Dennis Scott SHOCKED 76ers LOSS TO Nets 111-102, Jimmy Butler 36 Pts | NBA GAMETIME


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  • Vallecend
    Vallecend  3 months back

    When you play in philly as the sixers you dont get home court advantage, you get home court disadvantage 😂... But seriously tho, booing after every missed shot? And you wonder why your team lost... Sixers fans have them bandwagon mentality lol, dickriding when succesful and shitting when the hard times come... Pathetic, but ey at least they aint knicks fans or jazz fans

    • Kelstooo
      Kelstooo  3 months back

      Respect to butler tho. That was some humble ass shit to say

      • #1 Nets fan
        #1 Nets fan  3 months back

        Lmao Philadelphia fans y’all underestimate us therefore booing ur own team! We r not gonna be an easy series trust me we might need t win this series but u gonna have to take it from us

      • Wonder Woman
        Wonder Woman  3 months back

        Brett.... exhales.... Please!!! Please change the lineup. This is NOT about the future of Sixers. This is about winning right now.

        Starters: Jimmy (PG) JJ (SG) Tobias (SF) Jonah (PF) Embiid (C)
        Backups: Ben (PF/C) Mike (PF/C) Zhaire (SG)

        Ben and Joel CANNOT be on the floor together THIS YEAR because Ben won’t shoot. Instead of making Ben uncomfortable and forcing shots bring him in off the bench and start Jonah. Stop TJs minutes NOW. We have enough liabilities in JJ and Ben. Give Zhaire TJs minutes and get him out of the rotation. Take a chance with him on offense at least he shoots the 3, and will help slow down the opponents bench scoring while our starters rest. When Ben is out there he needs to be surrounded by ALL shooters so he can keep the floor spaced at all times. THAT is his strength right now, play into that. Move Ben to the Forward/Center position when Jimmy plays the point. Your starting PG needs to be Jimmy and play Mike at PF. When Ben comes in leave anyone but Joel in there.

        You are not playing to Joel’s strength down low. He is THE best center in the league. Why are YOU forcing him out of the paint?? Put him in there and make their defense suffer!! Don’t help them with Joel’s fake pumps. The whole world doesn’t fall for that fake. And the whole world knows Ben won’t shoot. Moving Ben from clogging the paint allows Joel to do his thing. Stop letting their weaknesses get in the way on offense. Of course on defense they will want Joel out of the paint but don’t you do it.

        Tobias, Mike and JJ needs to keep on shooting because they are shooters. Joel should stick with 15 footers and less. Ben did great with post ups this season. If and when Ben or Joel posts please keep it at 2 or less dribbles. Quick moves so the defense can’t compensate. Joel can not keep the ball in his hands for long dribbling because more than 50% of the time they end in turnovers especially against Toronto who waits on him to get it and start dribbling. Two dribbles or less and make a move. Defense will need to double quick then Joel can pass or suffer with the one on one. Joel can hang out at the dunkers post while Jimmy works. His man ain’t leaving him. Drive Jimmy and when Joel is open dish it every time, if not take the shot and get the foul.

        Ben we believe in you. You don’t have a jumper yet we get that. We don’t like it when you’re open and don’t shoot. To us it’s like a baseball player who gets struck out watching a strike down the middle at every bat. We don’t care if you miss just swing (shoot). Don’t go out looking. But since you’re not there yet it’s best that you change positions for the playoffs. Teams are prepared for you at the point. If you’re moved down low it will change everything. Joel knee is busted so if you can dominate down there while he rests that would be a different look. They don’t respect Joel’s 3 or fake. They will take the chance therefore they have decided to clog the paint so give up that look. Jonah needs to be in there with you for help on defense as well as spacing cause his shot they have to respect. Also We need a shot blocker threat at all times. They are Drive happy everytime Joel sits. Jonah changes that. Keep Boban out of the rotation. Like TJ we love them but this is the playoffs and we have enough liability players we need in the game.

        Oh and when James comes back he can help the rotation but that needs to be it. Monroe should get more time than Boban for a little better athleticism. Work with this as your foundation and you are working with your best options for the playoffs. The guys not on the list need garbage time.

        • zach gottheimer
          zach gottheimer  3 months back

          Daughter was sick come on stop he lied. They were laughing and you retards believe it okay.

          • Eugene Engram
            Eugene Engram  3 months back

            Please Elton!Hire Mark Jackson!!!!

            • Reba Gilmore
              Reba Gilmore  3 months back

              Shocked is the word...let's get it together 76ers! Play faster and keep scoring...finish this game with BN... 👊👌👍👏
              76ers fans...if you aren't behind your team...stay home!
              This was a home game...these guys need a good crowd to pull them thru!

