Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️


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  • Justin Clubb
    Justin Clubb  17 minutes back

    Creative Director walks into meeting room while eating a parfait: We need original ideas people! What do you have for me today?!
    Joe: Ice cream! Yeah! An ice cream Pokémon!
    ....With strawberries!

    Director: 🤨...
    🤔 Ok, and then??

    Joe: uuuhhhh, then it turns into a big fuckin cake!

    Director: MMMM YES! YAAASSS

    Pokémon fans worldwide: 😫🔫

    • theItona86
      theItona86  1 hours back

      0:53 crap..
      I can already hear those pens drawing

      • Steph Williams
        Steph Williams  3 hours back

        So did they just forget that zeraora was like a hint to gen 8 meaning it's a gen 8 Pokemon cause it was wasn't it. Also I hope the Pokemon game of 2020 is a gen 4 remake cause if they do I'd get the diamond remake unless of course if they make a platinum remake. Sorry Pokemon pearl but no I just don't think Palkia is as cool as Dialga or giratina except for the fact that from the side his head and shoulder look like a gigatimaxed ding dong hahaha well this came from talking about them possibly forgetting about zeraora to talking about ding dongs what an interesting conversation reply if you agree with me on the Palkia ding dong thing or that they might have forgot about zeraora. P.s. if your like wth is zeraora it's that gen 8 leak from gen 7 that is yellow. (Google it) bye everybody!
        P.s.p.s don't forget to reply if you agree with me on either of those things or both bye, For the last time😄

        • Steph Williams
          Steph Williams  28 minutes back

          Oh ok

        • Foxes
          Foxes  1 hours back

          Pretty sure zeraora was just a gen 7 pokemon. They've just been bad with really implementing their mythicals into the games lately, like volcannion, marshadow, or magearna

        • Steph Williams
          Steph Williams  3 hours back

          What have I come to liking and replying on my own comment 😤

      • Ivan Chico garrido
        Ivan Chico garrido  4 hours back

        ¡Comencemos una buena amistad en Pokémon GO! ¡Mi código de Entrenador es 7286 1394 3647!

        • Excali the calibur
          Excali the calibur  5 hours back

          We NEED gigantamax Drifblimb so it could be a giant blimp!!

          • Pablo Mendez
            Pablo Mendez  5 hours back

            At the release of pokemon sword and shield let raid the whole servers if they have any.

            • A Random Guy On YouTube

              Really GameFreak, you’re making endless budget cuts to this game, to make a game about some TOWN?

              Honestly I would rather play through Pokémon Diamond or Pearl with no repels or bike than buy this game...

              • Foxes
                Foxes  1 hours back

                How dare they wanna focus on something different than what they've been making for over 20 years

            • A Level 20 Warbear
              A Level 20 Warbear  6 hours back

              Gen 9: "We didn't feel like doing animations at all this time around, so the upcoming Pokemon games will be virtual card games."

              • Hydrathermal
                Hydrathermal  7 hours back

                Looks like Gamera wants a piece of the action too

                • Drift Star
                  Drift Star  7 hours back

                  THIS IS WRONG!
                  iT makes me sad and upset to know that. Pokemon battle Revolution year 2006 and Pokemon Colosseum year 2003 Games Look way better then Pokemon Sword and Sheild.
                  Not to mention that Tree in the wild area that looks so bad.
                  Lets go Pokemon Mobile game Looks way better then this , it is sad to see that the Chinese Bootleg Mobile game called Lets go Pokemon. has way better futures and animations when it comes to Pokemon skills and attacks.
                  i know Game freak makes ( ALOT ) of money from the pokemon games. and to see that you guys dont wanna do your best to make a good pokemon game. makes me very upset.
                  it is 2019... STEP up and make Pokemon great !
                  now that you wanna make Pokemon Home a place Pokemon can return to bet never get used or playd with.. i call bs.
                  hire more people we all know you have the money and time to do that.
                  so if the game does not get any better. you will lose fans and you will lose money.
                  i have ben playing pokemon since pokemon Yellow came out.. and for every year Game freak Takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
                  so this year i wont Buy Pokemon Sword and sheild
                  i wont pay to play a game that is not being prioratized.
                  Every year is another disappointment from you Game freak..

                  • jacob poor
                    jacob poor  9 hours back

                    Nintendo. Can you please make a Pokémon sword and shield anime to the Pokémon series

                  • Lord Kars
                    Lord Kars  10 hours back

                    Its cake?

