olivia M
                                                    Olivia M  2 days back

                                                    OH PERIOD

                                                    • Serena S.
                                                      Serena S.  2 days back

                                                      GIRL YOU ARE SPEAKING STRAIGHT FAXXX

                                                      • Charlotte Wood
                                                        Charlotte Wood  2 days back

                                                        What you said about them is so true 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                                                        • Charlotte Wood
                                                          Charlotte Wood  2 days back

                                                          I never liked Summer she just seemed like a basic mean white girl

                                                          • xaniah
                                                            xaniah   2 days back

                                                            yeah me neither. then i saw her liking a racist tweet and that did it for me

                                                        • Friends Time
                                                          Friends Time  2 days back

                                                          “white teenager girls” LMFAO😂😂😂😂

                                                          • Em nola
                                                            Em nola  2 days back

                                                            Didn't she also make fun (in a mocking way) of the way Ava Jules pronounced Hawaii on that dote Fiji trip (even though she is from Hawaii and definitely said it correctly) or was that another one of the dote blondes? I honestly can't tell them apart.

                                                            • xaniah
                                                              xaniah   2 days back

                                                              it was ellie lol they’re all ignorant

                                                          • Victoria Rios
                                                            Victoria Rios  2 days back

                                                            I've never seen ANY of these girls but I can tell summer and hannah are roaches from a mile away,,, I bet that if summer wasn't called out she wouldn't have apologized. You can tell she's clearly like the audience she appeals to, ignorant white teenage girls that like "relatable" videos. Wack.

                                                            • Shiv
                                                              Shiv  2 days back

                                                              I thought maybe they were salty that Verneena exposed the whole Dotechella situation ☕️ btw I also made a video about eh scandal with my thoughts on my channel

                                                              • Jej Jdkd
                                                                Jej Jdkd  2 days back

                                                                With summer there always comes the FALL 😂😂 im srry just had to use the pun 🤡

                                                                • Dakota Aguiar
                                                                  Dakota Aguiar  2 days back

                                                                  Hannah needs to chill

                                                                  • Grace Mullins
                                                                    Grace Mullins  2 days back

                                                                    “Um so that was a fucking lie...”

                                                                    • Lara Lane
                                                                      Lara Lane  2 days back

                                                                      Love your stuff Dawson

                                                                      • spicy popcorn
                                                                        spicy popcorn  2 days back

                                                                        "summer saw and made fun of it😍😍😍" LMFAOOOOOOO

                                                                        • N T
                                                                          N T  3 days back

                                                                          Am I the only one feeling sorry for Summer? I mean sure it looks bad but only because she's an influencer and seems all perfect in her videos and now that you hear something controversial you think that she's an awful person and then making all kinds of speculations. But cmon, I bet we've all said some stupid things but didn't realize it at the exact moment we said it. And in these clips we only see a part of the truth. So, just trying to understand why you all think your better than Summer while you're bringing her down with your videos and comments. It's literally not that serious.

                                                                          And sorry if my english is bad, I'm not a native speaker

                                                                          • xaniah
                                                                            xaniah   2 days back

                                                                            i don’t feel sorry for her she liked a racist tweet towards black people. she deserves all the stuff she got

                                                                        • hallie rose
                                                                          hallie rose  3 days back

                                                                          they probably were drunk or high

                                                                          • Janeah Lim
                                                                            Janeah Lim  3 days back

                                                                            y’all they’re only mad at vereena cause she called dote out and now they can’t get their shitty ass racist free trips.

                                                                            • Ashley Amador
                                                                              Ashley Amador  3 days back

                                                                              okay hear me out I don’t Stan summer and Hannah no more because of the shit they did tbh it makes me mad and sad that they even did that but just because Hannah did this doesn’t mean that was the reason the girdies separated like they said before they faded out and tbh the same shit happened with some of my friends we faded out but just because later on one of them turned into a weed addict doesn’t mean it was the reason we stopped being friends .( I don’t Stan Hannah and summer anymore fyi )

                                                                              • Cara Macaan
                                                                                Cara Macaan  3 days back

                                                                                Such dumb bitch she needs to go back to school and the powder wasn’t even black lmaoo it was tan skin

                                                                                • Cara Macaan
                                                                                  Cara Macaan  3 days back

                                                                                  Such dumb bitch she needs to go back to school and the powder wasn’t even black lmaoo it was tan skin

                                                                                  • yeet my life
                                                                                    yeet my life  3 days back

                                                                                    they are straight up racist. no if, and’s or but’s. Why tf are they even famous I just see some white bitches being stupid as hell. All they do is laugh, *hAhHaHahA* if that’s even a talent.

                                                                                    • None Yah
                                                                                      None Yah  3 days back

                                                                                      Yes I think it was wrong she said “black woman makeup” but the you go along and say “her videos are for teen white girls” tf u a hypocrite y’all both racest af 🖕

                                                                                      • Raven Takuo
                                                                                        Raven Takuo  3 days back

                                                                                        We natural tan don't claim her 😂💀