Kawhi Leonard Texted Kyle Lowry After The DeMar DeRozan Trade | NBA Finals


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  • don brassco
    don brassco  1 months back

    Powers To Be Makes Raps/Canucks Their Dump Team😧K.L Solve That Problem Right Quick😄

    • J R
      J R  1 months back

      Can't imagine how he Derozan feels, gets traded to guy that was injured and end up winning a Championship with his former team his first year.

      • FalconFlyer75
        FalconFlyer75  1 months back

        yeah as happy as I am for the Raptors my heart really does out to the guy, he was a talented player who was so dedicated to the raptors BEFORE they were formidable, and he kinda got robbed here.

    • GP P
      GP P  1 months back

      DeRozan.....Kawhi me a river....

      • Edward Bliss
        Edward Bliss  1 months back

        For some reason I thought Kyle Lowry is 34-ish. He's only 32. There are a few more championships left if Kawhi stays (which he will)

        • Keisha Williams
          Keisha Williams  1 months back

          Edward Bliss he’s 33 years old. He turned 33 in March. He was born in 1986

        • Matthew Bird
          Matthew Bird  1 months back

          Actually kawhi is 27 yrs. old

      • Nikhil Pandey
        Nikhil Pandey  1 months back

        Why's he wearing scuba diving googles xD

        • Raven
          Raven  1 months back

          Nikhil Pandey blocking the champagne lol

      • Michael Uy
        Michael Uy  1 months back

        Hope so deruzen will traded again to Toronto so it will become superteam with Leonard, Deruzen and Lowry, siakam superb team pls Toronto if you want to defend and secure grandslam champion and many more champion than golden state, Lakers, bulls

        • jay tee
          jay tee  1 months back

          "hey kyle, trust me. im a fun guy..." -kawhi

          • Dannilo Roberto
            Dannilo Roberto  1 months back

            Olha o Paulo Antunes aí

            • janirwin16
              janirwin16  1 months back

              Kawahi: “I’ll be your new best friend”

              • Jewelz
                Jewelz  1 months back

                Dude got the best mentality

                • John Michael
                  John Michael  1 months back

                  Man,,, deFrozen must be so jealous right now that his former team won a championship without him

                • Fábio Barony
                  Fábio Barony  1 months back

                  Paulinho 💚💛

                  • Carlos Alexandre
                    Carlos Alexandre  1 months back

                    He leaving

                    • DieNetaDie
                      DieNetaDie  1 months back

                      King of the North

                      • Og Mane
                        Og Mane  1 months back

                        "Still playing ball no matter what Jersey I got on" come to Houston!

                        • MadManFN
                          MadManFN  1 months back

                          Y'all Need Jimmy Butler not Kawhi

                      • Richy Rich
                        Richy Rich  1 months back

                        Someone need to put DeMar on suicide watch ASAP

                        • rjrex8
                          rjrex8  1 months back

                          Kawhi the GOAT for ending the Miami and GSW dynasty

                        • Rina Oben
                          Rina Oben  1 months back

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                          • ROTY Mike Jones
                            ROTY Mike Jones  1 months back

                            Kawhi texting Lowry like Demar who?

                            • jack Sparrow
                              jack Sparrow  1 months back

                              Wow he know how to keep that secret & lowry, and comfort kyle.. now he confess he was texted lowry, perferct timing bro.. kawhi time

                              • LnYx 2
                                LnYx 2  1 months back

                                Idk wat you was trying to say but it sounds very sus my guy

                              • MadManFN
                                MadManFN  1 months back


                            • SUBSCRIBE ME I'LL SUBSCRIBE YOU BACK

                              I'm buying your shoes Kawhi.

                            • Max Ferraro
                              Max Ferraro  1 months back

                              Kawhi Leonard is goated

                              • Crebs Park
                                Crebs Park  1 months back

                                STAY AWAY FROM WARRIORS FANS AT LEAST FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS.

                                • Gun Line
                                  Gun Line  1 months back

                                  @Lambro Crooks spoken like a real fan. I like you.

                                • D Thomas
                                  D Thomas  1 months back

                                  Geno Grinberg y’all are done winning until at least 2022

                                • Geno Grinberg
                                  Geno Grinberg  1 months back

                                  @Lambro Crooks exactly. No warriors fan views this SERIES as a real loss... the loss is KD and Klay being injured. Everyone knows what the outcome would have been otherwise... a true warriors fan wouldnt see this as the "end of a dynasty" quite the opposite. Next man up game was on point. Warriors have a solid coaching staff and good culture. They can make anyone good.

                                • Geno Grinberg
                                  Geno Grinberg  1 months back

                                  @DuraDigi how does GSW losing to Raptors without KD or klay make the blazers any less *TRASH* ?

                                • Lambro Crooks
                                  Lambro Crooks  1 months back

                                  Every warriors fan is humble with this L since the enitire team was hurt damn near. Nothing you can do except accept defeat and hope for better luck next year. And no one dislikes Kawhi so you can't feel bad losing to a class act.

                              • Andrew WaiJS
                                Andrew WaiJS  1 months back

                                I can't wait for a new Game of Zones episode on the newly formed friendship between Lowry and The Klaw!!!😂😂😂

                                • TheMichaelRN
                                  TheMichaelRN  1 months back

                                  Something must have gone terribly wrong with the Spurs he didn't want to work it out but did with the Raptors from the very start.

                                  • AtoniBay Studios
                                    AtoniBay Studios  1 months back

                                    @Joseph that's one of downside of Kawhi he doesnt talk that much... I think it's just misunderstanding both ways.

                                  • The Great Rudini
                                    The Great Rudini  1 months back

                                    It’s not like he had a choice of sitting out another year lol he’s leaving regardless

                                  • Joseph
                                    Joseph  1 months back

                                    @I'm Your Huckleberry There is no clear about that situation at all. Nobody knows what was going on. That's why some Spurs fans are angry at Kawhi, he didn't talk to the media for almost a year. They didn't know what to expect. It was depressing lol.

                                  • I'm Your Huckleberry
                                    I'm Your Huckleberry  1 months back

                                    It's been made pretty clear what the problem was. He felt he wasn't ready to play and the spurs were pressuring to come back and even accused him of being a liar about his health. He felt disrespected and undervalued that's all.

                                  • Joseph
                                    Joseph  1 months back

                                    We'll never know what that was

                                • Frank King
                                  Frank King  1 months back

                                  I'm buying a Kawhi kit on Monday. That man is humble and likable. King Of the East and North!!!!!

                                  • Tom Closs
                                    Tom Closs  1 months back

                                    He's a fun guy too,☺.

                                  • Jakub Wozniak
                                    Jakub Wozniak  1 months back

                                    im a raptors fan but you shouldnt buy the jersey of a player whos leaving next year

                                  • Yaboigotmoney
                                    Yaboigotmoney  1 months back

                                    Krypt lebron? He had ONE bad year due to injuries. ONE.

                                  • Kid chaor
                                    Kid chaor  1 months back


                                  • Ojben YT
                                    Ojben YT  1 months back

                                    I'm Your Huckleberry it’s a jersey

                                • Keith Nuqui
                                  Keith Nuqui  1 months back


                                  • Charles ZIEBELL
                                    Charles ZIEBELL  1 months back


                                    • imaokqbwasme imaokqbwasme

                                      Fuck the north jk

                                      • FoshoGotFlow
                                        FoshoGotFlow  1 months back

                                        Man that’s class by Kawhi... he already knew he was on a mission since day 1. Kyle was still in his feelings about DeRozan and Kawhi had to school him on something... I bet he ain’t mad no more...