The RTX Razer Blade (2019)


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  • Gaming Squirr3l
    Gaming Squirr3l  5 days back

    Can you put another link, not the WAY cheaper one but to the one in the video

    • Ali Awada
      Ali Awada  6 days back

      I'm confused... is this the new one?

      • Jojo jojo
        Jojo jojo  7 days back

        Razer blade advanced 15 with FHD 144hz screen and 8th gen i7 and RTX 2060


        Dell XPS 15 with 4k oled 60hz screen and 9th gen i7 and gtx 1065?

        • Sillychimera943
          Sillychimera943  6 days back

          Depends on your use for it. If Gaming occupies the majority of its use, get the Blade. If you want a more productive and longer lasting laptop then get the XPS. Whilst the XPS can game, you are more limited than the Blade, so make your choice wisely based on your needs.

      • Azmi Fayyadh Yazid
        Azmi Fayyadh Yazid  1 weeks back

        i agree about the rtx 2080 thing buttt..... i wanna play minecraft with extreme shaders

        • ExTr3Me
          ExTr3Me  6 days back

          This laptop looks great to me and I’m think about getting it instead of the Alienware area 51m since it’s about 1500 dollars cheaper and so much thinner

        • Azmi Fayyadh Yazid
          Azmi Fayyadh Yazid  1 weeks back

          also pubg,fornite,csgo,and more

      • SEBtheLEB
        SEBtheLEB  1 weeks back

        I LOOVE that u had Apex Legends on the desktop... Best game fr,,

        • Kautilya Pandey
          Kautilya Pandey  2 weeks back

          What would be a better pick in price range of 2500$ Razer Blade 2019 with rtx 2070 or Asus Rog Strix Hero III with 240hz panel and the same gpu?....rog looks surely more flashy and cool while being elegant as razer )

          • ˈinʋɑˌlidi au̯ˈtʊm.nʊs

            Is this base or advance?

            • Sierra Huang
              Sierra Huang  2 weeks back

              How do you get 5.5 hours battery lift on this? I can only get like half of the time, 2.5 hours.

              • Aneizi
                Aneizi  3 weeks back

                The Wallet Emptier

                • Azar Huseynli
                  Azar Huseynli  3 weeks back

                  Simple. If you can afford, buy the expensive one, if you can't afford, buy the cheaper one. That's it. Is 2080 better than 2060 in terms of performance? yes. Are you willing to pay for it ? that's another question.

                  • JammyJohn
                    JammyJohn  3 weeks back

                    What's the best laptop for gaming and video editing on Da Vinci Resolve? I've seen the xps 15, razer blade 15, & the gs65...Can't seem to find this hybrid laptop and still cant figure out which will accommodate my needs the best. Anyone have some opinions? Thanks!

                    • Saeed M
                      Saeed M  3 weeks back

                      Just don't believe the b*s* these people tell HERE... In best case these guys work with the laptops for a week and only gott knows what razer sends to them and what to the regular constumers! But I can tell you this: i had over three years (2017. 2018 and 2019) the latest three razer blade models and at least somewehere around 7 to 8 new lapotops send from razer to replace the one just received... just DON't TOUCH IT! There where problems with the cooler system, problems with the keyboard lighting, defekt displays and so on and so on and so on!! Almost every time I received the new Laptop a new Proplem was identified so it had to be send back! Few times I worked with the laptop for few weeks or one or two months and then the problems started....! You send it to the repair service from razer, you get it back after few weeks you realize the problem is solved but now the laptop has several new problems which it hadn't before it was send to the repair serviece! Just Don't touch these laptops!!!! DON't Tell me/anybodye later, NO ONE warned YOU!!!!

                      • Save us M1SAKI
                        Save us M1SAKI  3 weeks back

                        Anyone’s thoughts about the quality assurance and longetivity?

                        • Jarian Manuel
                          Jarian Manuel  3 weeks back

                          I'm saving up money for this laptop, this laptop is so cool😎

                          • John Owen
                            John Owen  4 weeks back

                            What about the base model. I wanted to get my wife one of these razer blades for Christmas this year. All she does is browse the net and play sims. I know what your thinking but got her a new laptop couple of years ago and she already started having problems. So I am looking for something good and stylish, that is future proof. I will upgrade the Ram to 32gb and SSD to 1tb, so its specs stay head of it's time. I have a 2011 Advent Monza with a intel dual core processor but it has 16gb of ram and keeps up with my wifes HP pavilion AMD A6 quad core with 8gb I feel ram will keep it future proof.

                            I feel like that the 144hz display version would be overkill but the base model will do her well....but I am unsure how much worse it is over the 144hz models

                            • Felipe Toledo
                              Felipe Toledo  4 weeks back

                              I want that skull wallpaper...

