Ryzen 9 3900X vs Core i9-9900K: When Intel is better


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  • PCWorld
    PCWorld   2 weeks back

    If you look real close you can see not one but TWO computers ask to update Windows in the background. Ugh. :P

    • Donát Fehér
      Donát Fehér  2 days back

      @Sarch Lalaith my ryzen 5 [email protected] 1.275v with rx480 runs it just fine. gpu bottlenecked, cpu runs on 15-20% across all cores

    • Jomar Santos Torres
      Jomar Santos Torres  6 days back

      HI PCWORLD. I wanna play Medival Total War Three Kingdoms with 4k Highest Setting there is.

    • Snapper 828
      Snapper 828  1 weeks back

      Peter Jansen what about Fortnite? Do you get better frames in Fortnite?

    • Snapper 828
      Snapper 828  1 weeks back

      PCWorld sounds to me if you spend more time running benchmarks and making movies or videos get a 3900x. If you spend more time gaming the 9900k is for you. I spend more time gaming and the 9900k has enough performance for me to make a vid of my my gameplay. I choose 9900k personally but have respect for 3900x

    • Quadzilla
      Quadzilla  1 weeks back

      Just run windows update blocker WUB then when you are ready to update at your own time, enable it, run the updates and back to disabled till next time. It's also great for blocking windows from updating drivers you don't want updated and it's one click.

  • herbrjr
    herbrjr  9 hours back

    what about 1440p gaming :P no winner there.

    • FULJER
      FULJER  15 hours back

      3% difference between them, I can't imagine the new threadripper...

      • Dark099 Gaming
        Dark099 Gaming  1 days back

        Make me laugh all the AMD blindful fan. How someone can love piece of shit like this? AMD fan love eat shit each times AMD do something. OMG. AMD = cheap piece of shit that why their price is so low vs intel/NVIDIA = Best of the Best nothing less you pay more for quality. Intel/NVIDIA is like a Ferrari and AMD like a Dodge Caravan lol who always broke and you are always in garage to repair it at final AMD will cost you more and more than Intel. Thank you stupid AMD Fan. I guess I must thank you. That why I sell AMD stuffs very much more. See AMD stupid fan pay me more. I sell Intel/NVIDIA stuffs really not much because Intel fan deserve the best nothing less. Fucking tired to hear about AMD. Can you lets them die and RIP? Damn fucking piece of shit. I have buy a Ryzen 7 with RX 570 for 1500$ for my son. I have never see so much garbage. PC overheat all the time just by open Firefox. Whatever I do the PC will explose at which point is too much demanding same Firefox its too much. So when my son play Anthem or else my god. The PC restart over and over in middle of a game. Overheating over 90C. I have never saw so much crap and shit in one PC. I have no choice I have give him my own PC Intel I7-8700k with a GTX 1080 ti. That's is a masterpiece PC. Never struggle and never restart or overheat. I will build my next PC for 4K Intel i7-9700k with a RTX 2080 ti. So my son win and myself. Someone want eat a piece of shit? I think the first one I met in the street will win my Ryzen 7 piece shit. Never got so much trouble with AMD. Never touch this shit again in my life. AMD is banned for my life forever. Keep your shit for yourself. AMD can die now. Thank You. My god I don't understand how people can love buy shit who will give you more trouble than else. All my life I have buy and play on AMD. Always got trouble HD radeon 7700 dual fan was a pain in the ass. Driver build by a 5 years old kid. HD 3450 not enough good just to watch a simple video. My god piece of shit. Now RX 570 cannot run any game same in minimum. I am not surprise to see on Userbenchmark its only 50% in gaming in yellow. piece of shit. I will never understand how people can love piece of shit like this. I have come here to see Intel destroy once again AMD. Ryzen 9 LOL!!! Intel I9 will eat any AMD stuffs any time. Happy to see I9 9900k destroy AMD. Intel winning streak over 20 years. Since 2000 over 5 PC if not more have broke what was inside? AMD. No surprise. Fan broke,GPU broke,over and over. My old Intel PC with a I5-2320 still working like a charm. 2012-2019. 7 years and still working. Nothing have broke inside. Why? Intel with GTX best of the best nothing less. Since many years I am for green team. Never regret it. AMD are a joke. No real competition. What I can do about it? Nothing if people love eat shit why not its your money you waste not mine. So if you love your broken PC why not. AMD same in 2030 will not match Intel/NVIDIA and never will same in 2050. Piece of shit one day. Piece of shit always. I will continue watch Intel/NVIDIA video continue destroy AMD again and again and again. How satisfy. Thank you NVIDiA to be there. You can count on me

