AMD Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review, Zen 2 Has Arrived!


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  • TheBlackIdentity
    TheBlackIdentity  6 hours back

    Still extremely disappointing in gaming than, just as I expected. Who would pay 1200$ for a gpu to than miss out on even a single % of performance?

    • RunningCorduroy
      RunningCorduroy  15 hours back

      all i know is that b450 sucks with ryzen 3000

      • Ebefren Revo
        Ebefren Revo  20 hours back

        Looks !! Amd cpu running slower on Intel optimized games !!

        *HOW POSSIBLE ?!?!*

        • C3lloman
          C3lloman  6 hours back

          Another question for you. How is it possible that games are Intel optimized when current gen consoles have been using AMD CPU's for 5+ years?

      • Kalfax plays
        Kalfax plays  3 days back

        why don't you have any results in 4k?

      • Benedikt G.
        Benedikt G.  3 days back

        Hey, you guys can you help me? I just got my 3900x and just let sit everythin in stock and got "horrible" results 3.9GHz all core boost and max 4.0Ghz single core boost.(CB20: 6500) When I manually oc (which I dont want to for everyday use - stability is more important than speed for me) I can easily get up to 4.2, even 4.3 (sometimes). What do I have to configure in my bios to get these non manual OC 4.1/4.2 All core boosts? (Aorus Elite x570) Everybody is saying you dont need to OC to get most of the performance, so what do I have to change to enjoy most of the performance without manual OC? Thanks guys, I'm a total AMD noob sorry

        • brucethen
          brucethen  4 days back

          It's worse than that it's dead Jim

          • Alfa Romeo
            Alfa Romeo  5 days back

            Should I get a x570 or b450?

            • Simon Lally
              Simon Lally  5 days back


            • Geezer2Tech
              Geezer2Tech  6 days back

              Did you use Adobe Quick Sync for the Premier Pro testing? Can you explain the difference in results for Premier Pro seen here at 4:02?

              • Geezer2Tech
                Geezer2Tech  3 days back

                @Hardware Unboxed Thank you!

              • Hardware Unboxed
                Hardware Unboxed   5 days back

                Not sure, I heard there are a lot of issues and quality isn't as good.

              • Geezer2Tech
                Geezer2Tech  5 days back

                @Hardware Unboxed Would you say that for Premier Pro if you are using one pass encoding with Quick Sync, then the Intel chip would be the better option, but if you are using two pass encoding then the Ryzen 3900X would be preferred?

              • Hardware Unboxed
                Hardware Unboxed   6 days back

                We use a 2-pass encode, Quick Sync doesn't support that.

            • Sobrevivendo Ao Caos
              Sobrevivendo Ao Caos  6 days back

              12:40 rtx 2080 ti ? +80 fps 1440p ?

              • Stefan Yalamov
                Stefan Yalamov  6 days back

                that so sad you killed the beast :o

                • Major Disaster
                  Major Disaster  7 days back

                  Steve, could you consider having a single chart that shows AMD/Intel vs Game Engine. you could put the game logos beneath to be concise. Cheers

                  • Swisside
                    Swisside  7 days back

                    "I'm going to cautiously move to the gaming benchmarks"

                    ad : "HOLY SHIT..."

                    not even kidding this ad was perfect.

                    • CapetanGhost
                      CapetanGhost  7 days back

                      Hey guys love the videos, I don't comment that often but I was wondering if I could get input on the build I am looking at. Here is the PC Part Picker Link: Any suggestions would be great. Aiming for 1440p gaming. If I can keep the features and save some money it would be cool. Thanks in advance. :D

                      • KK Master
                        KK Master  7 days back

                        now change the gaming results in the future with a pcie 4.0 advantaged graphics card.

                        • Up Tv
                          Up Tv  7 days back

                          no 3800x ?? its very weird

                          • Up Tv
                            Up Tv  5 days back

                            @Owain Green thanks for your info

                          • Owain Green
                            Owain Green  5 days back

                            AMD only sent out 3700X and 3900X to reviewers, apparently.

                        • Jason Levine
                          Jason Levine  7 days back

                          8:15 were the Intel CPUs using quick sync for these tests?