                              • Garrett Lempia
                                Garrett Lempia  4 weeks back

                                Me: Gets Razor blade
                                Also me: plays fallout 2 a game made in the 90s that could literally run on a toaster

                                • Armando Jaime
                                  Armando Jaime  4 weeks back

                                  Here is the top configuration latest price

                                  • Smiley :D
                                    Smiley :D  4 weeks back

                                    am I the only one noticing a firetruck siren at around 0:41?

                                    turn up the volume and listen closely.

                                    • abhishek jain
                                      abhishek jain  1 months back

                                      HI dave, I am getting 8th intel rtx2070 and 9th gen rtx 2060 at the same price. which one should I buy?

                                    • DONATO ANDRÉ TOSCANO SOLIS

                                      0:46 what the hell focking rasist, in south america actually is very cold. why u racit focking racist fucking chinese

                                      • MrManiak
                                        MrManiak  1 months back

                                        The FPS numbers you're showing are not using the Razer Blade's cpu

                                        • 青蛙刀圣_1993
                                          青蛙刀圣_1993  1 months back

                                          thanks for the tips!

                                          • Fardin Ibrahim
                                            Fardin Ibrahim  1 months back

                                            Link for this Laptop!

                                            • Pepe
                                              Pepe  2 months back

                                              That moment when you realize that Razerblade Pro 17,3 inch laptop is smaller than most 15,6 inch laptops... Got to love laptops with thin bezels!

                                              • Fakey Namey
                                                Fakey Namey  2 months back

                                                There's thermals when it's new and thermals after months of use when the garbage thermal paste job done at the factory starts wearing out... My 2017 Blade was fine when I first bought it, but had _insane_ overheating after only 8 months. I had to open it up and reapply the HORRIBLE thermal paste job done at the factory, thus voiding my warranty. This _must_ be taken into account by anyone considering a Razer laptop.
                                                That being said, after I applied fresh, quality thermal paste and under-volted the CPU, I achieved a 20-25 Celsius reduction and solved my overheating problem.

                                                • Fakey Namey
                                                  Fakey Namey  1 weeks back

                                                  @Administrator I understand loyalty to products and companies that get it right every time, and being wary of going back to a brand that screws up once. Particularly when it's the most expensive on the market.

                                                • Administrator
                                                  Administrator  1 weeks back

                                                  You do understand that it actually may not happen this time, right?

                                              • StonedNoob
                                                StonedNoob  2 months back

                                                have you experienced any coil whine?

                                                • goollink
                                                  goollink  2 months back

                                                  I want that skull wallpaper

                                                  • YT Tests
                                                    YT Tests  2 months back

                                                    The only reason I have a youtube channel is to buy this laptop.

                                                    • ImaMcMuffin
                                                      ImaMcMuffin  2 months back

                                                      Can you replace the ssd or upgrade it?

                                                      • Blaž Bohinc
                                                        Blaž Bohinc  2 months back

                                                        Y'all complaining about how much it costs, while I'm here sitting in EU looking at inflated prices on average 20% higher than what US market gets. Great!

                                                        • Caio
                                                          Caio  2 months back

                                                          For someone in Latin America is literally half the price if you go to US, buy it and come back. (I am including flight ticket, hotel and everything for 2 days). Great! lol

                                                      • Wyatt Adamson
                                                        Wyatt Adamson  2 months back

                                                        The intro music with headphones was a pleasant surprise 😁

                                                        • aamiro615
                                                          aamiro615  2 months back

                                                          Can this laptop run Lumion 9?

                                                          • Aizen Sousuke
                                                            Aizen Sousuke  2 months back

                                                            Is this compatible with htc vive pro?

                                                            • apheiiXlegend 1
                                                              apheiiXlegend 1  2 months back

                                                              Mine will arrive on 27th of this month :) a little bit scared when it comes to the warm/hot thing during gameplay but im here in norway and its always cold so i guess it will be fine :) ohh by the way i got the rtx 2070 ❤️

                                                              • Jean-Marc San Marco
                                                                Jean-Marc San Marco  2 months back

                                                                Ok, I just got the 2070 Max-Q version. Does this run very hot or is it just my machine? Even on idle I can't put my hands on the palm rest as it is too uncomfortable. And it won't cool down even on balanced mode even while doing nothing 30minutes. I have flashed the Bios, updated all drivers. So questions to owners of the 2019 models: do your palm rest stay cool?

                                                                • Gadget Man
                                                                  Gadget Man  2 months back

                                                                  Hey dave, i compared ur gaming benchmarks from the 17 inch model to the 15 inch, and it looks like on pubg the 17 inch did 135fps and the 15 inch did 92, rest of the games are equal except for the 15 inch doing 81fps and 17 doing 76? And also apex legends was better on the 17 inch. Dont they both have same 2080maxq? Is it the better cooling or just drivers are updated on the 17 inch?

