Is AMD Ryzen 3000 series worth it?


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  • Dimitry Victor
    Dimitry Victor  17 hours back

    Hi , is 3700x worth it over i7 4960x ?

    • OriginalTeddy
      OriginalTeddy  22 hours back

      I think it's great AMD is flipping the bird to Intel without using their other hand to flip the bird to their consumers. They could follow Intels lead for the last decade if they really wanted to.
      What ever barely noticeable gap Intel may still pull over AMD will be caught up and surpassed fairly easily. A bios tweek or two and optimization from developers should easily tip the scales. And as for sales, not only are new PC builds likely to have AMD this time around... but those who jumped on the Zen bandwagon at any point can now drop this CPU in their system with a simple bios update.
      The days of Athlon 64 vs Pentium 4 are creeping back and can only imagine whats going on behind closed doors over at Intel.

      • R Valent
        R Valent  1 days back

        My 4790k at 4.8ghz with 4x4gb ddr3 2133mhz have 5716 points single core on geekbench 4...

        • BenieTheDragon
          BenieTheDragon  1 days back

          Backwards motherboard support sounds extremely interesting to me, having a Ryzen 5 2600 right now with an X470 motherboard.
          So, so much better than my FX 4350.

          • harp.
            harp.  2 days back

            R5 3600 is good for a budget pc, cheaper than the i5 9600k, and its better at everything except for gaming

            • ScytheNoire
              ScytheNoire  2 days back

              Core is dead. Intel needs a new architecture .

              • Nick Frost
                Nick Frost  3 days back

                Intel fanboys will buy Intel no matter what. So keeping their prices high is hilarious. It's costly to literally be an Intel fanboy these days. Luckily Ryzen third gen narrowed the IPC gap and offers more cores and performance for less (again). I went with the Ryzen 2700 because due to the third gen release, the second gen which was already quite cheap, got even cheaper. Keep up the good work AMD, if anything I hope you can force Intel to lower prices again so their fanboys don't get gouged yet again.

                • Liviu Bita
                  Liviu Bita  3 days back

                  That thumb flick in the end equals in a slight future "delay" in Jay receiving Intel CPU-s to play with. (AMD approves this message) ;-)))

                  • Juan Romero
                    Juan Romero  3 days back

                    remove adobe premiere from benchmarks, most of if is poorly multithreaded, why not avid,flame even davinci?

                    • Richard Hoefer
                      Richard Hoefer  4 days back

                      Jay, I have an i5 3570k overlooked(using air cooler) to 4.2ghz on a Asus Z77 mobo, a reference GTX 980,16gb of ddr3 ram and it’s all crammed inside a NZXT H500 case. Pretty much all I do is run games with it...and it does a decent job at that at 1080p maxed settings. I’m just wondering if it makes sense to buy a used i7-3770k and upgrade my GPU to say a 2060 super or should I just update to another platform altogether? Will an i7-3770k keep up with a 2060 super?

                      • Eric Gagné
                        Eric Gagné  4 days back

                        why we dont compare equally amd vs intel like i5-9600k vs ryzen 3600 without hyper threading? same thing for i7 9700k vs ryzen 3700

                        • Tim van de Ven
                          Tim van de Ven  4 days back

                          How is that equally? Amd gets hyperthreading for the same price, those intel cards are just not worth it against zen

                      • Nun yerbusiness
                        Nun yerbusiness  4 days back

                        Time for a little payback by consumers. Intel jacked up their prices when AMD was down. You can't justify buying any Intel CPU now. Stick a fork in intel i'll never buy from then again. AMD definitely king now.

                        • Ulti
                          Ulti  4 days back

                          As a long time AMD fan, it's nice to not get shit on anymore when you mention AMD...

                          • Johan
                            Johan  5 days back

                            Short term great but AM4 feels an EOL, investment like Radeon VII, curious where threadripper is heading.

                            • justin Case
                              justin Case  4 days back

                              Heading - Like x399 is EOL -- Will I be able to run the new 256 core 512 thread- ripper on my old x399?

                          • ChinaHKTW UNITY
                            ChinaHKTW UNITY  5 days back

                            Consumers will always jump to the cheaper option if its available, for years Intel & Nvidia have dominated the market, & with that came stagnation & lack of innovation. AMD has proven to everyone that it can beat Nvidia & Intel on pricing, but with these new CPU's & new GPU's available & soon to be available Navi 20, they've also proven they can more or less give consumers the same amount of bang for their dollars costing less than Intel & Nvidia. Brand loyalty suckers will always have something to say. But pricing over similar performance will always win, unless you've got money to burn. And this factor will always be important for many consumers.

