Twitter VS Egoraptor (Arin From Game Grumps)


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  • Oscarnator 232
    Oscarnator 232  3 weeks back

    Thanks bowblax your videos have been great. A full recap of this drama is now archived thanks to your work. As an old fan of the new grounds community I've been watching their content since 2010 and lately (the last 5 years) it's been sad watching airn change and reject his former peers, this drama was the boiling point to something that has been heating up under the surface for awhile now. Airn definitely deserves criticism off this as he attempts to hide from it as of late, people are saying this drama is trivial and pathetic and too an outsider looking in I can see why they'd think this, all I can say is that airn has burnt bridges and has rejected the ones close to him because they don't fit his new agenda, the criticism from fans and other creators isn't about the pelo video it's about everything he's done these last few years that he's avoided criticism for through his echo chamber.

    • John Doe
      John Doe  4 hours back

      Arin is a very unattractive man. And as an unattractive man he has to virtue signal in order to win the favor and validation of women - including his spiteful, off-putting, obnoxious girlfriend. It's the only way. Hence why he is doing it. He desperately wants to be liked by the opposite gender. And no one could ever like him because of his visual appearance. So he has to compensate for it with political correctness and faux feminism.

    • A Name
      A Name  15 hours back

      @ClausMystery you type like an incel lmao

    • Steven Smiley
      Steven Smiley  1 days back

      I don't get why anyone cares about this. It's so stupid.

    • ZATaco :D
      ZATaco :D  2 days back

      @ClausMystery calm down you poor touch deprived human

    • ducciboi
      ducciboi  2 days back

      The video is alright but it's just Twitter screenshots. Kiwifarms shows a lot more info. Tom Fulp also made several posts in a thread about the whole situation asking people not to attack Egoraptor because it will set a bad example on Newgrounds. Both of them had a talk and they're still in good terms. But I can totally understand everyone's frustrations because Egoraptor was treating Newgrounds like it's /b/. Also gotta love the Game Grumps stans defending Arin's past but would gladly ruin Max G's or Pewdiepie's career for their past.

  • Gothic Croc
    Gothic Croc  29 minutes back

    Game grumps fans still won’t accept the videos just like how videos critiquing Matpatt.

    • Monker Scary
      Monker Scary  31 minutes back

      I'm not sure on what moral high ground these idiots are talking about. Just because you are popular because of something, doesn't mean you owe anything to that community. This is especially true for fame, you can circlejerk about other shit however much you want, but saying "newgrounds made you!!! Dummy!!!!!" Is a wholly stupid idea. If newgrounds became a website about literal nazism and Erin disavowed the site, this shitty argument says that he's not allowed to make judgements because he was once successful because of the site??? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

      • jeeshwa123
        jeeshwa123  36 minutes back

        I think the most perplexing thing, is the sentiment Arin has that "everyone deserves respect" as a reference to telling dark jokes in the past. Does that mean when he was telling those jokes, he didn't respect the target of the joke? But NOW he does? Idunno man. All humor is going to be at someone's expense. That's the nature of humor; it's ironic. Whether you're laughing at your self or at someone else, as long as everyone is comfortable, nobody should worry about the greater implications of what was said. And maybe in some cases, if someone has hurt feelings, maybe they're overreacting. As late as Jon-grumps, I feel like he understood that still. Like, oops, it turned out Jontron was an alt right sympathizer, but nobody thought that shit then when he was telling racist jokes. It was just two friends sitting in the same room talking shit, trying to make eachother laugh.

        The growth of Arin into this toothless Rhett and Link wannabe is in direct corelation to his feelings expressed in those tweets. He's ashamed of a person he used to be, back before he was a businessman before an artist, and he honestly wonders why his contemporaries turned on him like that. I can only imagine what it must feel like for all your internet buddies to turn on you and tell you you're acting out if turn, but I feel like Arin used to be a lot wiser than his years, and he had a lot of intelegent, thoughful opinions. Normally this would have been a point of self reflection, but now he's just trying to explain himself.

        I feel like if you got the full picture back then, he was this anarchic animator messing with the set dressing, but behind the scenes he was actually quite sensitive and insightful, and he thought a lot about his relationship with his peers and his fans. Now I see some YouTube Influencer™ desperately out of touch with his audience, trying to explain to everyone that he wasnt actually overreacting. Because he's CHANGED MANNNN.

        It's not even like he's trying to be fake woke or something, I feel like he's just built this castle of glass on a steep mountain slope that could fall over at any minute, and he understands this, and he's afraid of losing it if he says the wrong thing.

        I respected him when he was sincere.

        • Nani it’s Diovolo lol
          Nani it’s Diovolo lol  55 minutes back

          Watch out kids drama is everywhere your post might get the whole fucking planet on your ass

          • The Griff
            The Griff  56 minutes back

            So Arin used to be edgy, now as his viewer base has hugely expanded he got woke. Well imagine my shock.

