The Future Arrives at the 2019 NBA Draft (Full Prospect Mixtape)


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  • Bleacher Report
    Bleacher Report   1 months back

    Where do you think this draft will rank all time?

    • The Sac Is Back
      The Sac Is Back  1 months back

      96 70 98 2011 2003 2009 and potentially 50 2008. I think 19 and 17 will get there too. Worst are 2000 47 and 2006

    • The Sac Is Back
      The Sac Is Back  1 months back

      Meh, middle. There s like 7 all stars though!

    • Lord Rothschild
      Lord Rothschild  1 months back

      This question is retarded

    • ermocrate
      ermocrate  1 months back

      This is one of the best draft I’ve ever seen, I expect bot loads of talent slipping late in the 1st round

    • King Paso
      King Paso  1 months back

      pelikan flyer als eine handelsübliche broschüre 84

  • Ramo23
    Ramo23  1 months back


    • bill stout
      bill stout  1 months back

      Zion is taking a big pay cut by leaving Duke for the N B A.

      • Jack Berg
        Jack Berg  1 months back

        great editing

        • fuc da world cuh
          fuc da world cuh  1 months back

          wack mumble rap. and you only have to show zion!

          • Tumblin' Dice
            Tumblin' Dice  1 months back

            I mean I understood everything that were saying 🤔🤔🤔

        • Eric Almanza
          Eric Almanza  1 months back

          nudyy on tha track

          • Kobe Adams
            Kobe Adams  1 months back

            Dreamville-down bad...

            • Chris Jason
              Chris Jason  1 months back

              Kobe Adams you are appreciated and loved

          • MAZINGER Z
            MAZINGER Z  1 months back

            Zion's got Jordan's hops and Bron's power.

            • Will Claassen
              Will Claassen  1 months back

              Song name?

              • Matthew Ebarvia
                Matthew Ebarvia  1 months back

                Down Bad-Young Nudy, JID, Bas, J. Cole, Earthgang

            • KIDLIGHTNING207 Z
              KIDLIGHTNING207 Z  1 months back

              Anyone know the song name?

            • Mehdi Mehdi
              Mehdi Mehdi  1 months back

              only one good white boy smh

              • CRAzy vLog
                CRAzy vLog  1 months back

                Now I know who will win rookie of the year ladies and gentlemen it's MICHAEL PORTER JR.

                • Olladnara
                  Olladnara  1 months back

                  Is he cleared to play this season?

              • Hulk Hogan
                Hulk Hogan  1 months back

                95% Zion and Duke

                • Joke
                  Joke  1 months back

                  Best draft since '03

                  • Dikembe Yarvmuversarse
                    Dikembe Yarvmuversarse  1 months back

                    Where is Jaxen Hayes at you dumb ass, he will be picked before some of the guys you were dick riding

                    • Eugene Dash
                      Eugene Dash  1 months back

                      This draft lit🔥🔥

                      • The Fat man
                        The Fat man  1 months back

                        Pelicans looking good

                        • Joe Halili
                          Joe Halili  1 months back

                          i’m gon come back to this comment and see how much likes and attention it gets, so i’ll be back when this vid gets a hunnid thousand likes

                          • Kyle VanDeventer
                            Kyle VanDeventer  1 months back

                            Half of this mixtape was Zion and rj smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

                            • Will Claassen
                              Will Claassen  1 months back

                              The have the best looking moves and hypey af

                          • daksh chauhan
                            daksh chauhan  1 months back

                            draft is being hyped more than the finals 😅

                            • Optyical Focus
                              Optyical Focus  1 months back

                              Let’s not forget cash and the Spartans beet Zion and duke

                              • Ruben
                                Ruben  1 months back

                                Spartyboy 11 No not at all😂, Michigan State did beat Duke but they didn’t beat Zion and one on one Zion played better than Cash, R.J Barrett is the one who had 7 turnovers and missed a clutch free throw

                            • sheila merisca
                              sheila merisca  1 months back

                              I LOVE BOL BOL bruh

                            • michael villamor
                              michael villamor  1 months back


                            • marvelle zefanya
                              marvelle zefanya  1 months back

                              NBA draft boutta be lit 🔥🔥🔥

                            • LeBeautiful
                              LeBeautiful  1 months back

                              The NBA Draft about to be something special.

                            • v DEFENSE v
                              v DEFENSE v  1 months back


                              • El Arno
                                El Arno  1 months back

                                Dreamville boiiiiii

                              • K Dubs
                                K Dubs  1 months back

                                Down bad u welcome

                              • Bklong101
                                Bklong101  1 months back

                                @JacobMoney Earthgang and Bas

                              • JacobMoney
                                JacobMoney  1 months back

                                v DEFENSE v DownBad - jid, j Cole, young nudy and a few more in dreamville

                            • v DEFENSE v
                              v DEFENSE v  1 months back