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  • Armaan Sokhey
    Armaan Sokhey  2 days back

    I'm impressed that she deaf and pretty goated at the game

    • Baran Demiroglu
      Baran Demiroglu  3 days back


      • عبدالكريم عبدالله

        Ninja can cranc 90s ?

        • EagLLe GG
          EagLLe GG  4 days back

          So ive got a question- nonja has thousands of big streamers who are fans and young but he wont play with them but he will play with ewok? Does he feep pitty? Does he want clout? Im confused fr.

          • 5ireball
            5ireball  1 days back

            @EagLLe GG he is just doing it cuz he is nice she usnt some random fan who he pitties for being deaf she has fought multiple pros so he is just doing it to be nice

          • EagLLe GG
            EagLLe GG  1 days back

            @5ireball doesnt rly help my question but ok

          • Certified Demon
            Certified Demon  4 days back

            He can’t play with every fan

        • Merilyn Chan
          Merilyn Chan  4 days back

          Ewok is so pretty! ^ω^

          • Mentesha
            Mentesha  4 days back

            Why she is not talking?

            • Plan- Z
              Plan- Z  4 days back


              • XAX_boiii1 1
                XAX_boiii1 1  5 days back

                Liked the video

                Already subbed

                And notifications are on

                And I play on PlayStation 😁😉👍

                • Xeniaツ
                  Xeniaツ  5 days back

                  If Ewok keeps it up she could buy hearing aids

                  • Dijahevabless
                    Dijahevabless  5 days back

                    Please donate 1000 vbucks to me

                  • Dijahevabless
                    Dijahevabless  5 days back

                    I’ve never won

                  • Dijahevabless
                    Dijahevabless  5 days back


                    • Dijahevabless
                      Dijahevabless  5 days back


                      • joe larson
                        joe larson  6 days back

                        to all the retards who thing ninja is sexist. he is not sexist he has chosen not to play with girls to much because he is married and there is such things as Twitch thots

                        • Elie Topskanian
                          Elie Topskanian  6 days back

                          Nich eh 30 builds better than ninja

                        • Charles Day
                          Charles Day  6 days back

                          I liked subed and turn on post noties

                          • Austin Robert Haithcock

                            she can speak really well she just chooses not to go in her chat and put !deaf and info about it shows up in chat

                            • Trey Davis
                              Trey Davis  6 days back


                              • Dragon Savage
                                Dragon Savage  6 days back

                                Dragon 🐉 investagator I am

                                • Jaquan Richards
                                  Jaquan Richards  6 days back

                                  for an ewok experience press M

                                  • adeline dulangon
                                    adeline dulangon  6 days back

                                    why ewoke dont talk that much...????

                                    • Galaxy Nugget
                                      Galaxy Nugget  6 days back

                                      adeline dulangon nice joke... it is a joke right😂😂😯😯

                                  • ᗰᖴᗪOᗪGE03 ᑭᔕ4

                                    Ninja says cool to his own art

                                    • NightSTAR1 1
                                      NightSTAR1 1  7 days back

                                      why can’t she talk if she’s deaf is it something else

                                      • NightSTAR1 1
                                        NightSTAR1 1  7 days back

                                        Firebro235 ok thanks

                                      • Firebro235
                                        Firebro235  7 days back

                                        NightSTAR1 1 because she was born deaf she never learned English only sign language

                                    • OG VERBZ
                                      OG VERBZ  7 days back

                                      Hearing impaired not deaf SMH

                                      • Cale
                                        Cale  1 weeks back

                                        Fortnite First why do you sound like a 40 year old man trying to get on the fortnite bla bla bla news train

                                        • ViBez Panda
                                          ViBez Panda  1 weeks back

                                          Love the naruto sound in the beginning

                                        • Captain Dooo
                                          Captain Dooo  1 weeks back

                                          Just wondering how does she play or know if someones around her?

                                          • Dxvan Rxmirez
                                            Dxvan Rxmirez  1 weeks back

                                            Theres a settin where it shows icons of footsteps chest gunfire everything

                                          • xXDarKraiXx p
                                            xXDarKraiXx p  1 weeks back

                                            Captain Dooo she doesnt know she just play

                                        • jin’s alpaca
                                          jin’s alpaca  1 weeks back

                                          ayee naruto music un the beginning

                                          • iBev
                                            iBev  1 weeks back

                                            Ewok should get Hearing aids not trying to be mean I think if could help her and be able to hear again

                                            • iBev
                                              iBev  1 weeks back

                                              Oh my bad mister know it all

                                            • Itzzsevn
                                              Itzzsevn  1 weeks back

                                              She would need a cochlear implant which is a lot of money and requires surgery

                                            • Itzzsevn
                                              Itzzsevn  1 weeks back

                                              Her hearing is not impaired she is deaf

                                            • Itzzsevn
                                              Itzzsevn  1 weeks back

                                              iBev that’s not how it works bud

                                          • Giovanni Perez
                                            Giovanni Perez  1 weeks back

                                            Ninja meant to say I’m so happy to play the game but did not say it’s boarder lands if I’m correct lupo posted it on insta

                                          • vSkaiKru種
                                            vSkaiKru種  1 weeks back

                                            how does she play if she cant hear anything??? Strange things lol maybe she could turn on the visual in the settings

                                            • Faton Sylaj
                                              Faton Sylaj  5 days back

                                              @Luminar yep I know now

                                            • Luminar
                                              Luminar  5 days back

                                              @Faton Sylaj no one even made fun of her

                                            • RECKLEZZ_239
                                              RECKLEZZ_239  6 days back

                                              Faton Sylaj no one is mako fun of her n she is cute

                                            • Faton Sylaj
                                              Faton Sylaj  6 days back

                                              Don't make fun of her she is cute ... what if you were in that position ?