                          • Fitzleking
                            Fitzleking  1 weeks back

                            What about 3600x vs 3700x?

                            • DEREDDY SURESH REDDY
                              DEREDDY SURESH REDDY  1 weeks back

                              The 3rd gen has arrived. 🚫not 2 gen🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

                            • GatecrasherSlim
                              GatecrasherSlim  1 weeks back

                              Wow... AMD have absolutely destroyed Intels entire product line... At 1440p there is literally no reason whatsoever to buy an Intel, and this is just the first week of release, so not even a single driver or game update.
                              AND games will eventually utilise more cores/threads.
                              AAAND developers will work closer with and favour favour AMD if they keep this up.
                              AAANNND support for like £30 motherboards (!?) is increasing. Things can only get better for these chips! AAAANNNNNDDDDDDDDD even in like 4 years time, you can simply drop in a 16c/32t monster (rather than spending £100's on a new Intel mobo+cpu).

                              In the UK, the 3700x is a whopping £160 ( $210) cheaper than the 9900k. If AMD continues this level of competition, we might get back to the good ol' days of only needing to spend £200 for a top tier cpu that lasts over half a decade (eg 2500k / Phenom x2).
                              Who agrees? >>>>
                              1 ) Cheaper
                              +2) More cores / threads
                              +3) Much better future proofing
                              = You'd have to be an idiot to choose an Intel atm.

                              • Denis Despot
                                Denis Despot  1 weeks back

                                What do you use for your b-roll, to get it to be so smooth?

                                • Petrus Laukert
                                  Petrus Laukert  1 weeks back

                                  would like to see comparison in between 3200mhz cl14/16 difference in ryzen 3000 series processors :) thanks for your good work!

                                  • ricky v
                                    ricky v  1 weeks back

                                    Good review. I was impressed and glad to see AMD did as well as it did. (:

                                    • P4F Elton
                                      P4F Elton  1 weeks back

                                      some say that the i7 7600k is still rendering that premiere video...

                                      • SORAW441
                                        SORAW441  1 weeks back

                                        Here's the extracted chipset driver with the UEFI CPPC2 support (including the fast switching.) I've tested with 2600x, AX370-G3 with F40 (1002) and W10 1903. It reduces max fps, but seems to improve smoothness. May or may not work on Zen 1.

                                        • Mehmet Kemal Cansevdi
                                          Mehmet Kemal Cansevdi  1 weeks back

                                          3700x p/p king <3 still going for it from 2500k

                                          • Sir Nicholas
                                            Sir Nicholas  1 weeks back

                                            Ive been watching your videos for years and just realized I'm not subscribed. Im sorry. Mistake corrected.

                                            • TUTORIAL KINGX
                                              TUTORIAL KINGX  1 weeks back

                                              Ryzen 3rd gen is losing by 5-15 FPS on avg against intel but in productivity , intel is losing by 20%-35%. Which also with less price for AMD , overall AMD shows it’s the real NEW king.

                                              • Bryan Jones
                                                Bryan Jones  1 weeks back

                                                Run the test with a 2080 and I bet the R9 wins most of the time in games.

                                                • Mr. VP
                                                  Mr. VP  1 weeks back

                                                  What happen For 3800 X processor ?????

                                                  • stevae wei
                                                    stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                    One more point on these new chips. Normally when either of these manufacturers have gone to a new process, they've had all sorts of problems for years, and normally need to actually go lower in frequency for a while, compared to where their last gen chips were before the move to a smaller process. So for AMD to beat Intel, once again, to a 7nm process and STILL be able to push the frequencies up higher than their previous chips, is nothing short of amazing. You have to be a shallow thinking, narrow minded fool to ignore all of this when comparing these chips. Most people on here are not taking any of these realistic measures into account before spouting off about how this is a disappointment. And keep in mind how long Intel has been trying to go from 14nm, down to 10nm!!! But they know they will lose frequency in doing so, and with the pressure, AMD is putting on them in recent years, they are being boxed in. This is an extremely important point to consider when thinking about this competition. This is why AMD is gobbling up huge chunks of the server space with EPYC, taking over the console space, stealing manufacturers from Intel in the mobile laptop space and now putting a massive amount of pressure on them in their SINGLE focused enthusiast space. Anyone who doesn't get this has been playing too many games and the light has gone dim upstairs.