        • Project Weddingko
          Project Weddingko  1 days back

          You don't look like a gamer and you talk alot of games. and I doubt you even know what you're saying about threads and cores

          • Project Weddingko
            Project Weddingko  1 days back

            more better lol!

            • Random Clicks
              Random Clicks  2 days back

              Applel using trekkie, not taking advice from that combo.

              • Vitaly Kravchenko
                Vitaly Kravchenko  3 days back

                This is not a balanced discussion, why the other guy is there, does he have to be present for this monologue?

                • Armando Debergues
                  Armando Debergues  4 days back

                  More cores better? Who would've thought?

                  I just like to see the 8/16 core vs the 8/16 core and you can clearly see that core count per core count the Intel just RAPES the competition.

                  Price-wise, I still would've not gone for the AMD, the X570 chipset sucks despite all the new tech and features. SO! I just bought the i9 9900KF and a GIGABYTE Z390 Pro WIFI. And I paid $420 for my i9 9900KF. Not $500

                  • Kain Tsperm
                    Kain Tsperm  4 hours back

                    If i buy a 9900k do you think it will last me 3 years from today for high framrate gaming honestly?

                • vincent gnanaraja
                  vincent gnanaraja  4 days back

                  Are u two wearing red and blue shirt on purpose? or just coincidence?

                • Jason Gooden
                  Jason Gooden  5 days back

                  11:48 should say shorter bar indicates better performance

                  • fallios
                    fallios  5 days back

                    Just wait until game optimization comes for the 3900x , everything now is intel favored ryzen 9 still a new cpu wait for afew updates and then we'll see.

                    • Jesus McBeth
                      Jesus McBeth  6 days back

                      What about that jump from 30+% difference to 28% advantage to amd when jumping from 8 threads to 9. (in cine bench I believe)
                      I guess it goes to show that there r either some scheduling problems or maybe smt implementation or something relative to how Intel does it? As in since when Intel kicks in the hyperthreading they actually gain a greater advantage on that one point than amd throwing in an addition whole real core...

                      • Jesus McBeth
                        Jesus McBeth  6 days back

                        That's the broken box, right?

                        • PCWorld
                          PCWorld   5 days back

                          It sure is :P

                      • User888User
                        User888User  6 days back

                        So, the 8c INTEL is better then the 12c AMD.
                        wtf is this

                        • BluceonHUN
                          BluceonHUN  6 days back

                          Amd: better for budget gaming/multitasking
                          Intel: better for OC gaming (needs a good cooler)

                          • Defective Clone
                            Defective Clone  7 days back

                            You guys missed the whole 3900X uses less power and is cheaper

                            • Yatin Singla
                              Yatin Singla  7 days back

                              I won't buy an AMD 3900x knowing that 3-4 months later Intel would launch an even better 10nm. (We're comparing Intel 14nm with AMD 7nm)

                              • Schlomo Goldberg
                                Schlomo Goldberg  6 days back

                                @AlmightyAnima cometlake is still 14+++(+). it needs a new plattform. intels next cpu roundup will be disapointing. but nex ryzen needs also a new plattform, we will see. unless you´re running still an old quadcore, no need to update

                              • AlmightyAnima
                                AlmightyAnima  6 days back

                                As much as I too wish to wait and see how well Intel's next CPU perform, they are NOT going to be 10nm but instead 14nm+++. Still interested to see how those stack up though

                            • Kileo
                              Kileo  7 days back

                              Ryzen 9 3900X vs Core i9-9900K: When Intel is better
                              ok buddy i think you guys mean CPU

                              • Julian Venegas
                                Julian Venegas  7 days back

                                Hey guys i want to be able to run Fortnite at 200+ fps consistently currently i run it at 100+ pretty consistently. I have a AMD Ryzen 3 2300x. How much would the AMD Ryzen 7 2700x upgrade those frames? Is it worth the upgrade price?