              • Reba Gilmore
                Reba Gilmore  3 months back

                @#1 Nets fan ...
                Still first game...tonight should determine that... I'm good if the guys 76ers don't get the win....I just have the blessings for them now...

              • #1 Nets fan
                #1 Nets fan  3 months back

                Reba Gilmore hahaha sorry as Sixers fan! NBA gods have chosen us this year there is no denying

            • Ivory Towers
              Ivory Towers  3 months back

              purpleguy494 How many foreign languages can I speak, You ask!?
              Answer is ! I speak 3 languages ,ich kann 3 Sprachen sprechen. Read and write ! But I live abraud,so its nothing special! Enes Kanter interview proves my point better. But I've lived it, so If I can learn to speak read and write German than i can say something own this topic.

              •   3 months back

                Ahhh, you took an L

                • Gilbert Nicholas
                  Gilbert Nicholas  3 months back

                  The Philly crowd started leaving with 4 minutes left in the game I couldn't believe it... and if Embiid isn't 100% we're gonna beat them in 6 or less

                • semiotik
                  semiotik  3 months back

                  hard to dislike butler's comments.

                  •   3 months back

                    the magic also beat the raptors but we all know who's gonna win the series. people gotta stop overreacting

                    • Johnny
                      Johnny  3 months back

                      here we go again with the "SHOCKED" and "STUNNED" words in the titles...

                      • King In My Own Mind
                        King In My Own Mind  3 months back

                        Philly's JJ or bust offense is bullshit and their defensive effort had you begging the suspect coach to put a rookie who hasn't played all season pretty much in the game in Zhaire Smith...they let the Nets do whatever they wanted ...Easily...Not OnE playoff foul to make their guards think embarrassing display and Sixers were exposed as the frauds even their own fanbase feared they were.

                        Ben Simmons has no one to match up with him and he is timid...sure the dumb ass one way foul calls that he does get on one side, but get called for on the other doesn't help, but he played like shit, at home in a game where they needed him...

                        Jimmy Butler finally shows up and it only took them being down 12+ points...he is always waiting until he has license to be a hero and play selfish to show up...AND he will be praised for he gets to act like a leader, because he had the best effort...for this I blame Joel, Ben and even Tobias...

                        Brett and your staff are a constant reminder of how much bad coaching outweighs good coaching in impact

                        • kuljo
                          kuljo  3 months back

                          I'm not shocked. I was excited for this series to start, coz I knew Nets will stun everyone, especially the haters. Nets in 4 or 5!

                        • PowdaToastFace Killah
                          PowdaToastFace Killah  3 months back

                          Fans booing their own team instead of cheering and trying to motivate them

                          Weirdos in philly, why would anyone wanna play there?

                          • Des iolle
                            Des iolle  3 months back

                            from what I saw it was a combination of 6er poor form and the Nets playing out of their skins....everything seemed to drop at the right time and they were good enough to put their foot on the throat...I suspect it will not go the same way in game [email protected] For Christ

                          • Rebel For Christ
                            Rebel For Christ  3 months back

                            Philly is one of those cities that if your playing like trash their gonna let u know. They really only boo because they know the Sixers are way too talented to be playing so lousy

                        • Alpha Lobster
                          Alpha Lobster  3 months back

                          If you play hard and lose it's one thing. If you're playing bs defense and not fighting through pick and rolls, which the Nets did all night, you deserve to get your sorry ass booed.

                          • warpspeed
                            warpspeed  3 months back

                            Ahhhh...I thought I was the most unstoppable player in the NBA...untill ahhhhh... Giannis came.

                            • nasib kahie
                              nasib kahie  3 months back

                              Simmonds gotta step it up, or else they are gone. They playing a good team.

                              • Ivory Towers
                                Ivory Towers  3 months back

                                From (0:05 to 0:42) He said "Ah" 12 times. 9 times on the 2nd question. 24 times on the 3rd
                                "Ah" They took that L

                                • Ivory Towers
                                  Ivory Towers  3 months back

                                  @purpleguy494 3 languages read and write. Haha

                                • purpleguy494
                                  purpleguy494  3 months back

                                  How many foreign languages can you speak, though?

                              • Rajesh Persaud
                                Rajesh Persaud  3 months back

                                Make em say ughhhhhhhhh!!!

                                • Yonis Ali
                                  Yonis Ali  3 months back

                                  In football there’s a lead fan that makes sure the fans are supporting the players instead putting pressure on them..

                                  • silviz 23
                                    silviz 23  3 months back

                                    Joel really likes the word "ahhh"

                                    • Don Don
                                      Don Don  3 months back

                                      silviz 23 I was fast forwarding through his post game talk and every time I stopped I only heard uhh, ah, ugh, ehh

                                  • agustin rocha
                                    agustin rocha  3 months back

                                    lmao im sweating like i stole something