                                                    • stevae wei
                                                      stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                      So AMD puts out new chips that beat the shit out of Intel's best chips in EVERYTHING except the fps of a few games, that are already optimized for Intel chips, and several people post as if these new chips are crap???? And the funnier thing is, that the small differences that the Intel chips are able to provide, ARE ONLY NUMBERS. You can't actually see the differences in the games themselves. You can put two people side by side, playing any of these games, cover up when computer is which, and you could not distinguish which is the Intel and which is the AMD game. Yet, all of these snot-nosed little dweebs, want to make a huge deal about a few fps numbers difference. Lol. I might have understood if these chips were running games at 40 or 50 fps. But they ran all games at over 100fps, and were just as smooth as the Intel chips were. In many cases just a few fps less. NO DIFFERENCE ON THE SCREEN!!! When we were running games at 30, 40 or even 50fps, ten fps was easily detected on the screens. But when you are consistently running games over 100fps, and up near 200fps, a difference of 10 or even 15 fps is not detectable on the actual screen. So why are people making such a big deal about this??? The AMD chips are much cheaper to buy, they come with a cooler and they take much less power to run at almost the same pace.
                                                      Beyond that, they do show noticeably much better performance in EVERY other performance computing outside just games. So for adults, who use their computers for a lot more than just gaming, these chips are obliterating Intel's best offerings right now!!!! For the idiots who put thousands into an entire computing system, JUST to play games... Well, if you do that, then you are too ignorant to comprehend these points anyway. With the AMD chips, you can have a rig that can do it all. While the Intel chips are a one trick pony. And that one trick pony doesn't even have an upgrade pathway. Lol. The ONLY reason any of those Intel chips even have more than four cores is that AMD MADE intel do it. Intel is a pathway to nowhere... While AMD's roadmap looks extremely impressive. Especially since they are hitting almost all of their marks.

                                                      • dr. whet farts
                                                        dr. whet farts  1 weeks back

                                                        so for gaming and emulation, intel is still king, got it.

                                                        • Emily Summers
                                                          Emily Summers  1 weeks back

                                                          Some games really excel at higher clock speeds. No amount of cores or threads will change that.

                                                          • C0LiDe
                                                            C0LiDe  1 weeks back

                                                            Ryzen 3900X in 4K Gaming please

                                                            • GatecrasherSlim
                                                              GatecrasherSlim  1 weeks back

                                                              In 4k gaming the fps would be almost identical to a 7 year old 4770k... Maybe even a 2600k. Would be 100% gpu bound

                                                          • tan chek kang
                                                            tan chek kang  1 weeks back

                                                            Finally the review came and the benchmark look promising, and finally got my hand on the R7 3700x, and using the PBO my cpu manage to clock at 4.3ghz. it was worth the upgrade form a R5 1600

                                                            • IFAI Mato
                                                              IFAI Mato  1 weeks back

                                                              Lets get this straight. Intel i7 from 2017 beating new ryzen CPUs with 7nm technology in every single game? how are you people so happy with that resoults? Massive dissapointed if that was answer from amd after working so hard on making cpus better. No wonder intel is releasing so slow -.- what a bad competition. And ofcourse many bugs with new chip software. So moral of the story unless you're playing games that are all optimized for AMD that are pretty much only AAA games (indie games almost all preform worse on amd) + 1440p you're better off with intel + the prices will drop i hope.

                                                              • IFAI Mato
                                                                IFAI Mato  1 weeks back

                                                                @stevae wei i know games are not. But they promote them as a gaming chips lol not to mention yes gamers are a big market in selling chips. I'm not a kid i'm just dissapointed what has come out of this hype. Intel already annaunced 10th generation of chips with higher cloock speeds more ammount of cores with almost identical price to amd and they are sleeping.. nothing new just perfecting skylake chips. Amd realy is a bad competition wish it was better to force intel to release 3D stacking sooner which will destroy amd in gaming

                                                                Here we go again if you think 60 hz vs 144hz monitor is the same and that human eye cant see a diference then this conversation is done and my conclusion is that you're just one screaming kid

