Philadelphia Sixers vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | April 6, 2018-19 NBA Season


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  • Stefanos Tryfonidis
    Stefanos Tryfonidis  3 months back

    Congratulations 76ers for the great victory in Chicago Bulls! Great team! Stefanos!!!

    • Yesterday
      Yesterday  3 months back

      Felicio defending like a beast.

      • TeamSesh97
        TeamSesh97  3 months back

        Fucko is a bum and straight trash, commits the worse fouls nd jus stands there like a pussy - i dont even know if fucko knows that he’s playing on the Chicago Bulls.
        he looks like a piece of shit with eyes jus waddling out on the court, not knowing left from right
        im pretty sure my uncle, who’s mentally challenged, can be straight fire compared to fucko

    • ERock Capone
      ERock Capone  3 months back

      24k views | 3 dislikes. Def a record boye

      • Daniel Myles
        Daniel Myles  3 months back

        teams don't know how to make late game comebacks nomore in the NBA. they get down and everyone just gives up where's the superstar scorers I can help a team better than those guys and they professionally suck

        • Kdog 81
          Kdog 81  3 months back

          What a embarrassment the Bulls are. I was done with them when they got their asses kicked by 56 points.

          • AvakinLife Quizz answers
            AvakinLife Quizz answers  3 months back

            Ben Brickmmons

            • Ippang Galak
              Ippang Galak  3 months back


              • Greatest Laker Ever
                Greatest Laker Ever  3 months back

                D Rose is left handed now?

                • Daniel Berri
                  Daniel Berri  3 months back


                  • Clark Nebres
                    Clark Nebres  4 months back

                    Monroe on the team just to tell on the secrets of the Bucks, Celtics, and Raptors lol

                  • Dracuno97
                    Dracuno97  4 months back

                    LOL love the commentator saying Tues-D and Wens-D Hahahaha

                    • DiscoFalcon
                      DiscoFalcon  4 months back

                      Will Simons get a jump shot before he retires?

                    • Lo Jeremy
                      Lo Jeremy  4 months back

                      I thought I saw drose

                      • Refund HD
                        Refund HD  4 months back

                        It should be a organizational decision to drop to 4th seed we do matchup better vs the Bucks than Raptors i have all we gotta do is lose the next 2 games and hope the Celtics win out

                        • Dr. Phil
                          Dr. Phil  4 months back

                          Refund HD hold up yall scared?

                        • DukieJr
                          DukieJr  4 months back

                          So you could lose to bucks in 6 games instead if raptors 5?

                      • Refund HD
                        Refund HD  4 months back

                        Greg Monroe should play more min imo

                        • AvakinLife Quizz answers
                          AvakinLife Quizz answers  3 months back

                          REFUND HD go to sleep little BITCH!!! For these GEY TOWN ,the semi-finals of E. CONF is the best what they can do.

                      • P.J. Bulls
                        P.J. Bulls  4 months back

                        Ay bulls my boys.

                        • TheAsianrice123
                          TheAsianrice123  4 months back

                          Last time I was this early Nate Robinson was on the Bulls still