                                                                  • Dennis Schmitz
                                                                    Dennis Schmitz  2 months back

                                                                    A video performance comparison using Premiere doesn't make much sense since it doesn't make use of the GPU.
                                                                    A 1030 laptop GPU would basically perform the same as a 2080 Ti.
                                                                    Try the same using Davinci Resolve Studio and it would scale almost as good as a 3D game.

                                                                    • Ajay Patel
                                                                      Ajay Patel  2 months back

                                                                      What setting do you test your games at?

                                                                      • Kai Welch
                                                                        Kai Welch  2 months back

                                                                        Wallpaper Please?!

                                                                        • SuperDigitalMe
                                                                          SuperDigitalMe  2 months back

                                                                          Was watching this review until i saw they only ship them to nordic country's here in europe, so fuck off razer blade!!

                                                                          • jonathan setiawan
                                                                            jonathan setiawan  2 months back

                                                                            Sir should i buy rtx 2060 or gtx 1060 laptop?

                                                                            • Ll3macorn
                                                                              Ll3macorn  2 months back

                                                                              jonathan setiawan rtx 2060 it has more than 15% more performance than GTX 1060

                                                                          • STF YVR
                                                                            STF YVR  2 months back

                                                                            512 GB SSD is a showstopper for me. I like to carry more than 2 games with me.

                                                                            • STF YVR
                                                                              STF YVR  2 months back

                                                                              I installed BF4 Premium last night. That is the game and all its expansions and that took about 100GB so you do the maths

                                                                            • MIG106
                                                                              MIG106  2 months back

                                                                              How big are games that you can't carry more than 2 on half a TB!? I play SP RPGs so those may be smaller than what you play, I'm just surprised.

                                                                          • Cameron Grimm
                                                                            Cameron Grimm  2 months back

                                                                            Sold my 2018 MacBook pro and bought a Razer blade...saved money why apple why.

                                                                            • WindSec
                                                                              WindSec  2 months back

                                                                              Any problems so far with the razer?

                                                                          • Farid Kardbri
                                                                            Farid Kardbri  2 months back

                                                                            the skull wallpaper is so lit
                                                                            where i can find it?

                                                                            • TROLL
                                                                              TROLL  2 months back

                                                                              Is razer like the ferrari of gaming laptops?

                                                                              - lifelong desktop gamer

                                                                              • Michael Benson
                                                                                Michael Benson  2 months back

                                                                                @xXuidmod sorry I was on Adderall when I wrote that shit wtf

                                                                              • xXuidmod
                                                                                xXuidmod  2 months back

                                                                                Michael Benson ok

                                                                              • Michael Benson
                                                                                Michael Benson  2 months back

                                                                                id say so. ive owned the 2016 model and use it to this day. great performance and build quality. but also somewhat unreliable. i've had two swollen batteries. the factory charger caused really annoying static that i could hear through my studio monitors. thankfully this was remedied by buying an aftermarket charger. it was 50 bucks on amazon albeit its like 3x the size of the original one but it doesnt get as hot and no more static. overall you're not gonna find another gaming laptop with this level of build quality anywhere else and that's where its got everyone beat. I put a dbrand skin on mine that covers the logo which makes it look like a blacked out macbook so i dont look out of place when i bring my laptop to work where literally everyone has a macbook.

                                                                                EDIT: oh an i also should add that razer support is notoriously garbage. they wont send you replacement parts and force you to send your laptop back to them to be repaired if its even still under warranty so i have to buy aftermarket stuff. Also i tried upgrading my storage and the computer litteraly would not work unless it was using the factory drive. Apparently you have to go through a razer certified shop in order to have that done which is really frustrating. So yeah its kinda like a ferrari

                                                                            • Brad Hebert
                                                                              Brad Hebert  2 months back

                                                                              FYI that link to the cheaper version doesn't include a power adapter. Pretty bummed when it arrived without one. I'll be returning it.

                                                                              Edit: the seller says they are sending a power supply.

                                                                              • Michael Benson
                                                                                Michael Benson  2 months back

                                                                                @Brad Hebert I got the PWR charger for Razer Blade r709 14' but that's for my 2016 laptop. Try searching your model name ( i.e "2019 Razer blade charger") on amazon. PWR probably makes one for it

                                                                              • Brad Hebert
                                                                                Brad Hebert  2 months back

                                                                                Do you know which power adapter goes with that model Razer?

                                                                              • Michael Benson
                                                                                Michael Benson  2 months back

                                                                                you can buy an aftermarket one on amazone for 50 bucks. it's f***ing huge but it at least wont cook whatever surface it's on like the factory one

                                                                            • The 10xHustler
                                                                              The 10xHustler  2 months back

                                                                              Bruh, mercury white is not available for 2060 anymore so 2060 or 2070 max q my thing is temps and battery