                                • Hey b0ss?
                                  Hey b0ss?  4 days back

                                  Julian Venegas no one helped you because you mentioned Fortnite. Fuck out of here.

                              • Mamdouh Tawadros
                                Mamdouh Tawadros  7 days back

                                AMD has done a massive job. But the competition is not over. Intel will release their new CPU then back to the drawing board. Which makes things interesting for the consumer. Power versus price and TDP will be top notch.

                                • Dave Dupond
                                  Dave Dupond  1 weeks back

                                  bending backwards to find some win for intel. even when in real life those don't matter.

                                  • Lewis Brown
                                    Lewis Brown  1 weeks back

                                    AMD is closing the gap. Can't wait to see what Intel fires back with, grab the popcorn!

                                    • MaLeVoLenT D
                                      MaLeVoLenT D  1 weeks back

                                      Games run better on Intel.

                                      • Aaron579
                                        Aaron579  1 weeks back

                                        Longer bars indicate better performance on handbrake when it's the amount of time? Lol, fix your chart.

                                        • El Chupacabra
                                          El Chupacabra  3 days back

                                          That messed me up as well. Looks like only a few of us actually look at the graphs.

                                      • Pooff7
                                        Pooff7  1 weeks back

                                        Lol not spending so much money for 5 more fps sticking with AMD. Nice video

                                        • Carpe Canal Monsters
                                          Carpe Canal Monsters  1 weeks back

                                          lol intel is still better..... if you play in 1080p you will get 250 fps instead of 240fps with AMD ........who is playing in 1080p with those kind of hardware ? far cry 5 bench test 1080p with 2080ti ....? who is buying a 2080ti for play in 1080p? anyway thanks for the vidéo

                                          • X1mX
                                            X1mX  1 weeks back

                                            everybody seems to conveniently forget that we are comparing cpus just came out from AMD with almost one year old cpus from Intel. once new gen intel comes out, amd will be the weaker link, and history will repeat, and to be honest i still like intel better, I build 4/8 machines per week, and i have issues only with amd. Memory mainly. Besides, for gaming, Intel stays on top, and is even cheaper . I expected much more of a difference from AMD 3xxx and intel 9xxx, but as usual the BS advertising of AMD is deceiving. For me, the only interesting processors amd did until now are the G versions as the integrated graphics is unbeatable. Thats all.

                                            • Behdad Et
                                              Behdad Et  1 weeks back

                                              it seems to me that Intel is sponsor of this video! For past 7-8 years ago I was always recommending Intel over AMD for every kind of tasks. But with Ryzen 3000 I just can't recommend an 8 core CPU over an 12 core CPU for a little more fps in gaming or a slightly better performance in some softwares that are not optimized for Ryzen. Don't forget Ryzen architect has been here for 3 years but Intel Core architect been here for almost 10 year. It will take some times to optimizing softwares for new Hardwares.

                                              • Abigail Diaz
                                                Abigail Diaz  1 weeks back

                                                And that's the reason why I'd still favor Intel: the most developer support and devs are used to working with Intel. Microcode on a lot of programs like Adobe premiere and photoshop still favor Intel. AMD has to run a lot of low-level emulation to even compete on the software-side of things, no one talks about that

                                                • Testa Rossa
                                                  Testa Rossa  6 days back

                                                  There is no question Intel has been the CPU king for decades but AMD is kinda catching up for cheaper as well.

                                                  And they are using the 2080ti to test which most people cannot afford anyway so the difference is not that huge anymore.

                                              • Rambito
                                                Rambito  1 weeks back

                                                Sounds like you guys where payed to say "intel's 15,000 developers" lol

                                                • Lucky Underwood
                                                  Lucky Underwood  1 weeks back

                                                  I like the fact he is being very fair about it. Another words if you want more Cores go Intel! If you want more Threads & Cache go AMD.I got used to intel. I still have my i7-4790K OC to 4.6Ghz. Stressed it to 5.3Ghz. i7-4790K is well known because of it's power easy O.C. I done this on a ASUS Z97-A. I was shocked intel discontinue the processor so now it's a very rare processor. You can still get it on EBAY, Amazon,etc... but it will cost ya...