                    • Samuel Rogers
                      Samuel Rogers  10 hours back

                      I couldn't think of a better way to say, "we don't feel like designing new animations for mega evolutions." Than by just enlarging the pokemon and calling it a day. And its not like they don't have the resources to make new "high quality animations" either! They not only just made a movie, but they also make a bunch of money off pokemon go and companies paying for stops to be put on their property. Overall disappointed with everything this game is promising, because it really isnt all that much for 2019 standards. Its just sad to see such a good game company leave its loyal fans in the dust because they don't feel like paying their employees to make the animations for half the dex, or to come up with new Mega evolutions. I think the Pokemon company needs to just delay the game and go back to the drawing board. We know you guys have the money stop being selfish and just make the game how it was supposed to be made.

                      • Foxes
                        Foxes  1 hours back

                        Did you not watch this video? They show off what are essentially new megas

                    • Greg Greg
                      Greg Greg  10 hours back

                      so is there exclusive gyms now for versions?

                    • The Young Squid
                      The Young Squid  10 hours back

                      That moment when you see a keystone

                      • Derek Bernsen
                        Derek Bernsen  10 hours back

                        Either Pokémon hasn’t learned anything, and are still making basically the same game but slightly better than the last, or they did learn something, and are purposely hiding the best features from the game so they feel more impactful. Basically, will this game be more like Breath of the Wild, or New Super Mario Bros Deluxe

                        • Harry Herrera
                          Harry Herrera  12 hours back

                          I still don't see why they don't make it an mmorpg.

                          • ChiefR96
                            ChiefR96  12 hours back

                            "Quality Animation"

                            • Firestardude
                              Firestardude  14 hours back

                              Gigantamax? What happened to Dynamax? I liked that name

                              • Firestardude
                                Firestardude  13 hours back

                                TanukiSpirit well
                                Thank you?

                              • TanukiSpirit
                                TanukiSpirit  14 hours back

                                Dynamax still exists. A lot of people keep thinking that Gigantamax replaced Dynamax but no they're just two different things. Dynamax makes your Pokemon bigger and stronger, while Gigantamax changes your pokemon's form and makes it stronger.

                            • JediPlays
                              JediPlays  14 hours back

                              I don’t understand why everybody hates this game! It’s the open world Pokémon game I’ve been wanting and that will give us options other than the routes we have to stick too.

                              • Foxes
                                Foxes  12 hours back

                                It's not entirely open. There are a few open areas, but it feels like it's still gonna be fairly linear

                            • Devon Harris
                              Devon Harris  15 hours back

                              Ppl can't see that Pokemon fell off. Things change, let the children play with the ashes.

                              • Storme
                                Storme  15 hours back

                                Do you need to fire the people that did the animations for all the Pokemon

                                • Swmtothemoon
                                  Swmtothemoon  15 hours back

                                  Gigantamaxing my Magikarp should be fun.

                                  • D3L7A Z7R1K3
                                    D3L7A Z7R1K3  16 hours back

                                    Can't wait for Pokemon Square and Circle releasing in 2023.

                                    Also these new digivolving digimon are great!!

                                    • Foxes
                                      Foxes  12 hours back

                                      You mean megas?

                                  • GABRIEL GONZALEZ
                                    GABRIEL GONZALEZ  16 hours back

                                    Shad please

                                    • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot

                                      99.9% of Pokemon fans: add the national Pokédex!

                                      Nintendo: no national Pokédex but look bigger Pokemon

                                      Also Nintendo: why did sword and shield not sell well?

                                      • Hydrathermal
                                        Hydrathermal  7 hours back

                                        nintendo in 2 years: hey bro is that Masuda's head on that pitchfork over there lmao

                                    • Nihilego Gamer
                                      Nihilego Gamer  16 hours back

                                      1:31 alcreme's mega form?

                                      • Nihilego Gamer
                                        Nihilego Gamer  16 hours back

                                        *gigigantimaxes squirtle and makes him use flood*
                                        People in Africa: Modern problems require modern solutions.

                                        • Casual Weeb
                                          Casual Weeb  16 hours back

                                          Me: Can we get new mega evolutions?

                                          Mom: No, we have mega evolutions at home

                                          Mega evolutions at home:

                                          • kuemm
                                            kuemm  16 hours back

                                            This was likebotted

                                            • Mad Bro?
                                              Mad Bro?  16 hours back

                                              They are running out of pokemon ideas lol. These look so bad

                                              • Source Zy
                                                Source Zy  16 hours back

                                                Only If I had a switch buddy

                                              • Conner Ryan
                                                Conner Ryan  17 hours back

                                                Calling it now chairman Rose is the bad guy

                                                • Cje
                                                  Cje  17 hours back

                                                  Hard to invest in the maxing mechanics when you know they're going in the trash once the next game comes out.