                                                              • stevae wei
                                                                stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                This is such shallow thinking, that it's hard for me to respond without going off on you. But I will try to break it down for you, as you don't seem to be able to comprehend the obvious. These chips are phenomenal. The problem is, your generation is full of narrow thinking single-minded children, who refused to grow up. You all still act like your eight years old. So here it is. GAMES ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, first of all. MOST adults, do a million more things with their computers than play games. And in alllllllllllllll of those other things outside of games, these chips beat the ever-loving shit out of Intel's best!!!!!!! It's not even close. In EVERY other application, Intel is getting their asses handed to them by a company less than a tenth of their size. The budget Intel has for R&D is MASSIVE compared to AMD's tiny little budget. YET, they have managed to take from Intel, a huge chunk of the server industry, and are now dominating the console space as well. They snatched from Intel the recent supercomputing bid, and are now eating up laptop and desktop spaces. Even while doing allllllllllll of that to a company 15 times bigger than they are, they've still managed to cut in half Intel's huge lead they had in the gaming space. What you are failing to understand,, besides all that I've written above, is that Intel pulled many illegal and dirty tricks to make AMD go away in the early 2000's, and they got caught. But it was too late to save AMD at the time. They paid off companies like DELL to NOT buy AMD, and set their R&D back over a decade. But still, AMD came marching right back, and put their foot into Intel's ass a couple of years ago. And they have been tightening the screws on Intel ever since. Gaming is the least profitable of all the other spaces. But it is a popular trend, that has become important enough to be a consideration. And considering how huge Intel and Nvidia actually are, for AMD to be able to make up ANY ground on them is extremely impressive. But for AMD to be beating the crap out of them in all other spaces, and breathing down their necks in the ONE space that they put all their focus on, is nothing short of miraculous!!!!
                                                                Intel has wrenched and wrenched and wrenched on their i7 and i9 chips, to get all they can out of them. They promised to put out 10nm processes in 2014, and again in 2016, 17, 18 and 2019. Yet, we still don't see it. Why? AMD beat them to multicores, to 7nm, and to several other innovative technologies. Yet, you ignore EVERYTHING else, and are whining because Intel still barely inks out a slight advantage in fps in games???? And, by the way, these are games that have been optimized for intel chips since their inception. AND, these fairly close benchmarks are being done with a brand new bios for brand new tech. We all know from past history, that AMD chips are usually horrible in the beginning before several bios updates settle them down, and then they achieve a lot more. I would bet that when all the board manufacturers get several bios updates done, they will run neck and neck.
                                                                Lastly remember this, the fps are the ONLY place the Intel chips are still winning. And those wins are NOT EVEN NOTICEABLE WHILE LOOKING AT THE SCREENS, ONLY BY LOOKING AT THE NUMBERS CAN YOU EVEN TELL THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!! But these AMD chips are beating the hell out of them in price and power consumption already. So intel holding on to their very thin advantage in fps is pathetic, considering their size and wealth. And AMD gaining on them in giant steps is absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!!! That is, IF you are smart enough to realize there is more to life than fps that you can't even notice in real time gaming...

                                                            • antimo anonimus
                                                              antimo anonimus  1 weeks back

                                                              And the real Question is! "Will it run on windows 7?"

                                                              Since i want a real operating system, instead of the "Facebook OS"
                                                              lol people use Nord VPN, bu have windows 10 "No control OS" ;)

                                                              • stevae wei
                                                                stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                You're an idiot...

                                                              • CuteMath
                                                                CuteMath  1 weeks back

                                                                Pss, pss, ehi, you... come here... embrace the penguin ʕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ʔ

                                                            • Etgar Kaspi
                                                              Etgar Kaspi  1 weeks back

                                                              So question: if the 3700X and 3900X get roughly the same single core performance AND have more cores, what could be lowering their performance in games compared to Intel CPU's? Does the testing for something like IPC or single-core performance leave more to be desired?

                                                              • stevae wei
                                                                stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                The difference is ALMOST all of these games were written to be optimized for Intel chips. This has been the case for decades. And it is slowly changing as AMD has taken over the console market.

