Can The Only Good Grixis Deck Ever Cut It In M20 Standard?

  • Published: 14 August 2019
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    We give Fishy Grixis another go? How will it fare in the new format?

    Jim Davis
    Fishy Grixis

    2 Bedeck/Bedazzle
    3 Bedevil
    4 Blood Crypt
    2 Disfigure
    4 Dragonskull Summit
    4 Drowned Catacomb
    4 Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    2 Legion's End
    4 Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God
    4 Nicol Bolas, the Ravager
    2 Ritual of Soot
    3 Sarkhan the Masterless
    4 Soul Diviner
    4 Steam Vents
    4 Sulfur Falls
    2 Swamp
    4 Thought Erasure
    4 Watery Grave

    2 Cry of the Carnarium
    4 Dreadhorde Butcher
    2 Duress
    1 Hostage Taker
    3 Legion Warboss
    2 Negate
    1 The Elderspell

    MTG Arena Export

    2 Bedeck // Bedazzle (RNA) 221
    3 Bedevil (RNA) 157
    4 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
    2 Disfigure (M20) 95
    4 Dragonskull Summit (XLN) 252
    4 Drowned Catacomb (XLN) 253
    4 Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner (WAR) 232
    2 Legion's End (M20) 106
    4 Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God (WAR) 207
    4 Nicol Bolas, the Ravager (M19) 218
    2 Ritual of Soot (GRN) 84
    3 Sarkhan the Masterless (WAR) 143
    4 Soul Diviner (WAR) 218
    4 Steam Vents (GRN) 257
    4 Sulfur Falls (DAR) 247
    2 Swamp (XLN) 268
    4 Thought Erasure (GRN) 206
    4 Watery Grave (GRN) 259

    2 Cry of the Carnarium (RNA) 70
    4 Dreadhorde Butcher (WAR) 194
    2 Duress (XLN) 105
    1 Hostage Taker (XLN) 223
    3 Legion Warboss (GRN) 109
    2 Negate (RIX) 44
    1 The Elderspell (WAR) 89
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Comments • 22

  • Dan MacKinnon
    Dan MacKinnon  1 weeks back

    kiora plus soul diviner combo is just bad in this deck. On their own the each do almost nothing and combined they let you draw a card here and there, sometimes? The deck has very few 4 power creatures so I just dont think it doing anything.

    • Dude of Valor
      Dude of Valor  2 weeks back

      Love this deck and your drakuseth maw of flames build. To me the two most fun decks in standard.

      • Robrecht Lenaerts
        Robrecht Lenaerts  2 weeks back

        Kind of surprised to not see Blood Sun. I'd pick that over Ashiok.

        Soul Diviner would be so cool if he could get counters/loyalty from opponents permanents. 😊

      • Angel Marin
        Angel Marin  2 weeks back

        The color housing black Beatle that prevent the opponent from putting counters in their creatures should be a nice sideboard card for Nissa matchups.

        • Simon DS
          Simon DS  6 days back

          @toast_recon you are right, thanks for pointing that out

        • toast_recon
          toast_recon  7 days back

          @Simon DS later still to the party, but state based effects aren't checked until the resolution of the ability, right when players would otherwise get priority. It could be worded in that order and work fine.

        • Simon DS
          Simon DS  1 weeks back

          Bit late to the party here, but blightbeetle doesn't do anything vs Nissa, because she puts the +1/+1 counter on target land, then turns the land into a creature. If Nissa turned them into a creature before putting the +1/+1 counters on, they would die to state-based effects owing to 0 toughness

        • Angel Marin
          Angel Marin  2 weeks back

          @Sidney LeVine I mean the passive. Not the protection. For example the white one with protection from black have one of the most useful protection but the passive isn't big deal.

        • Sidney LeVine
          Sidney LeVine  2 weeks back

          Angel Marin pro red is way better than pro green rn

      • tylermfdurden
        tylermfdurden  2 weeks back

        No Blast Zone with Soul Diviner?

        • Sidney LeVine
          Sidney LeVine  2 weeks back

          Peter Smith Soul diviner’s text:
          “{T}, Remove a counter from an artifact, creature, *land*, or planeswalker you control: Draw a card.”

        • Peter Smith
          Peter Smith  2 weeks back

          Diviner can't remove counters from lands

      • Basking
        Basking  2 weeks back

        Also, would Soul Diviner / Kiora combo be good with Chandra (the one the deals dmg when it loses counters)? Or is that cute but ineffective?

        • Sidney LeVine
          Sidney LeVine  2 weeks back

          It’s possible but that chandra isn’t great in a deck like this where you have really expensive spells.

      • Will Gary
        Will Gary  2 weeks back

        Grixis control feels pretty solid in this meta

        • Basking
          Basking  2 weeks back

          Watching Magic at MAGIC kingdom? No, never. :p

          • Jack Buttery
            Jack Buttery  2 weeks back

            That UG Quasiduplicate deck is actually sick, you should play it sometime. It's really good.

            • Wyrdangus
              Wyrdangus  2 weeks back

              *Why are you watching magic streams at Disneyland* LOLWUT

              • Kep
                Kep  2 weeks back

                because magic's the best