                            • Kennechi Sy
                              Kennechi Sy  5 days back

                              Here's a stupid and impractical idea where AMD is better than intel, if you're a gamer, you buy the 3900x, you just game on it, but when you are not using it because you're busy, you can rent it out to a friend/stranger who just started shooting videos for a living and has just enough money for his camera and a laptop to do same day edits. :) make small profit. stupid and impractical, but it's still a small profit. xD

                              • Mark Lowe
                                Mark Lowe  5 days back

                                The first pc review that isn't full of shit and covers it subjeclivly.

                                • Elvis Best
                                  Elvis Best  5 days back

                                  hey i have the RYZEN crosshair V11 hero motherboard which one of these new CPU would work with this motherboard is the question i have a corsait RX850W GOLD plus fully module psw thanks

                                  • Samuel Latta
                                    Samuel Latta  6 days back

                                    I think that maybe, we will be getting more inovations on both sides, because Intel sat on their asses until ryzen came and didn't inovate at all. If I were to build a desktop, I would go with AMD. Intel is falling behind this time.

                                    • Thompa
                                      Thompa  6 days back

                                      Fuck my overheated even tho delided i7 7700k, gonna throw it out the window and buy a ryzen and never buy intel again.

                                      • Lancelot
                                        Lancelot  6 days back

                                        I wish I could get a new desktop PC to replace my electrical damaged 7 year old desktop PC. That had a i7 3770k with a GTX 670.

                                        • J P
                                          J P  6 days back

                                          Great detail and examples. I upgraded to zen 1 due to price and power draw. Windows 10 1903 has some issues with AMD chipsets which you can update drivers

                                          • PowerUpTo360
                                            PowerUpTo360  7 days back

                                            Never knew I’d be saying “time to upgrade to ryzen” lol

                                            • zephyrius1
                                              zephyrius1  7 days back

                                              From benchmarks i've seen, the 9700k does better than the Ryzen 7 3700X AND the 3900X when it comes to gaming. There are few games the Ryzen's actually outperform.

                                              Considering the 9700k is $509.00CDN right now...I think it's still the better buy for gaming. Even streaming + Gaming perfomance favored the i7-9700k. Not sure what all the hype is over the new Ryzens...and I had high hopes. If a 9700k is cheaper than a 3900X by a few hundred bucks....I'll stick with the 9700k as the best buy. Not to mention the new x570 chipset motherboards have active cooling (concerning) and cost way more in comparison to Intel options. I think AMD is very close and on the right track...but gaming is still Intel's domain.

                                              • Jerrick
                                                Jerrick  1 weeks back

                                                Wonder how well 3900x would pair up w/ a 1070

                                                • Jerrick
                                                  Jerrick  4 days back

                                                  @Maffey Ibuprofen Yeah thanks, thats sorta what I expected. Just waiting for them to be in stock

                                                • Maffey Ibuprofen
                                                  Maffey Ibuprofen  4 days back

                                                  It would mean that your GPU could always work at its full potential. As for how well it would game, at 1080 you could max out everything, you could even max most games at 1440.
                                                  All-round it would be a decent gaming rig that would smash most games easily.
                                                  Just don't listen to the YouTube no-lifers who have i5's and GTX960s, who jump in every comment section to say "haha, it sucks, anything less than 9900k and SLI 2080s like mine is shit"
                                                  They mostly people like Basshead in the above comments who live in smelly pits, have Pentiums and pretend they are rich pmsl

                                              • Daniel Revas
                                                Daniel Revas  1 weeks back

                                                AMD was hungry, Intel was complacent. This is the result!

                                                • Maurice N
                                                  Maurice N  1 weeks back

                                                  I don't think the commentator understand what IPC is. Any test that includes disk or memory processing isn't an IPC test and doesn't measure IPC. The difference in processing times shown here could actually be mostly due to ryzens faster memory i/o and nothing to do with IPC.

                                                  • Daniel Cockayne
                                                    Daniel Cockayne  1 weeks back

                                                    🤨🤔 Sorry you lost me at "Warp stabilizer" starting thinking about Sci-fi.
                                                    "Beam me up Scotty" 😅🤦🏻‍♂️

                                                    • Antoine Finch
                                                      Antoine Finch  1 weeks back


                                                      • Ioannis Nestoras
                                                        Ioannis Nestoras  1 weeks back

                                                        Maybe you make a video comparing Ryzen with treadripper and if there is point now to go for threadripper or not....

                                                        • Jack Lukass
                                                          Jack Lukass  1 weeks back

                                                          Can I get into the bios with a Ryzen 3xxx processor in a Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING mobo?
                                                          It needs a bios update for the new gen, but I don't have any other AMD cpu's that are compatible without a bios update.

                                                          • Dmitrij Olejnitsch
                                                            Dmitrij Olejnitsch  1 weeks back

                                                            Blue Evil Empire - is trembling ))

                                                          • 07wrxtr1
                                                            07wrxtr1  1 weeks back

                                                            SkepticaL AsRock bios "support" is a nightmare. Cannot wait to ditch and go x570 with anyone BUT AsRock.

