Loot Boss! :: xBCrafted Plays Minecraft 1.14 :: E48


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  • ashgcy
    ashgcy  1 weeks back

    Man I miss the season 5 hermitcraft mansion, that was such a beautiful build

    • Guilherme Silva
      Guilherme Silva  1 weeks back

      I'd recommend trying to dig into the ceiling of the secret room.

      • Original Guba
        Original Guba  1 weeks back

        Xb, the pilager statue usually has a block of diamond or emerald as his brain above his nose I believe. could be wrong.

        • Guilherme Silva
          Guilherme Silva  1 weeks back

          Lapis block, not diamond. And I believe all of them have

      • Goetz Liedtke
        Goetz Liedtke  1 weeks back

        You were the brain worms.

        • John Wick
          John Wick  1 weeks back

          They all have multiple secrete rooms!

          • BigAl607
            BigAl607  1 weeks back

            @20:03 what language was that? LOL

            • Jamie Bruce
              Jamie Bruce  1 weeks back

              He yells random stuff when something jumps out of nowhere 😂😂😂

          • Granny's Watching-U
            Granny's Watching-U  1 weeks back

            This was fun

            • samurai352
              samurai352  1 weeks back

              You missed a room on the 1st floor!

              • devin bordeau
                devin bordeau  1 weeks back

                under the floor

                • LeagueItAll
                  LeagueItAll  1 weeks back