Klay Thompson Hits Clutch 3 To Force Game 6 of NBA Finals


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  • Jason Calvin
    Jason Calvin  2 weeks back

    Kawhi lost Klay and cost them the game.

    • felix magat
      felix magat  1 months back

      Nick Nurse, thanks for calling that timeout while you were on a 10-2 run! You killed your team's momentum and gave us a chance to regroup!

      • Anthony DePaola
        Anthony DePaola  1 months back

        Klay Thompson > Steph Curry

        Change my mind.

      • Judy Seager
        Judy Seager  1 months back

        The splash bros and dubs fantastic team players. 😀💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🏀👌

        • adem Sense
          adem Sense  1 months back

          Curry knew it was in 😎 splash

          • shaker saad
            shaker saad  1 months back

            That was fukin clutch omg

            • Mugsy Bogues
              Mugsy Bogues  1 months back

              kawhi just jumped off the buildin

            • Chandra Prakash Bisht
              Chandra Prakash Bisht  1 months back

              Game 6 is Klay's game . . don't worry warriors fans

              • Dan
                Dan  1 months back

                Here comes Game 6 Klay

                • Tom Yamaguchi
                  Tom Yamaguchi  3 weeks back

                  Frealssss. I almost didn’t believe he’d make an appearance, but he showed up !!!! And if he hadn’t torn his acl he was on pace for 40 he was 4-6 from 3

                • Boggob
                  Boggob  1 months back

                  Shhhhhh... Don't let the Raptors get wind of the *'Game 6 Assassin'*

              • kiefer jones
                kiefer jones  1 months back

                lol at curry with the 3s up before the shot

                • Stéphane Robert Decker
                  Stéphane Robert Decker  1 months back

                  Nick Curse really fucked this one up

                  • Mert
                    Mert  1 months back

                    No worries Kawhi's cooking something up for game 6

                    • Joshua Makshofi
                      Joshua Makshofi  1 months back

                      Kawhi has left the building.


                    • WarGutsy
                      WarGutsy  1 months back

                      Craptors choked

                      • snek boi q
                        snek boi q  1 months back

                        Curry the 🐐

                        • justdarylyeung
                          justdarylyeung  1 months back

                          Curry > Kawhi

                        • Niggalodeon
                          Niggalodeon  1 months back

                          You clearly ain't been watchin' the finals 🤦🏽‍♂️