            • StarSonic
              StarSonic  1 hours back


              • Hisoka Merc
                Hisoka Merc  1 hours back

                I agree with almost anything in this vid you said, but not per se with some of the comments you used as examples. Besides that we shouldn't forget that we can have thick skin when it comes to one subject or situation and be like glass when it comes to specific things(for example family or passions etc). Yes Arin should wake up, but all of us should also give each other more advice with a friendly vibe then critique with hate.

                • FrankieTheWop
                  FrankieTheWop  1 hours back


                  • CJD
                    CJD  2 hours back

                    Look up the pronunciation of "hyperbole"

                    • Logan Stickly
                      Logan Stickly  2 hours back

                      This was all blown out of proportion imo. Arin fucked up and got absolutely annihilated for it. Let's move on.

                      • r3w
                        r3w  2 hours back

                        ALSO, *THEORY:* When Arin agreed to the YouTube Red series, he dun goofed & didn't read the contract YouTube gave him (everyone knows Arin always skips text/dialog) he was surprised when the YouTube ModBots kicked in his door, did a mandatory brain-scan, filtered out all of his personality, humor & installed a PC content software chip in his brain to self-moderate his content.

                        • r3w
                          r3w  2 hours back

                          Ppl should stop pretending criticism is a "mean" thing. The inability to deal with criticism is a weakness that should be overcome...and _sometimes_ criticism can lead to healthy growth, humility, etc...criticism regulates the ego, keeping it in check.
                          Blind praise is actually horribly unhealthy.

                          • jakedizzle
                            jakedizzle  3 hours back

                            He is cuckold by his ugly ass girlfriend. He is the new spoonyone.

                            • syntheticgerbil
                              syntheticgerbil  3 hours back

                              Dude, learn how to talk before you make long videos like this. Get all that spit out of your mouth and learn to enunciate well. Youtube pundits, sheesh.

                            • jakedizzle
                              jakedizzle  3 hours back

                              His name is ego

                              • watchusreviewstuff
                                watchusreviewstuff  4 hours back

                                nigga said "hyper-ball" its said "high-per-bo-lee" my dawg

                                • chihuahuasarecute123
                                  chihuahuasarecute123  5 hours back

                                  Why do SJWs suddenly all say the word “folks?”

                                  • Google Demonetization
                                    Google Demonetization  5 hours back

                                    Drama: Exists*

                                    Drama channels: *STONKS*

                                    • That_Guy
                                      That_Guy  5 hours back

                                      o no

                                      • Oscar Medina
                                        Oscar Medina  6 hours back

                                        This is dumb, if you ask me, drama is a boring topic.

                                        • Milis
                                          Milis  6 hours back

                                          14:00 please stop explaining the incredibly obvious.

                                          • Milis
                                            Milis  6 hours back

                                            "Hyper bol"

                                            • Kevin Cobbins
                                              Kevin Cobbins  7 hours back

                                              Th- th- th- that’s all I hear bro

                                              • Jabbers Art
                                                Jabbers Art  7 hours back

                                                why are you using "Do you think Sonic shits?" as a more negative example? Thats one of the most thought provoking questions of our time

                                                • Beverage
                                                  Beverage  7 hours back

                                                  Pronounced Hyper-boly. Not hyper bol. Sorry, just a pet peeve.

                                                  • Kelvin Cha
                                                    Kelvin Cha  8 hours back

                                                    Pe - lo. (√)
                                                    Pay - lo(x)

                                                    • Trash Person
                                                      Trash Person  9 hours back

                                                      The things I miss by not caring about Twitter. Arin seems to be headed down the same beaten path as many internet hasbeens who "regret" the edgy jokes that started their careers, unknowingly or unwilling to understand that the people he's trying to appeal to now will never forgive him for those jokes, and he probably won't realize this until he turns around to find the fans he turned his back on in the first place have all left for other creators that respect them. Oh well, watching him blame "having to talk and play at the same time" for sucking at video games was fun for awhile there.

                                                      • Michael Stolley
                                                        Michael Stolley  9 hours back

                                                        HYPER BALL

                                                        • Drflash55
                                                          Drflash55  9 hours back

                                                          50% people talking about the topic of this video
                                                          40% people making memes already from this video
                                                          9% criticizing Bowblax for pronouncing hyperbole wrong

                                                          1% people making a % comment like I am right now.

                                                          • Marc EXE
                                                            Marc EXE  9 hours back

                                                            Arin be like: aw shit here we go again

                                                            • Dakota Metzgar
                                                              Dakota Metzgar  9 hours back

                                                              So do you ever plan to talk about Turkey Tom's outright harassment of Mr. Enter?