                                                            • Bastion Technology
                                                              Bastion Technology  1 weeks back

                                                              An overclocked 7700K is still faster in gaming then any of 3rd GEN Ryzen processors. But for Productivity INTEL got nothing on Zen architecture.

                                                              • stevae wei
                                                                stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                While this is true in SOME games, the truth is that it's not even a noticeable difference. Yes, it gets more fps, but every single reviewer has clearly stated that there are NO NOTICEABLE differences on the screens!!! The Zen 2 chips run all of those games over 100fps, and are smooth as butter. The only people making a big deal about the few extra fps are the kind of guys who make a big deal about having 4 extra mm's of length on their dicks... And as you mentioned, the Zen 2 chips beat the crap out of all of the Intel chips in everything else.

                                                            • Greg Goodenough
                                                              Greg Goodenough  1 weeks back

                                                              20:56 - this mindblowing 13,5% ipc lead tho.

                                                              • ROLL_TID3R
                                                                ROLL_TID3R  1 weeks back

                                                                I only just now thought of this but none of the Intel chips shown here are overclocked... They should be to be fair as that's the only reason anyone with a brain buys a K chip.

                                                                • CrimsonDante Gamer
                                                                  CrimsonDante Gamer  1 weeks back

                                                                  Ohh man this sucks for Intel fans that keep justifying the I9-9900k LOL :D

                                                                  • stevae wei
                                                                    stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                    @omarchafa If all you do is game, then you are most probably an idiot and a pathetic human being, who is wasting a lot of computing power that could be doing so much more... And even in the games, AMD has a much better roadmap than Intel. The 9700k and 9900k chips have NO UPGRADE pathways...

                                                                  • CrimsonDante Gamer
                                                                    CrimsonDante Gamer  1 weeks back

                                                                    @omarchafa no bro stop justifying theme. 5fps is not enough anymore for a difference...

                                                                  • omarchafa
                                                                    omarchafa  1 weeks back

                                                                    If all you do is gaming, the 9700k and 9900k are still the top. Plus these benchmarks were done at their stock speeds.

                                                                • Rodrigor Muniz
                                                                  Rodrigor Muniz  1 weeks back

                                                                  First of all thanks for another great review. So, you go buy Ryzen 3700X and you get: low power needs when gaming or producing, great game experience (specially if you know intel cpu were using liquid cooling on testing, vs box cooler for AMD), way better performance on productivity tasks (sorry I need to write it again: with a stock cooler), and PCI-E 4.0 if you also buy a mobo, but wait, if you already have a Ryzen mobo you don't need to buy a new one ritgh away, just a Bios update and it will work. Is it me or Intel is falling off the train, like... really bad.

                                                                  • stevae wei
                                                                    stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                    Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxactly!!!!! It's amazing to read an ADULTS comment on this. As all the gullible children are so easily fooled by the small, but shiny fps number. Although they can notice it in the actual games...

                                                                • RJ
                                                                  RJ  1 weeks back

                                                                  such a great review

                                                                  • AkIRA_22
                                                                    AkIRA_22  1 weeks back

                                                                    Deadset the best review of Ryzen 3 I've watched....I've spent the last 3 days watching hours of coverage.

                                                                    • Thyraiblade
                                                                      Thyraiblade  1 weeks back

                                                                      best gaming cpu 2019 i7 [email protected]

                                                                      • Thyraiblade
                                                                        Thyraiblade  1 weeks back

                                                                        @stevae wei Nov 2018 i bought Asus Z170 AURA + i7 6700k + 8 gb DDR4 HyperX combo for £240 added 8gb ddr4 watercooled,oveclocked 4.5ghz still kick ass preformance with my Msi rtx 2070 gaming Z,overwatch 4k epic settings stable 120 fps,metro exodus 4k high 65-80 fps

                                                                      • stevae wei
                                                                        stevae wei  1 weeks back

                                                                        Yeah, at a mega premium price, with no noticeable difference on the actual screen, and with NO APPARENT UPGRADE PATHWAY... This is shallow and constipated thinking.

                                                                    • Billy Trembelas
                                                                      Billy Trembelas  1 weeks back

                                                                      the spec table was useful, why remove it ;(