                                                  • Dark_Angel_Don
                                                    Dark_Angel_Don  1 weeks back

                                                    But is the extra 10 or so frames of the 9900k worth the extra $100 or so of the cooler you have to buy also ?

                                                    • abner castro
                                                      abner castro  1 weeks back

                                                      still rockin a 3960x lol

                                                      • Andreas
                                                        Andreas  1 weeks back

                                                        Intel is still the gaming king, especially overclocked.

                                                        • Zrogdule
                                                          Zrogdule  1 weeks back

                                                          Oh no, Gordon... that red shirt's gonna get you killed by the end of the episode. :D

                                                          • ATLAS Prophet noob
                                                            ATLAS Prophet noob  1 weeks back

                                                            well..im thinking of upgrading my pc ...so which cpu i should go for?..3900x or 9900k(gaming purpose)..?..my question is will 12 core and 24 threads give advantage in future ...i mean next 6-7 years?...cause i will not be able to upgrade within 5-6 years even 7...only thing i can upgrade after 3 years is my rtx 2070.......so which is the best choice?

                                                            • F. Moussa
                                                              F. Moussa  1 weeks back

                                                              I own the 9900k but if i would have to buy a cpu today probably i would go with the 3900X! For 500 Bucks it’s a bad ass cpu with more future proving than the 9900k. The gaming performance of the 9900k is only marginal better. Only thing maybe is bad with AMD CPU’s is stability. They have many times memory issues and in rare cases boot loops.

                                                          • KvltGåMER
                                                            KvltGåMER  1 weeks back

                                                            In games it's a whole other story and I'd not touch AMD just because it has better benchmark scores in benchmark software then lacks for gaming it's mostly always been like that and if you're fooled by the "numbers" just check the difference in games the 9900k wins!!!

                                                            • GameBacardi
                                                              GameBacardi  1 weeks back

                                                              Blender 2.80 can now use both CPU + CUDA when render.

                                                              • blueovalfan23
                                                                blueovalfan23  1 weeks back

                                                                i'm not happy with customer service from my first fx chip. i did upgrade later to an 8350. old and over hyped, it's not that bad still. i know i could get more from my other hardware, gpu, with a better chip but i'm content where i'm at. i admit though i'm tempted.

                                                                • Alexander Popov
                                                                  Alexander Popov  1 weeks back

                                                                  Had me die laughing on declaring Intel as "safe place" ;)

                                                                  • JavasBest
                                                                    JavasBest  1 weeks back

                                                                    What I want to know is,... Why does Gordon wear 2 watches?? Lol.

                                                                    • MayDay GoingDown!!
                                                                      MayDay GoingDown!!  1 weeks back

                                                                      If your just going off gaming numbers then looking at these the 2700X would be more sensible over the 3900X if you just want to go AMD...half the price of the 3900X and dropping further in price soon but only a few frames behind the 3900X.

                                                                      • Srinivasan Iyer
                                                                        Srinivasan Iyer  1 weeks back

                                                                        Can you put comparison for 4k gaming using 2080 TI, like to see if both CPU maintain same FPS ?

                                                                        • MayDay GoingDown!!
                                                                          MayDay GoingDown!!  1 weeks back

                                                                          They should be able to, as it's Totaly GPU bound not CPU.
                                                                          Even at 1440p the GPU is doing the majority of the work.

                                                                      • Mason Mckinnon
                                                                        Mason Mckinnon  1 weeks back

                                                                        First and second gen Ryzen got a nice gaming performance bump through Bios and software upgrades in the first few months after they came out. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see 3900x leading in games 2 months from now.

                                                                        • thesilviu silviu
                                                                          thesilviu silviu  1 weeks back

                                                                          intel is a joke right now, it's better for what, to play ?!

                                                                          • zalomalo
                                                                            zalomalo  1 weeks back

                                                                            Awfull confusing title.

                                                                            • santhosh R
                                                                              santhosh R  1 weeks back

                                                                              Like me if u like i9 9900k