                                                              • Dakota Metzgar
                                                                Dakota Metzgar  9 hours back

                                                                Meh, I just found the jokes Pelo made in his video more annoying than anything else, but my sense of humor falls elsewhere.

                                                                • Ceroki
                                                                  Ceroki  10 hours back

                                                                  Arin and PBG are both asshats, really sucked to fun out of things. They both ride high horses and have shit taste in comedy. Both are beta cucks who want brownie points by looking inclusive and playing victim.

                                                                  • Lone Wanderer
                                                                    Lone Wanderer  10 hours back

                                                                    Suddenly, Oney showing up on JonTron makes sense

                                                                    • Cassidy Billet
                                                                      Cassidy Billet  10 hours back

                                                                      This really explains why they have that “community show” now because people kept saying they don’t listen to fans

                                                                      • Hydrorational
                                                                        Hydrorational  11 hours back

                                                                        Lmao, the shit I've found on Newgrounds, and the things I still find, it is a hell hole, trust me. Not the animators, the VERY questionable content, especially pornographic stuff, is what is the problem

                                                                        • abstrusePaladin
                                                                          abstrusePaladin  11 hours back

                                                                          I appreciate these kinds of videos only because of the summarized events, but when a side is taken by the commentator it actually annoys me so damn much. It unnecessarily adds fuel to the drama. It's not your "duty" to not take a side, but it surely doesn't help much when you do.

                                                                          • Unicronicorn
                                                                            Unicronicorn  11 hours back

                                                                            6:50 "hyper ball"
                                                                            I'm boutta bully someone

                                                                            • DerpLikeAPro
                                                                              DerpLikeAPro  11 hours back

                                                                              I miss the early 2000s too m8

                                                                              • DerpLikeAPro
                                                                                DerpLikeAPro  11 hours back

                                                                                IS PELONI

                                                                                • videon Mode
                                                                                  videon Mode  12 hours back

                                                                                  Arin has always been a mixed bag for me ever since he transitioned to YouTube and started Game Grumps. He has his genuine moments but the way he rags on about others is.... it's a bad feel.

                                                                                  • Chris M
                                                                                    Chris M  12 hours back

                                                                                    6:47 Jfc it's pronounced like hyper-bully, not hyper-ball lmao. Are you illiterate or something? 🙄

                                                                                    • Sinnix
                                                                                      Sinnix  12 hours back

                                                                                      i'm going with the approach with never saying sorry for things i enjoy on youtube if i ever get large enough to deal with these kinda comments lol

                                                                                      • Sleepi
                                                                                        Sleepi  12 hours back

                                                                                        I thought it was dumb that Arin pitched a fit over Sr Pelo's video; but I also thought it was equally, if not more dumb when people started trying to bring up shit he said in NG videos to try and cancel him.

                                                                                        Overall just a dumb situation

                                                                                        • Faced Sheep
                                                                                          Faced Sheep  12 hours back

                                                                                          Everyone wants to flame Arin about disagreeing with the humor to that animation and say that he once supported it, but they dont think about how mindsets change.

                                                                                          For another point I dont think that he ment that he was personally attacked it's just him voicing his opinion as well as giving a reason for that opinion.

                                                                                          • Satellite Breakfast
                                                                                            Satellite Breakfast  12 hours back

                                                                                            Everyone's all about the "edgy" humour. They think being out of touch with emotion is the best place to be and anyone whos offended in nothing more than a beta soyboy cuck. Its pathetic, really. People dont think that theres a place for sensitivity, personal growth, or kindness. They'll mock and hurl stones at him expressing his opinion, telling him he's out of touch, sold, out, and lost his roots. But thts because its a cesspool of people caught up in their arrested adolescence who dont know any better.
                                                                                            Did somebody say something that you didnt like? Suck it up and move on, they say. Dont he so thin skinned. Well, theres some wisdom in that. You cant engage them because they lack the self awareness to change their ideas and realize that people besides themselves fucking matter. Words carry weight, but everyone seems fine to fling them around like flour.

                                                                                        • Dilaudid281
                                                                                          Dilaudid281  12 hours back

                                                                                          People don't want an apology from you Arin. Just take the stick out of your ass and laugh a bit bud. Comedy is about letting things go and just laughing at how serious things have to be all the time. You used to know this...your younger self wasn't hateful or mean or offensive, he just hadn't been beaten down by all the political correctness and outrage and backlash from the world yet. Shake it off. All that stress and worrying makes you a dull boy.

                                                                                          • Pizza Chit
                                                                                            Pizza Chit  12 hours back

                                                                                            Arin over reacted totally the video wasn’t mean AND was all in good fun but shitting on arin because he grew up and doesn’t the the Nword is a joke anymore is stupid. And Pretending the 2009 edgey Trolling comedy doesn’t hurt people is wrong. Arin was just most definitely wrong in this specific case but he had points