David Griffin And Alvin Gentry Rave About Zion Williamson


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  • jtreynol
    jtreynol  4 weeks back

    Pelicans hiring David Griffin and Trajon Langdon...is amazing. This franchise has been in a complete tailspin for over a decade...that bringing in a handful of new people has turned this around so quickly...it's crazy.

    • Nomads Seven
      Nomads Seven  1 months back

      Give 3 years and he wants to be traded like AD. Scrub franchise.

      • nba is dead
        nba is dead  4 weeks back

        i think you meant like KP lol

      • dachicagoan
        dachicagoan  4 weeks back

        @fionn o'connor and thank god for that! lakers deserve LeBaby.

      • jtreynol
        jtreynol  4 weeks back

        But...can't really argue. I just think Pels are going to show and prove. Hopefully you are wrong.

      • jtreynol
        jtreynol  4 weeks back

        It's turning around. But until the season starts and we see change on the court...can't really argue with you. But I think it's a new Pelicans team going forward from the day they hired Griffin and Langdon.

      • fionn o'connor
        fionn o'connor  4 weeks back

        @dachicagoan ya like paul george wait no but kawhi leonard well shit

    • Jr.
      Jr.  1 months back

      Damm David done more in 1 month than Dell Demps has done in 5 years

      • jtreynol
        jtreynol  4 weeks back

        Also his hires in the executive and medical staffs have been quietly amazing. The fact that he convinced ownership to hire a real medical nba medical staff...in and of itself should yield immediate results.

      • Jr.
        Jr.  4 weeks back

        @Nomads Seven got everything he needed from the AD trade instead of playing mind games and leaking it to the media like Demps. Traded down to collect more picks and picks for the future. Got rid of Solomon Hill's awful contract that Demps gave him. Now they have cap flexibility and loaded with picks for the near future.

      • Nomads Seven
        Nomads Seven  1 months back

        How ? 1st pick was handed to him

    • Moses Ulai
      Moses Ulai  1 months back

      I like Jrue but saying he’s the face of the pelicans is laughable. Zion was the face of college ball & has the potential to be the face of the entire NBA.😂

      • Jeyaram lol
        Jeyaram lol  1 months back

        They haven’t talked about lakers player the pels people because it not officiall they would say no comment if the media asked

        • Boss Hog Zoomer
          Boss Hog Zoomer  1 months back

          I think it was extremely important for Griffith to put to rest any pressure on Zion and to establish the chain of command. Pelicans got a good team and I believe they are more than capable of sneaking up on the league and making the playoffs. Gentry go let the dogs out. Happy for them

          • ruebascu
            ruebascu  1 months back

            With Jrue leading the team, they'll end up top 3 defensively this season easily. They're looking solid defensively at every position so far

            • jtreynol
              jtreynol  4 weeks back

              Their individual defensive acumen is IMPRESSIVE...once they figure out how to play defense as a team..they're going to give offenses the blues. Great individual defensive talent out there on the court.

          • Archie Hall
            Archie Hall  1 months back


            • Sans Mans
              Sans Mans  1 months back

              And the Nobel Piece Prize goes tooo.....

            • IamClickbait
              IamClickbait  1 months back

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