                                                            • duncan laj
                                                              duncan laj  1 weeks back

                                                              Any plans to review the new x570 MoBoards?

                                                              • 07wrxtr1
                                                                07wrxtr1  1 weeks back

                                                                Jay: Question: So after going R7 1700 with an AsRock "Pro" Gaming Fatality board, what is the MB Cost difference between an Intel vs. AMD setup? The selling point previously was that both the AMD boards and Zen 1 combo's were cheaper.

                                                                • BlueSquad
                                                                  BlueSquad  1 weeks back

                                                                  Amd fanboys intel 10th gen is coming! ahahahaha

                                                                  • MRWHITE3535
                                                                    MRWHITE3535  1 weeks back

                                                                    I just ordered myself a AMD ryzen 5 3600, but just wondering is it overkill as I only have a 1060gtx graphics card and a 60hz 4K monitor, I'm thinking about sending it back and get in the ryzen 5 2600 as it's much cheaper now, what do you think?

                                                                  • Arjun khamkar
                                                                    Arjun khamkar  1 weeks back

                                                                    Do a r9 3900x and 2080ti build

                                                                    • Vexar
                                                                      Vexar  1 weeks back

                                                                      I just watched another channels review Gamers Nexus, this one only confused me. That one had a lot of good info.

                                                                      • issaciams
                                                                        issaciams  1 weeks back

                                                                        This was a terrible format to drop so much technical information. Please don't ever do this again. Most of us need charts to really process all the information you are presenting.

                                                                        • Anona Mouse
                                                                          Anona Mouse  1 weeks back

                                                                          Check to make sure you have enough power delivery for the 12 core part before plopping a new chip in an old board.

                                                                          • Matt Parker
                                                                            Matt Parker  1 weeks back

                                                                            AMD has fulfilled all of their promises in an age when mega-corporations routinely, and bald-facedly, lie to us consumers. (Bethesda and Fallout 76) I am refreshed and am looking forward to purchasing a CPU from AMD. I'm looking forward to buying PC hardware again!? What year is it?

                                                                            • The AmericanFook
                                                                              The AmericanFook  1 weeks back

                                                                              What if AMD is getting ready for cyberpunk2077?

                                                                              • iTz Codes
                                                                                iTz Codes  1 weeks back

                                                                                Intel Became stagnant they didnt need to push better cpus due to thinking they were gonna own the market, which they did for a bit, but now that AMD has launched their newest Ryzen CPUs its basically balanced. Its nice to have competition specially for the consumer it'll equate into better products ( hopefully )

                                                                                • taxid3rmy
                                                                                  taxid3rmy  1 weeks back

                                                                                  While you're to be applauded for trying to even the playing field as much as possible with the RAM clocks and CPU max clock locked to a set level, there's still that (ever present) elephant in the room:

                                                                                  Why is it Intel is essentially extorting a higher price on the 9900K, for less cores & threads, when AMD are charging far less for a superior CPU with more cores & threads???

                                                                                  That should be the title for the video: Why is Intel charging more for an inferior User Experience with the 9900K vs the 3900X

                                                                                  Your title is basically loaded and implies the new AMD 3000 Series are somehow the chumps here when the opposite is true.

                                                                                  Jayz, can you just be a straight shooter one time?

                                                                                  • Sumanta Nayek
                                                                                    Sumanta Nayek  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Which will be best for reliability & heating issue?..From 60:40 editing: gaming side?.. intel or AMD?

                                                                                    • Weldorado
                                                                                      Weldorado  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Hello smart folks, I need your advice! I am looking to upgrade from FX8350 and it is my intention to have two boot drives where one will boot up Windows to work with SolidWorks and the other will boot up Debian based distribution called Elive so I can use Davinci Resolve to edit videos.

                                                                                      I am settled for GPU, it will be 8GB AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 VR Workstation Graphics Card

                                                                                      The CPU, on the other hand, is what I need help with. Originally i was thinking of 2950x and now i see that 2970wx is a £120 more, so it looks like really attractive CPU for me. Now with 3900X out, i am puzzled. I love 64 PCIe lanes that you get with 2nd gen CPUs and all storage drives that i can have with it. In addition to that, I love the size of TR4 socket. As Jay mentioned about backward comparability of AMD products I think there is a high possibility that In the future AMD will produce CPU that will be TR4 and can be run on x399 motherboards with BIOS update.

                                                                                      So what would you suggest, considering that budget is not a limiting factor?

                                                                                      • Randall Draco
                                                                                        Randall Draco  1 weeks back

                                                                                        9900K does not cost 450$ its 450 + 100 aio.
                                                                                        Buy Old cheap Mobo B450 $100 + $250 R5 - Gaming king combination.
                                                                                        Games will run slightly faster on intel not because of intel processors superiority but shady software monkey business called intel compiler, which compiles programs so they run slower when cpu is not intel.