                                            • Luminar
                                              Luminar  1 weeks back

                                              it is on normie

                                          • Seow Siew Ling
                                            Seow Siew Ling  1 weeks back

                                            She looks more beautiful without glasses

                                            • Murqhz
                                              Murqhz  4 days back


                                            • Seow Siew Ling
                                              Seow Siew Ling  6 days back

                                              I'm just complimenting her nothing personal ok

                                            • Seow Siew Ling
                                              Seow Siew Ling  6 days back

                                              Srry if it sounds wierd

                                            • samantha simmons
                                              samantha simmons  6 days back

                                              I'm 19 that would be wierd still.

                                            • mikey
                                              mikey  1 weeks back

                                              samantha simmons lol a lot of us are teenagers so I think I it’s okay to say she’s pretty

                                          • Young Humor
                                            Young Humor  1 weeks back

                                            Wait , is Ewok born deaf or she became deaf , cuz if she was born deaf then she wouldn’t be able to learn language , and if she was deaf why wouldn’t her percents bring her these earphones witch make ummmmm deaf people hear or something

                                            • Im Revenge
                                              Im Revenge  1 weeks back

                                              Wait if she's deaf how is she not able to talk

                                              • VoiD_Fragz
                                                VoiD_Fragz  1 weeks back

                                                Im Revenge ur joking right?

                                            • Zakhi Manning
                                              Zakhi Manning  2 weeks back

                                              Love your vids keep it up my epic games name is Anim8god

                                              • Joshua Kyles
                                                Joshua Kyles  3 weeks back

                                                Do deaf people have a voice in there head? How do they think? r/askreddit

                                                • Aqua 3000
                                                  Aqua 3000  3 weeks back

                                                  Lol the Naruto song

                                                  • VVaspOCE
                                                    VVaspOCE  3 weeks back

                                                    If u are deaf u cant hear right? Why cant she talk

                                                    • James Flanagan
                                                      James Flanagan  3 weeks back

                                                      If u def u cant do eather u cant talk cause u not able to hear the sounds so she don't know how to make the sounds to talk that we do cause she is def

                                                  • Elite
                                                    Elite  4 weeks back

                                                    Same clip twice

                                                    • Nmas Jc
                                                      Nmas Jc  4 weeks back

                                                      Can’t ewok buy hearing aides

                                                      • Nmas Jc
                                                        Nmas Jc  4 weeks back

                                                        I thought if ur deaf u use hearing aides then u can hear

                                                      • Ultra Curze
                                                        Ultra Curze  4 weeks back

                                                        Nmas Jc she’s literally deaf meaning she can’t hear anything g

                                                    • Fernando Garcia
                                                      Fernando Garcia  4 weeks back

                                                      You’re voice is disgusting

                                                      • Aj jed
                                                        Aj jed  4 weeks back

                                                        12:54 Enjoy the Reaction <3

                                                        • Pantera Te Purei
                                                          Pantera Te Purei  4 weeks back

                                                          They didn't give much time for her to see it... lucky she seen the last second... and how tf do you play deaf lol I rely in my hearing the most

                                                          • Pantera Te Purei
                                                            Pantera Te Purei  4 weeks back

                                                            @Jaka hey thanks for that... much appreciated :)

                                                          • Jaka
                                                            Jaka  4 weeks back

                                                            There’s a setting for deaf people where they can see where sounds are coming from. It’s actually pretty op with sound aswell

                                                        • Strafe - YT
                                                          Strafe - YT  4 weeks back

                                                          I’ve played with Ewok before cause of Twitch: GrannyNoScope

                                                          • PulseVC
                                                            PulseVC  4 weeks back

                                                            3:33 wtf her hand wasn’t even moving how did she look up and down??!

                                                            • PulseVC
                                                              PulseVC  4 weeks back

                                                              Oh yea, that explains it. Streamers add stream delay to prevent people from matching with them and if they do manage to get into the same game, by the time the stream sniper sees where the streamer is, they would probably be far from there. Anyways thanks 🙏

                                                            • Jaka
                                                              Jaka  4 weeks back

                                                              Streamers add delay to their streams sometimes,I forget the reason but I believe it’s to do with stream snipers.

                                                          • Booph
                                                            Booph  4 weeks back

                                                            7:49 school shooter knocks down the door
                                                            autistic kid:

                                                            • Booph
                                                              Booph  4 weeks back

                                                              5:32 school shooter walks in:
                                                              autistic kid:

                                                              • Quest 1k
                                                                Quest 1k  4 weeks back

                                                                So she’s mute??

                                                                • Joshua Edillon
                                                                  Joshua Edillon  4 weeks back

                                                                  I guess not I think she just doesn't want to talk because if she talks she can't hear herself