Dancetown Divas Rehearsal Footage: In-Studio Performance, The Duels - World of Dance 2019


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  • Crystal Alexander
    Crystal Alexander  1 months back

    I'm so glad that some of these rehearsals have been posted. Now I can actually see so much more. More of the dance, more concept, more narrative...I prefer this much more over all of the cut-aways and interruptions.
    So far it appears that both of the performances may have been hindered due to their costumes. I love a beautiful piece of art for a dramatic (or bold statement) costume. But the art they are showcasing is the dance, not the clothes.
    Aside from that, the directors and editors @WOD need to get their hustle on and learn to showcase the dancers. We already know what the judges look like and what all of their "OMG" expressions will be. We do NOT already know all of the dancers, choreography, narratives, esthetic and etc. NO ONE would be upset if you left out the judges until the end. Except the judges, I'm sure. How about a compromise? Like...insert a very small, quick snippet of the pre-arranged "shock face" of their choice in the corner of the screen in place of cutting away from the dance completely. Then you can focus on the judges, full screen and perfect focus while they are talking instead of showing the dancers who are out of breath and are just awkwardly standing there listening to the judges talk, with a camera in the face. Just a suggestion. Regardless, it's time to step your game up. The average youtuber has better camera work, direction and editing than this. That says a LOT.
    (Like who exactly it is that is getting over paid)

      JAY PARRA  3 months back

      I rooted for them

      • Oofer Boy
        Oofer Boy  3 months back

        Where is their cut performance

        • Lori Beck
          Lori Beck  4 months back

          So proud of our girls. Dance Town Pride!!

          • Agustini Mawar
            Agustini Mawar  5 months back

            They r so great

            • yayong101
              yayong101  5 months back

              Not a fan of this dance style but I'm starting to like it. damn!

              • Cora Martinez
                Cora Martinez  5 months back

                It is very disappointed we could not watch the entire performance in the TV show, the cut that was done to the dance ruined the choreography, which was outstanding as it can be seen in this video, I am very glad the divas passed, they deserved by far

                • Renatojr Absalon
                  Renatojr Absalon  5 months back

                  This is better than the live performance

                  • Jennifer Davis
                    Jennifer Davis  5 months back


                    • victoria cruz
                      victoria cruz  5 months back


                      • Kira Shaw
                        Kira Shaw  5 months back

                        Ok but why does it sound like Amish Paradise?

                        • Toal Johnson
                          Toal Johnson  5 months back

                          was way better without the obnoxious outfits

                          • NBC World of Dance
                            NBC World of Dance   5 months back

                            We LIVE for the In-Studio angle. 🤩

                            • Pdawg
                              Pdawg  5 months back

                              Yeah, and the show isn’t living for the camera angles on the actual TV show is it. Make it that way please, don’t care about judges reactions throughout the dance. It’s World of DANCE, not World of the Judges condescending facial expressions while watching the dances.

                            • Shaheed Rahman
                              Shaheed Rahman  5 months back

                              I must express some deep resentment against the Judges! I feel they made a Terrible mistake in their decision! JDC had a Superb routine, i must agree, but what i did not see was a Stage Presence or Marketability! What i saw was a Very Good dance routine. However, with Dance Town Divas, i not only saw Stage Presence, but i saw an act or show albeit small, that some would pay to see. Even bring their kids! Very few times do i disagree with the Judges, The Jabbawockeez decision for sure, but i understand buisness as well, maybe one other but definitely this one!!!

                              I Subscribed, and that my 2CENTS!!

                          • B PRO
                            B PRO  5 months back

                            They have potential to be finalist

                            • Brian Lowry
                              Brian Lowry  5 months back

                              Whoever thinks JDC won this battle should really check themselves and their knowledge of dance. They performed beautifully but to anyone with a clear eye and who understands the concept of a duel, they really couldnt compete with what I think is one of the best routines of any season so far.

                              from a dancers perspective, ESPECIALLY IN A DUEL ROUND, the Dancetown Divas had one of the best performances I've seen on this show. No credit taken away from JDC, they had a strong intro/outro but their middle lacked substance, cleanliness and their routine as a whole could not match what DD brought to the table.

                              Even if we judge this "Duel" strictly from the routine as a whole, DD kept it clean while giving us beautiful technique and danncing ability ALL THE WAY THROUGH. That stop on a dime turn is so difficult a lot of us wont even understand. Look at the pictures they create and how clean it all is, all while the energy and intesity are at an extreme high, which judging by previous episodes, most teams cant do. Even MKAM, who I think is a solid team and should have won their elekrobots battle, struggled with the high intensity of the MAAD CITY Remix. Its not easy to do what DD did especially throughout an ENTIRE ROUTINE, whilst I got lost at some points for JDC. They did amazin dont get me wrong but no one can tell me logically speaking, they OUTDANCE OR OUTPERFORMED Dancetown Divas. No chance.

                              • Brian Lowry
                                Brian Lowry  5 months back

                                @J Delgado left?

                              • J Delgado
                                J Delgado  5 months back

                                @Brian Lowry right

                              • Brian Lowry
                                Brian Lowry  5 months back

                                @J Delgado Nah, good for you.

                              • J Delgado
                                J Delgado  5 months back

                                @Brian Lowry good for you buddy

                              • Brian Lowry
                                Brian Lowry  5 months back

                                @J Delgado Actually JDC looked a little discombobulated to me, not DD.

                            • Summer Baby
                              Summer Baby  5 months back

                              Man they killed this performance. So clean, so interesting, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! ❤❤❤ it!

                              • RpM_Avn 711
                                RpM_Avn 711  5 months back

                                You nailed it girls you nailed it

                                • iamafanboy
                                  iamafanboy  5 months back


                                  • Adejoh Gracious
                                    Adejoh Gracious  5 months back

                                    Is it just me or is this years WOD kinda boring?
                                    Its not as competitive as the previous year or the one before. Everyone is keeping it too simple

                                    • Adejoh Gracious
                                      Adejoh Gracious  5 months back

                                      @Yo-YoMcGee i guess you are right

                                    • Yo-YoMcGee
                                      Yo-YoMcGee  5 months back

                                      I don’t it’s the dancers, I think it’s production. This performance was way better than the actual show. As we watch the show, ever time they switch to the judges it’s after the dancer do something special, taking away from the viewers.

                                    • Renatojr Absalon
                                      Renatojr Absalon  5 months back

                                      Adejoh Gracious dont watch..

                                  • LEGEND OF DANCE
                                    LEGEND OF DANCE  5 months back

                                    Subscribe me please..

                                    • Ashley Fernandez
                                      Ashley Fernandez  5 months back

                                      Really amazing! Dtpride 🤩