                                                • Unholy Devourer Of All Worlds

                                                  I would rather have more pokemon than bigger pokemon. God bring back national dex...

                                                  • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
                                                    breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc  17 hours back

                                                    1: get over it already. The 1% have lost. The national dex is gone and not coming back.

                                                    2: I know it's hard to believe. But this is only the third trailer. So we've got more then 15 new Pokemon (sarcasm) 😒

                                                • Tiffany Plays10
                                                  Tiffany Plays10  18 hours back

                                                  I’m a little disappointed that none of all the eevee evolutions are their but happy there is a new evolution tho!

                                                  • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
                                                    breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc  16 hours back

                                                    We already saw eevee in one of the trailers.

                                                    Plus since we've had a generation with out one. It's extremely likely we'll get a steel or dragon eeveevolution this time.

                                                    And another thing to support this is. Think of both eevee that traveled with ash. Both evolved into the newest form.

                                                • Cringe Boi
                                                  Cringe Boi  18 hours back

                                                  Me going into comments to see what people have to say
                                                  Literally everyone: wow no national dex this game sucks, that tail whip lowered my expectations for this game
                                                  Me: well eh, Pokemon is Pokemon so I'll still buy it

                                                  • TanukiSpirit
                                                    TanukiSpirit  14 hours back

                                                    Yeah, literally all of these comments are the exact same.

                                                • Audrey Lin
                                                  Audrey Lin  18 hours back

                                                  You can tell their really running out of ideas at this point 😕

                                                  • Ahzek Ahriman
                                                    Ahzek Ahriman  18 hours back

                                                    Nintendo you are in for a rude awakening. Moving the games to a console and not a handheld was and is a big mistake.

                                                    You will see the lowest sales in history for a mainline Pokemon game. Stop with your nonsense and course correct before it is too late. The main fans are all getting older and growing and you need to grow with them.

                                                    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
                                                      breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc  16 hours back

                                                      Lowest sales? Man do you research. LMAO.

                                                      With pre-orders pokemon sword is just behind COD and shield isn't far behind that. Put those together and generation 8 beats COD by miles. Meaning there the most per-ordered games this year.

                                                      Sale's drop?. I don't think so. :)

                                                  • Baked Beans
                                                    Baked Beans  19 hours back

                                                    This is just inflation porn

                                                    • U Fuk
                                                      U Fuk  19 hours back

                                                      I don't know why Pokemon trainers still "expert" In one single type....

                                                      • loona my world
                                                        loona my world  19 hours back

                                                        we want all pokemon and better animations

                                                        • loona my world
                                                          loona my world  20 minutes back

                                                          @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc i can judge from what i've seen and unless this whole game is scraped for a new one i don't want it, you like the game and are excited for it i get it. im disappointed and want a better game. I think we can leave it at that

                                                        • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
                                                          breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc  24 minutes back

                                                          @loona my world I just can't see anything wrong with it.

                                                          But instead of saying crap about a game we've not played. Let's do the adult thing. And wait for more info and leave it at that.

                                                        • loona my world
                                                          loona my world  35 minutes back

                                                          @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc i have and im disappointed. it's okay that you like it that's fine. i don't and i want pokemon to become better games than what they are now

                                                        • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
                                                          breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc  5 hours back

                                                          @loona my world are you kidding.

                                                          Look at the overworld.

                                                        • loona my world
                                                          loona my world  7 hours back

                                                          @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc they could do so much better tho, and five years just for this????

                                                      • Rainbow Gunsh
                                                        Rainbow Gunsh  19 hours back

                                                        They definitely didn’t reuse Pokémon OR use animals from earth.

                                                      • Christopher Damant
                                                        Christopher Damant  19 hours back

                                                        that will work because less pokemon in one game but still have national dex means no mad fans and less pokemon variants per game means there's still good graphics

                                                        • The Third_Eye
                                                          The Third_Eye  19 hours back

                                                          Look at Pokemon fan art

                                                          • Heaven Williams
                                                            Heaven Williams  19 hours back

                                                            Wow! Cant wait to pay, what, 40 dollars for *this!* Maybe more!!

                                                            • Silo Green
                                                              Silo Green  19 hours back

                                                              Omg! Yamper’s adorable! I hope they bring them to animation in the cartoon soon

                                                              • Cilantro
                                                                Cilantro  19 hours back

                                                                my dad works at pokemon and he says national dex is dlc